Granite State Youth Soccer League
Granite State Youth Soccer League
July 16, 2013

GSYSL New Logo

To: GSYSL members


As a league, GSYSL is not changing how business is done.  In reality all that is changing is who provides insurance coverage for your players and the website where players are registered.


Below are a few points indicating that GSYSL has taken the forefront in developing soccer in New Hampshire for Clubs/Players/ Coaches.


Both GSYSL and NHSYSL began to work together 3 years ago by first introducing Inter-League play; then combining their scheduling and assigning and finally merging on July 1, 2013, all to the end of making soccer better for the players, coaches and clubs. This past spring 474 teams competed in GSYSL.  Given that the spring season provides a myriad of issues, the season ran very well.  Teams were divided regionally across all age groups divisions when the numbers permitted.  Teams that wished to play out of region for competitive reasons did so.  The season culminated in a U14 and above Senior Playoff Tournament.


While I believe the league (GSYSL) is best suited to provide league play for its 66 member clubs, youth soccer has gone through many changes over the years.  Many of those changes have been in the last five with the introduction of US Club, NEP and the Development Academies.  GSYSL has adapted and embraced these changes and are committed to those we serve.


I would like to take this opportunity to mention some of the accomplishments of the league.

  • GSYSL was first to introduce the small-sided game for the under12 age groups promoting both 6v6 for the U10s and 8v8 for the U11s and U12s.
  • GSYSL expanded the Fall Jamborees and introduced the 1st league sponsored Referee Camp which has been recognized and supported by the NH State Referee Committee for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • GSYSL expanded the Fall Playoff Tournament for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • GSYSL expanded what was once called the Fall State Tournament providing 18 games when NHSA only wanted to provide 6 or 7 games for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • GSYSL was asked to take the EDP Program because of our organizational strength.
  • GSYSL has supported and expanded the EDP Program and has introduced Festival Dates into the schedule for PLAYERS, COACHES & CLUBS
  • GSYSL entered into Inter-League play for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • GSYSL has hired a Director of Coaching to assist the member clubs with a player development program, coaching and skills clinics for PLAYERS, COACHES & CLUBS
  • GSYSL brought back a Spring Senior Tournament for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • GSYSL will provide Coaching Clinics for COACHES & CLUBS allowing coaches to obtain NSCAA Certification
  • GSYSL will be re-introducing OPEN CUP Competition this spring.  This is a tournament better oriented to the member clubs for PLAYERS, COACHES , CLUBS & REFEREES
  • Lastly GSYSL provides Player and College Scholarships to players each season and year.  Each year GSYSL gives out $15-$20,000 in college scholarships. Each year GSYSL budgets $6,000 for financial aid for players and families that may not be able to afford the cost of soccer. 

In addition to all of the innovations, support and organization that GSYSL brings to its members, GSYSL has aligned with US Club Soccer to provide even more exiting programs to the PLAYERS, COACHES, CLUBS & REFEREES.  The league has communicated issues with members at the meeting, and through brochures and emails.


While GSYSL has been committed to clubs/ coaches/ players over the last 13 years, I believe the GSYSL Board has always had the best interest of the member clubs in mind when making their decisions.

GSYSL has been in the business of providing organized competitive soccer for its now 66 member clubs in a professional and personal way.  This is what we do ... this is all we do.


GSYSL believes it is time for a change, and this time is now.  (GSYSL is not changing what we provide for Clubs, Coaches, Players. We are continually improving the environment of soccer excellence to all of our Clubs, Coaches, and Players in New Hampshire). The impact of this transition at a player and coach Registration level will be simple seamless as possible. GSYSL and USCS will provide whatever support is needed to make this happen.  For Club administrators it will be a better and more direct relationship with GSYSL, with US Soccer Club providing full support to your needs.


GSYSL looks forward to your vote of confidence and support for the league that has always provided opportunities for your Players, Coaches and Clubs.


Last year GSYSL/NHSYSL provided over 18 championship games whereas NHSA was only willing to provide 6 games.  We'd like to think our solutions for the promotion of soccer in New Hampshire are far more effective, and through US Club Soccer we will be able to offer all NH Soccer a significantly better service.


Everyone is eligible to try out for ODP, there are no restrictions.  In addition, US Club also offers an approved ODP Program called ID2, with one significant difference, their programs does not cost to participate.  If a player is identified they are invited to a camp (no cost other than the cost to get to the camp).  The US Club Soccer  id2 program is recognized by USSF as an official Olympic development programGSYSL understands that there are teams and clubs that will still want to participate in State Cup.  GSYSL has announced it will re-introduce "Open Cup Competition" Granite State Open Cup 2014 this spring which we believe will be a better competition for its member Clubs.  This competition will provide an integrated schedule for those who participate with their league schedules. We plan to introduce a USCS sanctioned State Cup in the spring of 2015 along with a USCS Regional event that same year for qualified teams that wish to participate.


For over 25 years independent leagues have operated organized competitive soccer in NH.  GSYSL is the culmination of those leagues Southern NH Youth Soccer League (SNHYSL), Granite State Girls Youth Soccer League (GSGYSL) and New Hampshire Seacoast Youth Soccer League (NHSYSL).  GSYSL has the expertise needed to run a league for the 66+ Clubs and the 450 to 500 teams currently playing in NH under our umbrella.


Byron Phinney

Chair - GSYSL