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January 2015 
Protecting patient records
New audit reporting tool swiftly pinpoints unauthorised access

Patients in Wales can be confident that their digital health information is shared safely and securely.

A new audit reporting tool will interface with existing national systems and makes it quicker and easier for Health Boards and Trusts to spot any unauthorised access to patients' electronic records, or potential data breaches.

The tool will be introduced across NHS Wales in 2015.

Welsh Government has invested around 700,000 in an extra level of cyber security to support 'paper-light' working.

Darren Lloyd, Information Governance lead for the NHS Wales Informatics Service, said: "The new national audit tool is part of the confidentiality model we have developed in Wales. It ensures electronic records can be shared in the knowledge that any unauthorised access can be detected quickly and easily."

All national information systems in use across NHS Wales log user access to each patient's health record, and generate reports, which require manual checking. The new audit tool integrates with existing electronic health record systems to produce a range of automatically generated reports, instantly highlighting any potential issues when that access has not been legitimate to the care of the patient. 

"Modern healthcare needs information to be instantly available where and when it's needed, whether that's in the hospital, the GP surgery or the patient's home. At the same time it's important that patients' confidential and sensitive information remains secure."


"This new tool will add an extra layer of security to the high level of standards and data protection procedures already in use and make it possible to have the right balance between sharing information and protecting patient confidentiality."

Darren Lloyd, NHS Wales Informatics Service Information Governance Lead

Initially, the tool will be used with the Individual Health Record in emergency medical admissions units.  This will allow hospital staff to view the patient's GP-held medical record and provide vital information to support clinical decisions. Once evaluated, the tool will then be rolled out nationally for information services available through the Welsh Clinical Portal, including pathology, radiology and cancer systems.
Better information sharing is considered key to reshaping health care delivery through the reform of acute services in South Wales and increased care in the community setting. The audit tool was identified as an essential requirement to enable information sharing between care organisations by the Welsh Information Governance Board.
Sharing with community pharmacies
Pilot provides safer, faster access to essential information

Several community pharmacies in Wales are participating in a pilot allowing access to patients' electronic discharge information. The pilot means pharmacists no longer need to rely on hospitals to fax them the information or on patients to bring in their discharge advice letter.


On discharge from hospital, the patient's pharmacy will be alerted by email and a scaled-down electronic version of the patient's discharge advice letter will be available for the pharmacist to access through a secure electronic portal called "Choose Pharmacy." The letter includes all medicines prescribed for a patient at discharge, along with information on those that were stopped or changed during the hospital admission.


The pilot provides support to the Discharge Medicines Review service which ensures that after discharge, changes to patients' medicines are followed up in community pharmacies. 

A clear connection for speech therapy
Patients benefit from VC service

Cardigan Hospital recently hosted their first telemedicine clinic for Head and Neck Cancer patients requiring specialised speech and language therapy.


Patients attended the clinic while speaking with Speech and Language therapists at Swansea's Singleton Hospital using a videoconference (VC) link through the Welsh Health Video Network.


Patients were extremely satisfied using the technology, several saying they were very relieved not having to travel (sometimes when they are unwell) more than three hours and nearly 120 miles to and from Swansea for their appointment.


The clinic at Cardigan Hospital is part of a three year outreach project funded by Macmillan Cancer Support to develop remote Speech and Language therapy for oncology patients in West Wales using telemedicine. Similar services are already being undertaken at Aberaeron and Withybush hospitals and planned for Hywel Dda's Bronglais, Prince Phillip and Glangwili hospitals.


For more information about the Macmillan Speech and Language Telemedicine Outreach Project, visit the South Wales Cancer Network website. 

Texting service piloted

My Health Text takes off

GP practices in Wales have started piloting a new texting service called "My Health Text" to remind patients of appointments and provide health alerts.
The three practices currently piloting the service are Ashgrove Surgery, Pontypridd, Cardiff Rd surgery, Mountain Ash and Llandaff North medical centre, Cardiff.

Three more practices will be piloting it by spring.

After the pilot ends, the service will be made more widely available to all practices in Wales.
Latest proposals website facelift
Find out the latest on  Information Standards proposals

The NHS Wales Informatics Service Information Standards team has introduced an updated web page where you can find out about any proposals currently out for consultation. The website is only available for staff able to access NHS Wales intranet.
In order to support the development, assurance and implementation of national information standards across NHS Wales, our Information Standards team regularly consult with NHS Wales organisations and other external bodies to obtain feedback and opinions on proposed standards.  


The website provides greater visibility and transparency with respect to proposed information standards. 

Informatics @ Events
Andrew Griffiths to speak at Open Innovation Conference
NHS Wales Informatics Service Chief Information Officer, Andrew Griffiths will be a guest speaker at Digital Health Assembly's Open Innovation Conference in Cardiff's Swalec Stadium on Tuesday 10th February.
The conference, covering three days, welcomes digital health professionals from around the world united in a common goal to accelerate developments in digital healthcare through innovation.
To learn more or to register, please visit the Digital Health Assembly website.
Informatics in Numbers
8% and rising

The total number of NHS Wales videoconference and "Point-to-Point" calls that involve two VC units averaged over 5,300 per month in 2014, a rise of 8% from the previous year.


Keeping tabs on jabs
Flu Vaccine auditing website launched

A website has been launched which provides details of flu outbreaks to managers involved in the delivery of the annual seasonal flu immunisation.


IVOR (Influenza Vaccination Online Reporting) uses the GP Audit+ system to collect data from general practices and create weekly reports throughout the flu season.


The NHS Wales Primary Care Information Team in Swansea designed and built the flu vaccine module deployed to Audit+ that contains the searches used to measure the uptake of flu vaccines.


The Swansea team also built an infectious disease monitoring system where Audit+ provides daily reports of infection rates to Public Health Wales.

Movin' on up


Did we mention we moved?
We thought we'd give another reminder that our Cardiff offices have now relocated to their new home by the River Taff. Here's the new address:


Ty Glan-yr-Afon, 21 Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff CF11 9AD


The Cardiff office telephone number remains the same - 02920 500500
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