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May 2013 
Message from the League Chair:
The GSYSL spring season has finally started and the kids are back out playing the sport they love. We at
GSYSL wish all the kids, parents and coaches a great season. Keep in mind that we are here to serve the
kids and their parents, while winning is a goal it is not all that matters. If the kids and their parents are
not happy, they will go elsewhere, this could be to another club or even worse another sport.

This spring GSYSL had sixteen players apply for spring financial aid, GSYSL paid out a total of $2,543.00
in aid. We are happy that we are in a position to offer assistance to help the children so they are able
to play. Keep in mind that GSYSL provides financial aid in both the spring and fall season. If you know
of a family that may need help, please make them aware of this program. The College Scholarship
Committee is at work going through the applications that we have received. The league has earmarked
$20,000.00 for college scholarships, we wish the best to all that applied.

I am happy to say that the reschedule requests so far this season have been down from previous years.
Last spring we had over 100 requests to change games due to spring vacation. I would like to personally
thank the clubs and coaches who took the time to poll their parents to see if their children would be
available to play. The teams that told us that they would not be able to play had no games scheduled.
Be sure to take advantage of letting us know when you cannot play, so we are able to schedule games
more effectively.

Games that were cancelled due to vacation or other reasons should be made up as quickly as possible.
We know that there is a good chance that at least one weekend will be rained out and we do not
schedule games over Memorial Day weekend.

There have been a few questions that have come up regarding the date of the Senior Tournament. We
are aware that the second weekend of June is the same weekend as the ODP Tournament, at the end of
last spring we took a survey asking if teams wanted to play this weekend or Father's Day weekend. The
overwhelming response was to play the second weekend.

I would like to make you aware of an agreement we recently established with leading uniform and
training equipment company Precision. Precision is a well-respected soccer brand in the UK that
supplies a number of the Premier League & National teams, and they are looking to expand into the
North American market. As a result we have established an agreement with them that allows GSYSL
teams to purchase high quality uniforms and training equipment at reduced prices.
In addition, Precision has agreed to assign GSYSL with a dedicated representative to answer questions
and assist coaches and managers with ordering. Specific contact details are listed below.

Steve Chittenden
Precision North America
Skype: steve.chittenden

I really hope you take advantage of this agreement, as this is a great opportunity for you to differentiate
your team's training and look and train like the professionals.

Byron Phinney
Chair - GSYSL 
  GSYSL New Logo
GSYSL New Logo
As you may have already noticed GSYSL is pleased to unveil the new GSYSL Logo

We would like to thank John Dauphinais for creating this new logo. John is a graphic designer who has done work for the
NHL, AHL & IHL, he is also a USSF Referee who referees games at all levels for GSYSL. If you see John on the pitch please
compliment him on his work.

John is also working on some additional projects for the league and we look forward to seeing what's next.

Thank you John. Great job!

EDP Festival #2 in Dover at Shaw's Lane Field May 18th

GSYSL New Logo
GSYSL Coach Training and Skills Clinic with Tosh Farrell
Granite State Youth Soccer League is pleased to offer a mid-season on the Field Training and Skills Coaches clinic with world renowned
Tony "Tosh" Farrell on Wednesday May 15th at the Indoor Amesbury Sportplex in Amesbury, MA.

Session will start at 7pm. Tosh Farrell is the Former Head of International Football Development at English Premier League team
Everton Football Club. Former Technical Coordinator at Everton Football Club's Youth Academy in England. Handouts for team
practice sessions will be available at this meeting.

The Coaches training and skills clinic is for coaches of All age levels!
Please join us for this wonderful opportunity!
May 15th, 2013
Time: 7pm
Location: Amesbury Sportplex Indoor Facility
16 South Hunt Road
Amesbury, MA 01930

If you have any questions please contact: Angela Nieland 
  GSYSL New Logo
GSYSL Senior Division and U14 Div 1 Playoff Tournament

GSYSL will hold a Senior Division and U14 Div 1 Playoff Tournament the weekend of June 8 & 9 at the NEAC in Pembrook.  

Breakers Tix
GSYSL Afternoon at the Boston Breakers

All Granite State Youth Soccer League players, families, coaches and friends are invited to attend.
We are offering everyone discounted tickets to attend the game and have a fun night out with family,
friends and team-mates. Don't miss out on this event, order your tickets today!

Pregame activities are in the "Breakerstown Fan Zone" inflatable games, music, face painting, and other activities.
74 GSYSL Kids will get to participate: 22 Kids will escort the players onto the field, 12 ball kids needed, and 40 kids for the high five tunnel.
Tailgating starting at 1pm

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