Clear Goals Matter
Christie Hinrichs, Director 

Yogi Berra once said, "If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else.

Having clear goals led the legendary slugger to 13 World Series wins, three MVP awards, and the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

For event planners, having clear, thoughtful goals makes all the difference as they set out to create meaningful author events. One useful tool in this effort is the time-tested SMART method: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound.

A Look At:

Highland Park Literary Festival
Highland Park Literary Festival
Now in its 21st year, Highland Park Literary Festival is a seasoned community event, but brand new with Books In Common. We reached out to the event organizers to speak a bit about how working with BIC has helped them reach their goals.
Author Interview: Aimee Bender

BIC: The stories in
The Color Master often deal with the search for connection. Why do you think this theme resonates with readers?

AB: Well, I hope it does. I think it's pretty central to the human experience - when we connect, and when we don't. What's funny to me today is how we don't always know when we've made a connection - I mean, we know when it's really clear but sometimes words spoken linger, or don't, whether or not we mean them to. Sometimes it happens under our noses without awareness. 

Author Interview: 
Hillary Whittington

Hillary Whittington
BIC: Would you share some notable experiences you've had at your speaking events?

HW: The most notable experiences have been when people were so moved by our story that they opened their hearts and minds enough to change their previous points of view. Recently, a middle age, self-admitting "very conservative" Vietnam veteran approached me. He was very honest, stating that I opened his eyes through my raw, emotional account of raising Ryland. He told me he was never open to "something like this" prior to hearing me speak and he was grateful for the experience.
Highlights from:   
BIC-Supported Events

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Clemson University First Year Experience
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni with Clemson University_s First Year Experience
"[Chitra] did a great job weaving the theme in the book into related goals for our school's program even using Clemson's Core values."  - Amber, 

Director of Freshman Academic Programs

Jenny Lawson
Jenny Lawson in Des Moines
"... I spent a few days in Iowa doing readings and signing for some bad-ass library programs and I actually had enough energy to do more than just breathe and cling to the couch."

Michael Hingson_ author of Thunder dog
Michael Hingson, Central Methodist University
"His story was timely, relevant and he helped bring 9/11 home to a group of people for whom that is history."
- Joy, Student Success Coordinator
Book Reviews
On the Road to Find Out, Rachel Toor

On the Road to Find Out
by Rachel Toor

Once a college admissions officer, author Rachel Toor brings us a new perspective on what is an increasingly high-stress, do-or-die mission for teenagers. When an unexpected failure in the college admissions race derails one high school senior's plans, she learns to find fulfillment not in competition and rankings, but in relationships, running, and becoming part of a community based on shared goals and mutual support.  

After the Parade 

by Lori Ostlund

In the tragicomic spirit of John Irving, Ostlund's open-hearted contemplation of how we grow up and move on is written with wit and bursting with vitality. Protagonist Aaron Englund is in search of a new life in San Francisco.  But before he can begin his new life, he must leave his old one with Walter, his partner of twenty years.  He does so by driving away in the dark of night - the same way Aaron's mother abandoned him years earlier. Aaron's life is divided in a series of befores and afters.

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December 13, 2016

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Beautiful Boy in Illinois

January 28, 2017
Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain at a library in Georgia

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