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Wave eNewsletter: Witches and Vampires Everywhere! Bwuahahaha!                        Nov. & Dec. 2013

Freaky Phishing

Phishing is, "a scam by which an e-mail user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly." (Merriam Webster Online)
Tri-County Treats
If we were to go trick-or-treating in the western Maryland libraries we'd find in our goodie bags: AlleBucks from Allegany County; STEM programs from Garrett County; a new logo from Washington County; and grant updates from the Regional. This article explores all four in more colorful detail.
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Spooky Staff Spotlight
Dennis McPherson interviews Angie Garcia and Jewel Braynt, the new teen and YA librarians for the Alice Virginia & David W. Fletcher branch of the Washington County Free Library. Angie and Jewel talk about their new positions and the fun plans they have for the Smoovie app and the Scratch program.
Angie Garcia and Jewel Bryant
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Braaiins! Help Now! (Powered by BrainFuse)
Brainfuse Tutorial
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BrainFuse might not save you from zombies (nor nourish you if you are one) but it is the perfect resource for living students looking for homework help, looking to sharping their academic skills or to prepare for a test. Brainfuse also provides resources for adult Learners, helping them to connect, learn and succeed.

Did You Know? New DVDs are Treats!
In this edition of, Did You Know, Sally Hull and Susie Poper are talkin' about newly released DVDs that the Regional has purchased for the three counties coming soon to a deposit collection near you!
Did You Know? Nov/Dec Edition
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