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May 2013  
CCH2000 joins the battle against measles
NWIS software identifies unvaccinated children


The Community Child Health 2000 (CCH2000) software system is being used in the fight against the recent measles epidemic, pinpointing children who had previously missed out on MMR vaccinations.


The software, developed and supported by NWIS and used by all Health Boards in Wales to schedule routine immunisations for children, is monitoring numbers of children who need to be offered MMR doses and generating lists of children who need to be offered MMR vaccination in school based catch-up sessions.


As at May 13th, nearly 7,000 children had been immunised in school catch-up sessions, and CCH2000 has played a crucial role in planning these sessions and in recording the outcomes.


Visit the NWIS website to learn more about how CCH2000 is playing a vital role in combating the recent measles outbreak and how Public Health Wales is making the most of NWIS software.

New All Wales solution houses Complex Care data
Now available in all Local Health Boards 


The National Complex Care Database is now live in all seven Local Health Boards. 


The database is a single All Wales solution, holding and sharing basic demographics and financial and administrative data relating to patients who have complex healthcare needs and are receiving support either fully or partially funded by the NHS. This includes, but is not limited to, those fully funded by the NHS as Continuing NHS Healthcare eligible patients.


Other categories captured by the database are those receiving nursing care support in residential care homes, and packages of care funded jointly with local authority partners.


Complex care is given to patients who need continuing health and personal care often provided by several agencies in a patient's home or care home.  

Online formulary provides quick direction
New electronic warehouse for medicine information 

A new online medicines formulary, Inform, developed and supported by NWIS, is being trialled in Cardiff and Vale, Cwm Taf, Aneurin Bevan and Hywel Dda Health Boards with ABMU, Powys and Betsi Cadwaladr Health Boards due to join shortly.


The new formulary system is like an online encyclopaedia for staff to look up approved medicines for safe and effective prescribing. Previously, each health board had its own document-based formulary. It was difficult to update and less efficient to access information. This electronic system, which links to information from the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group, NICE, the Injectable Medicines Guide and local prescribing guidelines, can be updated online by professional staff and is subject to continuous review by clinicians and pharmacists.


Access to Inform will allow staff to enter the drug name they are searching for and, if it is not in the local organisation's formulary, the system tells them and directs them to the section where alternatives can be found. The formulary will give the best advice on first and second choice drugs in a quick and easy to search format.

The formulary will also work in unison with the Medicines Transcribing and electronic Discharge (MTeD) system, part of the Welsh Clinical Portal, that will be piloted in Cardiff & Vale this summer.


Learn more about the Inform formulary on our NWIS website. 

New Broadband speeds things up
Bigger. Stronger. Faster.


Thanks to a programme of GP circuit upgrades, by this summer all GP practices, with the exception of some small sites, will receive an upgrade to their broadband, giving them an increased bandwidth of 10Mb. 


This is a significant improvement on the 1 or 2Mb connection many practices had used. 


The GP circuit upgrade is bringing a range of benefits including improved network speed, higher availability through installing additional lines, and a connectivity platform to support future services.
NWIS is spearheading the health sector network upgrades, alongside the other founding sectors of local government, higher and further education and the Welsh Government itself.
NWIS in Numbers
Cwm Taf IHR hits 100%

All of the 48 practices in Cwm Taf Health Board are now connected with the Individual Health Record (IHR).


More than 83% of all patients across Wales and 86% of all practices are covered through the GP record summary that allows clinicians in Out of Hours Services view basic information about their patient's medical history.

NWIS in Action
A massive difference 

As the Individual Health Record (IHR) rolls out across Wales, clinicians are seeing firsthand how much of an asset it is. 


Take for instance in Swansea, where at Singleton Hospital's Acute GP clinic, the IHR is providing support to doctors for vital clinical decisions.  

Tune into our NWIS website and find out what Singleton doctors are saying about the IHR and how it's making a "massive difference" in the way they care for their patients.

NWIS in the News
14,000 e-Referrals each and every month  
EHealth Insider recently turned its spotlight to North Wales, reporting how e-referrals and the Welsh Clinical Communications Gateway are making a big impact in Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.
NWIS in Words
Minimal Disruption. Positive Feedback. 

So far, 37 GP practices have migrated to new systems and/or hosting.


Bryntirion Surgery in Bargoed is one of them. Staff there recently carried out a data merge/migration to the hosted Welsh Enterprise System platform. 


"The whole process was well managed from start to finish," said Bryntirion Business Manager Jayne Billington.


"We organised this with military precision in order to minimise disruption for all parties concerned. I'd also like to comment that I've found accessing the Welsh Enterprise System a streamline process with no problems at all. I've so far had no issues regarding speed."


Oakfield Surgery in Ystrad Mynach was migrated to the hosted platform last May.


"Our migration went very smoothly," said Pam Williams, Oakfield's Practice Manager. "The engineer was brilliant - extremely knowledgeable and helpful."
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