September 2012
Tibetan Village by Nakamura
UIAA backs Rio+20 resolution on sustainable development  

The Mountain Protection Commission has come out in support of a resolution which highlights highlights the urgent need to support sustainable development in order protect a planet that is under attack on multiple fronts including climate change and out of control growth ...


Global Youth Summit
Mount Elbrus
On the top of Europe

Young climbers from Spain, Namibia, Ukraine, Finland and South Africa travelled to the Caucasus to climb Mount Elbrus with their Ukrainian hosts as part of a GYS event. This trip report was filed by organizer Alexander Zaidler ... Read More
Rock Climbing Festival Russia
Rock Climbing Festival in Russia  

The International Youth Rock Climbing Festival began at the point where Europe meets Asia near Yekaterinburg. Vitaly Primerov filed this report about the trip that included young climbers from Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland and 28 Russians climbers ... Read More

recalled via ferrata set
Worldwide alert for via ferrata sets

The UIAA Safety Commission issued a worldwide warning in September asking users of via ferrata sets to check the websites of manufacturers in order to find out whether the unit they are using is safe. The warning followed a Bern meeting ... Read More
UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup France



11 Oct 2012 to 13 Oct 2012 
UIAA General Assembly 2012 
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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