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January 2013
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When we feel inside within darkness

of the uncertainty of an unconscious mind, "The only way out

is to go through it".


Turn your light switch on of your heart/love.


by Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer




Colors for diet: yellow to loose weight, stimulate your organism with the color yellow. The fruit orange would help your body to absorb the nutrients that your food contains. In combination with the appropriate design diet can be a great help to eliminate the fat in your body.    


Yellow: wear it, eat it, and drink it!

By Mary Brain, M.D


Chapter 1: Aging well is your choice (cont.) 


Successful Aging has many facets but perhaps none is as vital as having a purpose of life. But, your purpose in life goes far beyond your profession. Many people tend to describe or define themselves by what they do. In fact, "what do you do?" is usually the second question we ask people after, "What's your name?"


This is usually not a significant problem until retirement. But then it can result in a bona fide identity crisis. When you've spent the last 40 years identifying yourself as a banker, nurse, accountant, teacher or business executive, retirement can mean a sudden drop in self-esteem. Nobody wants to be just "another retired old guy."


Without a clear sense of purpose in life, though that's precisely what many older people become. Successful agers know why they're here. They have a reason for living, mission in life. They have a contribution to make to the people they love and the world in which they live.


YOU CAN'T PICK YOUR PARENTS the Role of Heredity With him for a sire and her for a Dam/ What should I be but just what I am? - Edna St. Vincent Millay 


 To be continued...  

Cancer and Detoxification Part 1 of 3

What is Cancer? The generally accepted view is that cancer is the conversion of normal cells into cells that grow at an accelerated rate. These cells are non-functional and have parasite-like effects on the body - they draw blood and nourishment to themselves while the other cells of the body are slowly starved. This change in the cells is due to some alteration of genetic material within the nucleus of the cell.


Theories of the cause of cancer include: genetic predisposition, virus, psychological, diet, radiation and chemical toxins. This "Cellular Hypothesis" is based on observations of cancer:

  1.  cancer is a local disease
  2. the disease consists of formation of tumors
  3.  the tumor is made up of abnormally formed cell
  4. these cells are growing independently and the growth cannot be halted
This hypothesis was never scientifically validated, therefore the treatment of cancer by surgery, radiation, and drugs cannot be considered a scientific treatment. Treatment is solely based on "generally accepted views" and what has been seen. The larger number of contradicting theories on cancer are a clear indication of the fact that cancer is nothing but a name for something shrouded in mystery.


The Wholistic/Eastern view is that the tumor is an accumulation of toxic wastes - it is the body's attempt to deal with a chronic burden. The chemicals, which the system cannot metabolize and excrete, are sequestered in some tissue of the body and manifest as a growth. In Chinese Medicine, a tumor is produced by stagnation of energy. When the energy is unable to flow smoothly, it collects and manifest as a growth. These two views consider cancer as a systemic, metabolic disease, which is stimulated by certain abnormal conditions in the body. When the abnormal conditions are corrected (i.e. eliminating the toxins or reestablishing the proper flow of energy) the disease can then be reversed.


How is cancer formed? The process has at least two distinct stages:


1) Initiation: a carcinogen (cancer causing agent) interacts with the genetic material of its target tissue producing a lesion or mutation, which may transform some cells to an abnormal state but does not generate an observable tumor unless it is acted upon by another agent (promoter). The effects of the carcinogen are irreversible.
Common initiators: asbestos, tobacco smoke, coal tar, doixin, UV light, radiation, electrical fields, EBV, pesticides, pollutants, etc.


2) Promotion: a promoter causes the transformed cells to proliferate and form a tumor. The promoter in and of itself is neither mutagenic nor carcinogenic. It must be applied continuously to have a biologic effect and if the promoting stimulus is removed, its effects are reversible.


The time between initiation and the appearance of a recognizable tumor is the latent period, which can range from 10-20 years.


To be continued in February with part 2 of 3.


Garbanzo Beans A legume, sweet in flavor; beneficial to pancreas, stomach, and heart (shape somewhat like a heart); contains more iron than other legumes and is also a good source of unsaturated fats. There are many varieties, varying in size and color (red, white, black, brown).


Garbanzo beans are as effective as Prozac. Also keep free the build up of cholesterol, produce serotine, the hormone to happiness, just as prescribed anti-depressives. The cause of that sensation is because the aminoacid Triptophen produces serotine. It helps with sleep. Investigations done in Israel show that "A plate of Hummus will help you sleep and satisfies your appetite", said Gofer. 

CATS & DOGS - Fluid
Fluid is like yin substance, and is one of the vital essences that maintain and balance health. Fluid, of course, includes aspects of the blood, but in addition, it covers the tears, saliva, joint fluid, lymph, urine and central nervous system fluids. Fluid batches every cell constituent. Each tiny mitochondria, lyposome and protein complex relies on fluid as its medium of energy.

Since our body is made up of bioelectrical mechanism, every function is guided by the movement of ions. The ions travel in a liquid medium. This medium is the fluid of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Check with your vet as you observe how much water your pet is drinking to prevent further diseases, diabetes, lungs, etc. if there is an imbalance in the fluid essence.


"Companions Animal Hospital" 1798 Merrick Road, Merrick, NY 11566 - (516) 431-1133. It is worth while the trip to check with Dr. Azra B. Marghoob. She also works with alternatives and Chinese Medicine.

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