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March 2014

 "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. "~ Michael Jordan
Successful organizations, no matter what size, in all industries rely on teamwork. There are a number of contributions to each aspect of business life that ultimately affect another, and it takes all aspects to come together to accomplish goals and exceed expectations. It is the team that makes "wins". Looking at IT, it takes the development side to work well with the infrastructure side to ensure products are up and running correctly. One cannot do it all alone.


An excellent example of this sense of teamwork within our own organization lies with Mike Esquivel, ITC's recent Core Values Award recipient.  Mike has and continues to go above and beyond to promote a sense of camaraderie amongst the recruiters, assisting candidates in finding the best opportunity for them, and providing a level of service to our clients that leave them satisfied. His positive attitude, words of encouragement, and sense of humor are all reasons why we are lucky to have him on our team.


When you are looking for your next teammate, let ITC help you! We understand the impact a strong team has on the success of a business, for as a TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More!




Nicole McMackin


Office for iPad:  Microsoft Shifts Strategy 
After years of anticipation, Microsoft Office for iPad arrives -- and it's just the beginning of a new push toward apps across all mobile devices, says new CEO Satya Nadella.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Thursday announced Microsoft Office for iPad. But the product, which some argue is two years overdue, was only part of Nadella's appearance, his first since succeeding Steve Ballmer last month. Microsoft also debuted a new Enterprise Mobility Suite to help IT professionals manage the barrage of devices and services employees now use for work. Nadella also promised that Microsoft would embrace cross-platform opportunities while continuing to sell its own devices.
Software developers, you're better when you work together
Collaboration among developers helps them stay innovative while also advancing the company's business objectives.
Partnering with other companies on critical software development processes might seem anathema to a company's bottom line, given competitive concerns. But collaboration is happening anyway to advance business objectives, and the practice is expected to increase.


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March Madness Apps
As the Cinderella stories and nail biting continue throughout March Madness, we wanted to share some of our favorite apps, which should, of course, only be used on your lunch breaks.
March Madness

That very special time of year we college hoops fans call "March Madness" is upon us.


But things like work and school can get in the way of us catching the games on TV. Fortunately, the Internet and mobile apps offer plenty of alternatives to keep up with the tournament throughout the day.


Here's our guide to March Madness for the stuck-at-work fan.


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Employee Spotlight

Michael Esquivel is ITC's Core Value Award winner for the first quarter of 2014.  Mike has been with ITC since September of 2011 and has been an instrumental part of our recruiting team.  Always positive, Mike says his favorite part of recruiting is "delivering to our clients and candidates.  Our clients come to us with a specific need and when we fill that need, it's very gratifying.  And, of course, being able to help people land a job is always special."

Mike is an avid sports enthusiast.  "I'm obsessed with Anaheim Ducks hockey and Angels Baseball.  Any time I can go to a home game at Honda Center or Angel Stadium, I am there.  Other than sports, my free time this past year has been spent planning my wedding with my fiancé, Ashley.  Both sports and the wedding run through my mind so much that sometimes I'll mix the two up and suggest things like a baseball shaped wedding cake or wear my tuxedo to a hockey game.  It's crazy."  Mike and Ashley are getting married this summer.

Mike's favorite book is Y: The Last Man and his all-time favorite movies are the  Back to the Future trilogy.

Mike always has a smile on his face and such a positive attitude.  He helps his fellow recruiters with tough job orders and works hard to place our candidates in the right opportunity.  ITC is proud of all the hard work Mike has put in over the past years and look forward to seeing him grow with our company.

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