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Wave Newsletter: Winters Are Very Exciting!                                          Jan./Feb. 2014
We recently gave the Wave Newsletter a face lift and we'd like to know how you like it! Email our editor, Julie Zamostny, and tell her what you think.
In the meantime, we invite you to: READ. ENJOY. ABSORB. DISCUSS. 
Customer Service Corner 
Ever wish you had a phrase book of helpful, conflict-discouraging sentences to use in uncomfortable customer service situations? Darlene Reimond assembled some phrases in a pocket-sized card for easy reference, while Joe Thompson and Bill Taylor put them to good use in this video. 
(turn the volume up!)
Customer Service Video
Matchmaking Game
Get to know your colleagues across the region by matching the staff to her pet! 
Matchmaking Game
Click here to play!
The game may open in another window or flash at the bottom of your screen.

Tech Tips
Did you hear about the handy-dandy tech tips card that Tracy Carroll gave out during Summit 2013? Didn't get one? Need another? Print your own now!
We recommend printing 3X5 or 4X6 sizes. 
PC Shortcuts

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