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November 2013
LIMS nears completion in Hywel Dda, starts up in Cwm Taf

Glangwili and Prince Philip latest to Go Live with new LIMS 

Mission Control: IT teams await the takeoff of the new LIMS at Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli

Laboratory staff, along with teams from InterSystems, Hywel Dda Health Board and NWIS coordinated like fine clockwork, making last month's LIMS Go Live for Blood Sciences at Glangwili and Prince Philip hospitals pathology system switchover a success.


According to Hwyel Dda's Blood Sciences Service Manager, Chris Blower, it was "surprisingly easy to make the system live."


This week has also seen LIMS 'go live' across Cwm Taf's Blood Services and Microbiology, whilst Bronglais Hospital is due to start up the new LIMS in the first week of December, completing its implementation across Hywel Dda. The lessons learned to date will be used to assist further implementations, including Screening Services.


Preparations are continuing at Aneurin Bevan Health Board in readiness for their expected 'go live' in March 2014. More of the latest LIMS news from Cwm Taf will be available in next month's NWIS newsletter.

Logging on for training
VC is the next best thing to being there

Junior doctors in Wales are benefitting from a national video conferencing service allowing them to train over distances.


More than a dozen hospitals and 16 participating centres are using the service for teaching and to develop stroke services. Lead physicians in one centre will interview a patient while junior doctors can call, ask questions, and suggest possible diagnoses.


"Videoconferencing facilitates postgraduate teaching unhampered by geographical constraints and without people having to leave their base hospital," says Dr Tom Hughes, a consultant neurologist at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.


The service has also had a beneficial effect on treatment for stroke patients. The weekly All-Wales Stroke Meeting is held using videoconferencing technology, bringing together clinicians to review the anatomy and pathology of cerebrovascular disease and examine the latest clinical and radiological techniques


"The interaction of the stroke teams across Wales using video conferencing has facilitated the development of the hyperacute stroke interventional service, where patients are urgently transferred to the University Hospital of Wales for a mechanical therapy to treat their stroke," says Dr Yogish Joshi, Cardiff and Vale Consultant Neuroradiologist. "It has been especially useful to obtain feedback on the process and the outcomes for the interventional service and 32 patients from across South Wales have directly benefitted from this treatment as a result of having the VC technology."


Learn more about how video conferencing helps shape the future of NHS Wales on our NWIS website.

PEDW provides speedy stats
Database gives state of Healthcare in Wales by the numbers


A national online tool which provides statistical data on patient stays in hospital has been updated to include reports that can be displayed by treatment specialty and local health board.


Using the new Patient Episode Database Wales (PEDW) Data Online tool, people can have the reports they are looking for in an instant.


For example data for patients treated under paediatrics, cardiology or any other type of specialty can be viewed to find out the number of admissions and how long they were admitted for. Previously the process for getting this information was longer and involved a manual request to information services.


The new tool also shows the number of patients who have been admitted in an emergency or those admitted from a waiting list. Users of the tool can now see either a national picture across Wales or a local health board view of summary information in the 'Headline Figures', which they weren't previously able to do.

PEDW has been providing a steady stream of statistics to the Welsh Government, health organisations and others since 2009, and helps to paint a picture of the state of healthcare in Wales. Learn more about PEDW on our NWIS website.
Informatics in numbers
Super Referrals

In all of 2011, just over 141,000 electronic referrals were sent using the Welsh Clinical Communications Gateway.


In just one month - October 2013 -  nearly 900,000 were sent.

Informatics in Words
Better than envisaged

"The LIMS implementation at Prince Philip Hospital went better than envisaged. This was due to detailed preparation and planning meshing with a comprehensive training program, all facilitated by lab staff, local IT, NWIS and InterSystems. The go live and onsite support from NWIS and InterSystems proved to be invaluable. Scheduled update meetings throughout the go live were also beneficial in smoothing out problems as soon as they became apparent."

Gwyon Jenkins - BioMedical Scientist, Prince Philip Hospital


Sophie's Blog
Apprentice gives readers an inside scoop on Informatics

Sophie Rogers, one of the seven health IT apprentices, has started to blog about her experiences on an informatics careers scheme that is the first of its kind in the Welsh health service.


Sophie is currently undertaking her training in Aneurin Bevan Health Board, South East Wales and talks about why she was interested in becoming a health IT apprentice, what experience she has had so far and gaining a better understanding of a digital records project.


Her next blog will be about her first day studying Health Informatics in Cardiff Open University.


PAS Power in Powys
Midwives make most of Myrddin


The Myrddin patient administration system has been launched in Powys for use by midwives working within the community.
The system went live at the start of this month and allows Powys midwives to review and update mother and baby details on a laptop during home visits, or they can input details later back at base. Following a birth, the baby is given an NHS number, generated within Myrddin, and a full episode of care is recorded for mother and baby.
The Myrddin patient administration system has also been launched in Abertawe BroMorgannwg University Health Board.
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