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March 2013
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The wood element
Liver- Spring

Spring is a new beginning - the time

of the year to

"rise early with the sun" and take "brisk walks," which as the Inner Classic reminds us,

are yang activities, reflecting the ascending and active nature

of spring.  


This is the season to attend to the liver

and gallbladder.

In spring we naturally eat less, or even fast,

to cleanse the body

of the fats and heavy foods of winter.

The diet should be the lightest of the year

and contain foods, which emphasize the yang, ascending, and expansive qualities of spring - young plants, fresh greens, sprouts, and immature wheat or other cereal grasses. 


"Happy Spring

and eat well!"

Did you know?
Give weeds a gin bath 

Knock 'em dead with this powerful recipe:


Add an ounce of gin,

an ounce of vinegar (white), and a squirt

of baby shampoo

into a spray bottle

full of water,  

then give the weeds

a good bath.

Inspirational Insight

"Sometimes we are unable to see that life provides us with all

that we need with the most simple solutions and the most essential one rely's inside of us.  

 Pay close attention

and you will find it."


by Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer


written 5 minutes

before giving a talk

to 25 teachers at the Elementary School

in Glen Cove -  

about holistic health and how to reduce stress and help with suggestions about ADHD children in

the school.

March 6, 2013.

Cedar Waxwing
Cedar Waxwing


How to stimulate the state of your mood/mind:


by incorporating in your office some Red, it could be a note pad or a pencil, etc.  


The red color will stimulate the enthusiasm, the energy and dynamism.

By Mary Brain, M.D.

Chapter 1 (cont):  Choosing a life style: Healthy is happier 

Our happiness depends on wisdom all the way. -Sophocles    


Personal Integrity demands a confession here. I have had and occasionally revert to an outrageously unhealthy lifestyle consisting of far too much stress, far too little exercise, and embarrassing quantities of chocolate. I learned, or rather, continue to learn my lesson after nearly losing my health permanently. I doubt I'll ever be a health food nut or fitness fanatic, but I do try to follow the same advice I've given patients over the years. And, I'm delighted to report it works wonders. "The only way to maintain good health over lifetime is to have enjoyable habits that happen to be healthy."


Diets don't work and exercise programs often fail because sooner or later we stop. Boredom, stress, work, or fatigue sneak into our lives and before long, diet and exercise sneak out. The only way to maintain good health over a lifetime is to have enjoyable habits that happen to be healthy.


People who truly love running or swimming or biking usually get their exercise because they need it to be happy. If the thought of jogging in 30-degree weather does not bring a sparkle to your eyes, you'll probably find a superior reason not to do it. I know, I'm always too busy to jog in 30-degree weather.


Similarly, people who love fresh fruit have actually been known to consider it dessert. This is a strange concept for those of us who are chocoholics. But you get the point.


 To be continued...  

Cancer and Detoxification Part 3 of 3
Conclusion.  Detoxification recommendation:


Detoxification should be attempted in slow progressive manner allowing for the gradual elimination of toxins. This will require a "clean" diet consisting of whole natural foods, pure water and high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Listed below are some suggestions to help stimulate the detoxification process in the body:

  1. Eliminate all protein (at least all animal protein) from the diet - this will allow the liver to rest and will stimulate it to "pump" the toxins it has stored. This will also starve any tumors, which may be present (protein is required for the growth and proliferation of cells).
  2. Reduce all fat consumption. High fat consumption has been linked to increased incidence of cancer in a number of epidemiological studies (breast, ovarian, uterine, pancreatic and prostatic).
  3. Increase fiber intake by eating grains, beans, fruits and vegetables. This will help to clean the colon, regulate blood lipids and blood sugar and reduce the risk of developing cancer.
  4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water, distilled or bottled spring water, each day to flush the system.
  5. Supplement your diet with high quality vitamins and minerals. Especially important are the antioxidants: Beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, Selenium, zinc, manganese, glutathione.  
    • Beta carotene: apricots, arugula, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cantaloupe, carrots, cherries, cress, dandelion, turnip and beet greens, kale, mangoes, papaya, peas, persimmons, pumpkin, romaine lettuce, sweet potato, spinach, tomatoes, winter squash supplement-water soluble beta carotene
    • Vitamin C: hot and sweet peppers, guavas, kale, collard, turnips and mustard greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, persimmons, cabbage, strawberries, papaya, spinach, oranges, lemon, grapefruit, mangoes, cress, asparagus, chard, cantaloupe, peas, radish, melon. Supplement-buffered ascorbate with bioflavonoids
    • Vitamin E: wheatgerm oil, wheatgerm, whole grain, nuts, seeds, sprouts, green leafy vegetables, eggs (4 a weeks), butter. Supplement-mixed tocopheryl (succinate or acetate)
    • Zinc: ginger root, pecans, split peas, whole grain wheat, rye, oats, lima beans, almonds, turkey, chicken, buckwheat, hazel nuts, tuna (not can) greenpeas, turnips, some spices
    • Selenium: apple cider vinegar, parsley, whole grain wheat, oats, chard, brown rice, turnips, garlic, mushrooms, turkey, chicken, radishes, pecans, almonds, green beans, kidney beans, onion. Manganese: wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, spinach, beets, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, mustard, horseradish
  6. Drink 1-2 oz. of wheatgrass juice each day (can increase to 6 oz. per day). This is high in chlorophyll, which is an excellent detoxifier. Chlorophyll is also found in dark green leafy vegetables.
  7. Coffee, licorice root or plain warm water enemas are recommended to cleanse colon.
  8. What changes will be experienced during the detoxification process?
    • Initial phase: Headache, gastrointestinal distress, mood swings, hunger (first 3-4 days), frequent urination, tiredness/weakness
    • Physiological readjustment: appetite normalization, improved energy, lowered symptoms.
    • Stabilization phase: improved body composition, improved fitness, reduced food and chemical sensitivities, improved lab tests, significantly improved digestive function.

***Remember, detoxification should be a gradual process and will require supportive changes in lifestyle, diet and personal hygiene.***   Consult a qualified health professional before implementing any detoxification program! By New York College for Wholistic Health Education and oriental Medicine, year 2005.

Criteria for overcoming cancer:

  • positive mental attitude - belief in one's ability to help one's self
  • strong desire to regain health and faith in the therapy chosen
  • understanding the limits of al treatments and an open mind to alternatives - not closing off to any help.
  • family support - help the cancer patient to discover their own inner healing resources.


Cooling thermal nature; sweet-and sour flavor, reduces heat, especially summer heat; produces fluids for the body in general, but particularly to moisten dryness and cool heat in the lungs - protects the lungs from cigarette smoking; stimulates appetite; remedies indigestion - this ability is due in part to the presence of malic and tartaric acids in apples, which inhibit the growth of ferments and disease-producing bacteria in the digestive tract. Contains pectin, which removes cholesterol, toxic metals such as lead and mercury, and the residues of radiation. Benefits low blood sugar conditions and the emotional depression associated with it.


A poultice of grated apple over the eyes for twenty minutes helps relieve swelling and irritations such as sunburn or "pink eye." Apples and their juice are cleansing and beneficial for the liver and gallbladder, actually softening gallbladder stones.

Blanca - vacuum cleaner effect
Blanca - vacuum cleaner effect

Qi is vitality. It is not a palpable entity, but a function. I'm sure you've experienced meeting someone with very high energy and vitality. You can sense it but not actually touch it. I'm sure you are also familiar with an individual who lacks vitality. It can be tiring just to be around them.


Qi has three main components:

  1. heredetary qi, which is from the jing; nutritive qi that is derived from the food we eat, under the auspices of the spleen and stomach;
  2. cosmic qi, which is from the air we breathe via the lungs, and
  3. specialized qi associated with the immune system, called wei qi

Wei qi is that part of the qi that circulates near the surface of the body and is affiliated with the lungs and the tripple heater. As part of our protective immunity it is the first level that goes into battle when an infection tries to enter the body. If the circulating wei qi is weak, it can allow a pathogen to enter the body and we become ill.


When qi in general is weak, we feel tired, our appetite is diminished, our immunity suffers, and we are prone to frequent illness.


By Cheryl Schwartz, DVM Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs

Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer.  All Rights Reserved.