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for the period of  
June 17-June 23   





This Week at East Salem Rotary 

June 26-Join us for a tour of the CTECH training facility at 3501 Portland Rd NE (the old Nielsen Manufacturing location).  See more information under Club News.
Greeters: John King & Erik Larson
Raffle:  Ted Mack 



Upcoming Events

June 25 5:30pm-Golf Committee Meeting at La Margarita Express

June 26-Join us for a tour of the CTECH training facility at 3501 Portland Rd NE (the old Nielsen Manufacturing location)
Greeters: John King & Erik Larson
Raffle:  Ted Mack


July 10-Join us at the Red Lion where we will learn about community gardens in Salem and their partnership with Marion Polk Food Share, from Jared Hibbard-Swanson
Greeters: David Leonard & Sara LeRoy
Raffle: Kevin Mannix


July 16 6pm  Rotary Board Meeting @ La Margarita Express  


July 17  Join us at the Red Lion for a fabulous program.   

Greeters: Russ Lipetzky & Pat Mack

Raffle: David Leonard  


July 20  Dictionaries for Kids Golf Tournament  Creekside Golf Club

July 24  Join us at the Red Lion for a fabulous program.
Greeters: Ted Mack & Kevin Mannix
Raffle: Ron Hanna

July 31  Join us at the Red Lion for a fabulous program.
Greeters:  Tom Marks & Todd McKinney
Raffle: Mary Hollinger

August 9  Rotary Night at Volcano Stadium














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Fund raising has been a very challenging and steep learning curve this past Rotary year.  We have learned a lot and expect to build on what we have experienced so far.  A BIG thank you to those volunteers who poured wine at the Oregon Garden Brewfest this past weekend:  Pat Mack, Russ, Ron, Findley's, Megan and Merissa Kreitzer, Larson's, Ken, Hollinger's and my wife, Barbara.


We all had enjoyed a variety of very entertaining music, people watching and except for a couple slow periods, we were busy and a success.  It was good Rotary exposure for some but I think most people were busy having fun and drinking to really care.  Friday was the slowest. Saturday was busy all day and surprise, Sunday (family day) was busier than anticipated and only open noon til five.  


It seems that the best way to capitalize on the wine venture is to provide wine to events like large weddings, company picnics and a variety of social events.  If you have any ideas on who we can target and how to target those kinds of events,  please let me know.  I am hoping to get input from the whole club.  This keg wine vending venture has a ton of potential.  Lets start off the new Rotary year with enthusiasm and having FUN.    










In order for survey results to be counted in the proper week, survey answers must be submitted by 5pm on the Sunday following this newsletter and should include Rotary activities participated in for the period of June 17-June 23.          


The Oregon Garden Brewfest this past weekend was a great venue! Our booth, the only one selling wine, was at the entrance to the pavilion with a great traffic flow. Many visitors were grateful to have an option other than beer to drink. Final numbers will be coming in the future.


Don't forget to sign up for our next fun event - the Rotary golf tournament on July 20. There are several ways you can participate! Check with Tom Marks to sign up, become a sponsor, or to "purchase" a box of dictionaries for $60. See his article below.


We've got a great vocational tour this Friday at C-TEC on Portland Road. This technical training center for high school students is still under construction, so you will need to follow John King's directions, provided below, for entering the area. John will be sending those directions out, so watch your email inbox. Remember that you are on your own for lunch as there is no place for us to eat on their campus. I'll see you there at 12:20 with the tour starting at 12:30.


Also mark your calendars for the Rotary Night at the Volcanoes stadium on August 9. You can purchase reserved seating (bleachers with a back) and attend the all-you-can-eat barbecue for only $23. Or just come to the game for $12! Regardless, $4 of your entry fee will be going to Polio Plus.  You can also upgrade your seats to the box seats for an additional $4.  See Will Posegate for tickets.


I've got my first lunch meeting under my belt and I enjoyed myself. I'm looking forward to a great year with my good friends, and I know there will be a lot of laughs along the way as well as a lot of learning for me. Let's make it a year of growth for our club!





Newsletter - Dance Drop Shadow Image
Club News


Vocational Tour-June 26
Our club meeting for Friday, June 26th will be a tour of the new CTECH training facility at 3501 Portland Rd., NE. As the facility is still in final costruction stages, there is no area to eat in at this time. Therefore, a lunch will not be part of our meeting that day. Information about CTEC can be found at ctecsalemkeizer.com


It is suggested that members attending the June 26th tour as our scheduled Friday meeting eat lunch on their own, either prior to or after the tour. There are several eating places close to CTEC, two possible choices would be Lum Yuen and Don Pedro Time.


As the facility is still in final costruction stages, the main entrance at at 3501 Portland Rd., NE may still have a construction fencing blocking it, so please use the 3625 Portland Rd driveway North of Plaza Del Sol that is in between the empty thrift store and a red coffee shack as your entrance way.


Please be at CTECH by 12:20, as the tour will start at 12:30 and last around 45 minutes.




Golf Tournament  

There's just over a month before the Annual Rotary Golf Tournament.  July 20th will be here before you know it.  President Mary has challenged us to raise the $2040 we need to fund our portion of the dictionary project, from proceeds received by participating in the golf tournament.  For more information go to www.esrgolf.com  or give Tom Marks a call @ 503-881-9230.


Most Rotary fundraisers are supported by Rotarians.  I believe the golf tournament is an excellent way to include non-Rotarians.  In addition to receiving money from outside of the Rotary family, it's a great way to introduce people to Rotary.  Please give it a try.  You can invite as many non-Rotarians to participate as you like.  If you're a real popular person like Joe Burns, you could probably recruit 2 or 3 teams!


If you're not a golfer there are other avenues by which you can participate.  You can promote hole sponsors or donate a box of dictionaries.  A hole sponsor is $150 and a box of dictionaries is only $60.00.  Think about places you spend your money, would any of them consider sponsoring a hole?  Don't be shy, ask!  Same thing goes for a box of dictionaries.  Heck, I bet Pat Mack knows a bunch of retired teachers who realize the importance these dictionaries have on these children's lives. (But buying a box of dictionaries isn't limited to educators or former educators!)


Send a message to your friends via social media like Facebook.  It's a soft sell and some may be interested participating. Let your friends feel good about helping a worthy cause.


Please do your best to recruit friends, neighbors or relatives to make a difference in the life of a 4th grader.  We've heard testimonials from kids who have used their dictionaries all the way through high school and beyond.  Help make a difference...