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Wave eNewsletter: Would Additional Videos Educate?                                                     March/April 2013 

Noiseguy Workshop
Charlie 'Noise Guy' Wiliams
April 8th in LaVale
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Scholastic BookFlix
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Jill Craig
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Julie Zamostny

Welcome to The Wave, an eNewsletter by western Maryland library staff and for western Maryland library staff, where we invite you to: READ. ENJOY, ABSORB. DISCUSS.

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Cara Adams & Cathy Robey in the Spotlight
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Cathy Robey
What's Happening in Annapolis?
Joe Thompson, Associate Director of WMRL, interviews Mary Baykan, Director of WCFL on local legislative issues.
What's happening in Annapolis
Did You Know?
Carrie Willson-Plymire and Tracy Carroll, both of WMRL, bring you this bookmobile-based edition of Did You Know?
Presented by Carrie Willson-Plymire and Tracy Carroll of WMRL
Jill Craig on iPods in Allegany County
White iPod Touch  

How do I send a photo I have taken with my iPod to someone in another branch? What is Face Time? I need to show the message on my computer screen to the IT person in a different location - but how? Can I download books onto my iPod?


Thanks to a Service Enhancement Grant from the Western MD Regional Library, any Allegany County Library System (ACLS) staff member can show you how!
What's Certification and Should I Care?
Julie Zamostny
Julie Zamostny

Have you ever read an email or overheard a conversation that mentioned certification or CEUs? Did you then wonder, "What is certification and does it concern me?"

This article answers both questions, plus much more. 






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