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April 2014

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Wandering the Watershed
How high did the 2013 flood water eventually get? 
 Please submit your photos for us to share! 
Thoughts From the Office
Just on the heels of our seventh annual business meeting, I've been thinking of how SEAWA has evolved. As you may know, the SEAWA Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) was built on a foundation set by the Citizens Water Study Group in 2006. This led to the establishment of the watershed stewardship group, Prairie River Stewards and eventually into SEAWA. The government of Alberta developed a Water for Life Action plan, to help ensure a healthy, secure and sustainable water supply for communities, the environment and the economy. WPACS were commissioned to assist in supporting the Water For Life strategy and Environment and Sustainable Resource Development continues to provide core funding for these groups, including SEAWA. At this time of year, the eleven provincial WPACs are waiting eagerly for confirmation that their funding application grants and Expressions of Interest applications have been approved (in whole or in part!). In addition to core funding, SEAWA has recently submitted contract deliverable reports, as well as new project proposals, which include: Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, Water Quality Monitoring Strategy,  Phase 3 Terms of Reference for the South Saskatchewan River Basin IWMP, Land Use Inventory Project and the Cypress Hills Headwater Integrity Report. We are all holding our breath as we await confirmation of funding before we can move ahead on these projects with certainty. WPACs can also seek funding leverage from non-government partners and SEAWA will be looking for these opportunities as well! As SEAWA continues to grow and mature, I anticipate that new business endeavors be added to the foundational relationships we've already built. Onward and upward! 
Call for Volunteers

Office Organizer

This position will assist with the development and implementation of an efficient office environment.

Reports to Communication Coordinator/ Executive Director.

Qualifications: Ability to create an organized office plan that business processes can be built upon. Sort through current disorder and develop a foundation that will support growth and create continuity.


We are looking for someone who can review all papers, files, electronic documents and office layout, and:> gives everything a "home"
> cleans, tidies, de-clutters


> makes life simple

> creates routines, guides and structure

Training: SEAWA staff will consult to provide information about the current business processes, the 'wish' list and the anticipated future needs.

Time Commitment:

The project will take about 30 hours which should be done within one month. Hours are flexible. Access to the office space can be pre-arranged for days, evenings or weekends. Benefits:

Showcase and share your skills with a growing community focused group, who is often involved in short-term projects and activities that pay contracted employees. Some other benefits you will reap:

>become a SEAWA member

>be a catalyst for change and growth

>gain a better understanding of a not-for-profit group's purpose and challenges

We look forward to hearing from you!

Signs of Spring
Winters in Alberta can be long, dark, and cold. As the season transitions and the first signs of spring appear, you'd expect much rejoicing, but spring's enchanting wonder can be hiding! 
Visit the National Wildlife Federation Kids site
to find fun ideas to do with your kids or grand-kids. 
Committee Development
Do you know anyone who would be a valuable addition to any of the SEAWA Committees? We are looking for member input! 
> Technical Advisory Committee
> Communications and Outreach Committee
> Review Committee
> By-law and Policy Committee
> HR Committee
Contact us for more information.
SEAWA Annual General Meeting
Maggie says farewell to retiring Board member

SEAWA held their seventh Annual General Meeting at Medicine Hat College on Monday March 31. Over 40 people watched as friends and colleagues of the late Bob Phillips, SEAWA Executive Director, presented a cheque to Medicine Hat College in Bob's honor. The presentation was followed by two speakers, Cathy Maniego, who discussed Alberta's Flood Mitigation Strategy, and Ron Robinson, who spoke about the City of Medicine Hat's emergency response to the flood of 2013. After the SEAWA Annual Report and Financial Report were presented to members, SEAWA held elections for the 2014-2015 Board of Directors.


We would like to welcome new Board members Ron Linowski, Gordon Wright, Shayla Paxman, Russel Krasnuik (Treasurer), Brian Frey, and Garry Lentz, who will be joining our returning Directors Melinda Arthur (Chair) John Michalopoulos (Vice Chair), Louella Cronkhite (Secretary), Martha Munz Gue, Rob Gardner, Gary Franz, Bruce Sederberg, Dan Davies, Jennifer Nitschelm, and Roy Crowther.


SEAWA and friends extend a farewell to Directors who have completed their term: Peter Wallis, Russ Golonowski and Herb Scott. Also, Geoff Watson will be taking a break from SEAWA board duties this year. Each of you have added a distinctly unique perspective and skill set to SEAWA discussions and projects and you will be missed.


We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year!


Check the website regularly! The Director biographies and photos will be posted soon.

SEAWA and Community Partners
   Police Point Interpretive            Centre and SEAWA  have        partnered to hold a                    photography contest for            young people this past year. 
  The theme was 'Capture an     Outdoor Moment in the             watershed.' On Sunday,           March 31st, awards were         presented for those who had   entered.
There were nine entrants and all were awarded a cash prize of $100! Over 50 people attended to view the images which are displayed at the Police Point Interpretive Centre form the month of April. 
The 2014/15 contest theme is 'People: living, working and playing in the watershed.' We look forward to another stunning display next year, so make sure to tell the young people in your life about this opportunity. 
SEAWA and Provincial Planners
Alberta Tomorrow is a free tool for public use. Anyone is welcome to register and explore land-use planning issues in Alberta. 
Alberta has seen unprecedented growth in recent years.   While this growth has created a vibrant and prosperous economy, it has also placed tremendous strain on the forest, grassland and rivers which help to sustain our economy and population. Oil and Gas development, agriculture, forestry, settlements, recreation and conservation all compete for limited space and resources. Alberta Tomorrow is an educational tool that helps you to understand the process of sustainable planning, to balance land-uses such as agriculture, oil and gas and forestry with ecological integrity. By looking at past and present landscape imagery, you will be able to see changes that have taken place in the past.  You will be able to collect, geotag and save water sampling data, images, video and other observations.  Most importantly, you will  set goals and design a future for Alberta that you want to see! - See more at the website
With Alberta Tomorrow you can:
  • View videos and discover the potential benefits and impacts of different land-uses and land-use practices in Alberta
  • Improve your understanding of Alberta' ecosystems and environmental resources 
  • See what's happened in your area in the last century, and see what it might look like 30 years from now
  • Track and share water quality and land-use observations with other Albertans
  • Develop your own plan for Alberta's future

New User Sign Up

Registration is free and your information is kept private. We don't share it with anyone. Just follow this link to start using Alberta Tomorrow!

2014 Kiwanis Regional Science Fair

Can an iPod be charged with the juice from lemons? Does music affect how fast a hamster can run? How does temperature affect tornadoes? Answers to these questions, and many more, were answered at Medicine Hat College on Saturday, March 22.


For the 39th year, the Kiwanis Southeast Alberta Regional Science Fair filled the halls of Medicine Hat College, and organizers said this year was a record in terms of participation. 

For the full article in the Medicine Hat News, click here.

Dr. Peter Wallis presents the SEAWA award 
to the 2014 Science Fair winner.

Your Connection to the Watershed
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Your Connection to the Watershed
 World Water Day 2014
SEAWA partnered with many community groups to displays that talked about (almost) everything you need to know about water displays, at the Medicine Hat Public Library and the Medicine Hat College campus libraries for two weeks in March. We hope to make this an annual event, with additions every year! For a photo album of the Public Library display, follow the link.
 Mark Your Calendar
Regular Monthly SEAWA Meetings: 
Steering Committee for the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP)
April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th
Board of Director Meetings:
April 17th, Environmental Utilities Boardroom

Communities in Bloom event May 2
Communities in Bloom is a non-profit Canadian organization committed to increasing civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation and the challenge of friendly competition. The Medicine Hat committee is organizing a very special event for Friday, May 2, 2014 from 5:30 - 9:00 pm in the Centennial Hall of Medicine Hat College.
The itinerary includes:

>Speaker - Donna Blazer, CBC Radio



Contact Cathy Linowski at  to register your attendance, or your organization's display. 

Coming in June - Prairie Appreciation Celebration! *details to be announced
Join us in Conversation
Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you have about SEAWA, about land and water issues in the region, or about your personal connection to the watershed.

Get in touch:
Shanna Mohns
Communication Coordinator, SEAWA