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Registration for UIAA Ice Climbing world tour opens   

Athletes taking part in the ice climbing world tour which begins 12 January 2013  in Cheongsong, South Korea and then moves to Europe and Russia can register online through the UIAA website starting  on 1 December 2012. The Korean Alpine Federation is also helping to defray the airfare for athletes

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Youth Ice Climbing
Ice Climbing
UIAA to provide free accomodation for athletes at Youth Ice Climbing World Championship

As part of its continuing efforts to promote the sport of ice  limbing and youth engagement, the UIAA will help subsidize the expenses of athletes from member federations interested in going to Saas Grund, Switzerland in January 2013 ... Read More

FFCAM to host Ice Climbing camp 

The French Alpine Club (FFCAM) in Toulouse is hosting its annual International Youth Ice Climbing Camp in Guillestre (Hautes Alpes) France between 12 - 13 January 2103.This is a Youth Commission event ... Read More

Training Standards
Chile 2 by Steve Long
UIAA Training Standards in Chile

Steve Long submitted this report from Chile where the Federación de Andinismo de Chile (FEACH) along with the UIAA Training Standards panel held its first UIAA-approved seminar in South America in the mountains around Santiago ... Read More
Trad Sandstone Czech Republic
Sandstone climbing in the Czech Republic

The Czech Mountaineering Federation (CMF) organized a successful week long opportunity to climb in Adrspach, one of the most famous sandstone climbing areas in the Czech Republic for participants from across Europe. Event organizers submitted an event report ... Read More
Ropeman 3 Recall November 2012
Recall for Wild Country Ropeman 3 Ascender

Wild Country has issued a recall for all Wild Country Ropeman III ascenders with an aluminum ridged cam because in certain circumstances rather than locking on the rope as expected, the Ropeman III may slip when initially loaded ... Read
November 2012 NL Climbing
Climbing rope safety highlighted by Austrian Mountain Safety Council

The issue of accidents involving severed climbing ropes was the focus of a news release by the Austrian Mountain Safety Council and the alpine clubs of South Tirol, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland ... Read More
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France



12 Jan 2013 to 13 Jan 2013
Ice Climbing World Cup (Lead, Speed) & World Championship (Lead)
Cheongsong, Korea

12 Jan 2013 to 13 Jan 2013
Ice Climbing World Youth Championship
Saas-Grund, Switzerland (lead, speed)

18 Jan 2013 to 19 Jan 2013
Ice Climbing World Cup
Saas-Fee, Switzerland (lead, speed)

26 Jan 2013 to 27 Jan 2013
Ice Climbing World Cup
Rabenstein, Italy (lead, speed)

07 Feb 2013 to 09 Feb 2013
Ice Climbing World Cup
Busteni, Romania (lead, speed)

UIAA is looking for a Office Coordinator (01 Feb 2013 onwards)


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