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December 2012
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"Between the spread wings of your heart, dig deep within and you shall find lots of good inside yourself and others."


by Elizabeth Valenzuela-Meyer


Phillis Weekes photographer, friend and patient has inspired me by the depth of her beautiful photography, to see beyond the lense of my heart and the far reaches of my soul to write my inspirational insights.  

I am honoring the dropping of the body

of my "Princess Leah" crossing over to

another realm of life. My wonderful Leah

has reunited with her brother "Lucas" and

her Mom "Sasha" 10-05-1995 - 12-10-12


Princess Leah
Princess Leah


At the same time

I am honoring

the anniversary of

my Mom

dropping her body

12-18-2009 - 12-18-12


"There is not a day during every day

that I do not think

of her.  

She lives inside

my heart always,

one day we will all

be dancing and celebrating the life of the spirit plane.


And for all of those who have crossed over this year

I am honoring their spirit in love.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


The intuition of color.
Color is part of the physical structure, as inherent as the sight or sense of smell. Psychic aptitude is a sensibility that we all have in certain measures: The aptitude to refine our senses. The best way to achieve it is to be receptive and having a clear mind (emptying from the voices of the head) to capture what always is.


By Mary Brain, M.D


Chapter 1: Aging well is your choice (cont.) 


Waking up every morning to the sounds of birds singing, fixing your own breakfast, and going for a walk may not represent the height of excitement to many 20-year-olds, but most 90-year-olds would consider it a good deal. That's a fairly straightforward example, but on closer examination it contains on of the most important secrets of successful aging. People who age successfully spend a lifetime appreciating and enjoying the little, simple pleasures other people overlook- a beautiful flower, a walk in the woods, or the sound of the birds singing in the early morning. The ability to experience pleasure is a hallmark of successful aging. But pleasure doesn't really exist unless we're conscious of it. To a large extent, we all create our own reality. If I fail to notice a breathtakingly beautiful sunset, that sunset doesn't become part of my reality. Not matter how gorgeous it may be, I can't experience pleasure from it until I'm actively aware of it. The bad news is that we all miss hundreds of opportunities to experience pleasure every day. The good news is, we can train ourselves to be far more perceptive and appreciative.


To be continued... 2013 

New medical research continues to draw attention to the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. Some studies have revealed that moderate intake of alcohol (1 to 2 drinks a day) is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. It has been reported that alcohol consumption in moderation can reduce mortality from all causes by 30-50%.

Bone mineral density; Osteoporosis literally means "porous bones." In osteoporosis, the bones lose their protein and mineral structure, resulting in bone tissue that is brittle, thin and vulnerable to fracture. In osteoporosis, the normal cycle of breakdown and renewal of healthy bone becomes imbalanced. Bone tissue breaks down faster than it can be replaced. The first sign of osteoporosis is often a broken bone in the hip, spine or wrist.
  • While it remains true that chronic high alcohol consumption can lead to osteopenia and a higher incidence of fractures, studies on bone mineral density in post-menopausal women reveal a beneficial effect from "moderate" alcohol consumption.

  • Risk for cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus rises with increased consumption of alcohol, can also increase cancer in the colorectum and breast when combined with other risk factors, such as smoking, poor dental status or deficiency of retinoic acid or folate.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption can affect female fertility.
  • Alcohol abuse can impair regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Nutrient deficiencies are common among heavy drinkers, both because they tend to eat poorly and because alcohol interferes with "absorbtion and utilization of nutrients."
  • Nutritional deficiencies, particularly B6, B12, and folate as well as antioxidants, could play a role in the link between alcoholism and cognitive decline.

Who Should Be Advised to Reduce or Quit Drinking?

Those who exceed moderate consumption, especially if they are at risk for or have liver disease, dementia, cardiovascular illness, breast cancer or other health problems.


Chinese Medicine: The whole being degenerates, and various disorders arise, especially, liver qi stagnation, (swelling lumps, distended abdomen, frustration, anger, impatience), which over time lead to:

  • liver heat: red face, red eyes, and tongue, insomnia, splitting headaches, constipation, aggression, violence

  • liver wind: moving or fluctuating pain, pulsating headaches, spasm, cramps, dizziness, manic/depression) and/or

  • deficient liver yin: dry eyes, weak vision, night blindness, dry brittle nails,
  • and other general deficient yin signs.

Kidney-adrenal stress, results in

  • deficient kidney yin: ringing in the ears, dry throat, dizziness, low back ache, weak legs, red tongue, insecurity, agitation
  • deficient kidney yang: cold extremities, aversion to cold, weak knees and lower back, frequent urination, edema, enlarge, pale tongue, lack of will power, and
  • deficient jing: poor physical and mental development, inadequate brain function, early senility, impotence, dizziness, loose teeth, loss of head hair.
  • Lung yin deficiency: dry cough, periodic fever, frequent thirst, fresh-red cheeks, night sweats, hot palms
  • Heart mind spirit derangements: lack of mental focus, forgetfulness, poor sleep patterns, mental illness, speech problems, and agitation during detoxification.
  • General deficiency: frailty, weakness, faint voice and shallow breath, little or no tongue coating, lack of motivation and
  • Blood deficiency: pale lips, nailbeds, tongue, and complexion; thinness; thin, dry hair, spots in the field of vision; irregular menstruation.
CATS & DOGS - Diarrhea & Colitis

The large intestine: The Metal element

An individual can have diarrhea from an acute infection or toxic build up, or from a malfunctioning colon, spleen/pancreas, stomach, liver, kidney.  



In the acute situation of infections, parasites or toxins, the diarrhea that results is usually sudden and foul smelling, There may be blood or mucous involved if the pathogen has overpowered the individual. The animal won't want to be touched around the abdomen. Depending on the constitution of the individual and whether he tends to be warm or cold, the invasion of the pathogen may cause vomiting and fever with diarrhea, as in the hot individual, or depression, and phlegm, watery stools in the cold individual who feels better on a heating pad. If the situation is severe, with much fluid being lost, professional veterinary care should be sought. Dehydration can occur very quickly and can cause serious complications.


In the chronic situation, diarrhea or loose stool can be caused by a weak spleen/pancreas that is unable to assimilate the nutrients from food. The proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins cannot be extracted properly. In such cases, the large intestine may try to extract the nutrients, but it ends up eliminating stool that is watery and full of undigested food particles. The stool does not have a bad odor, nor is there pain with passing it, but the animal may seem tired and clingy after elimination. 


Acupressure points: (LI) 11, (LI) 4, (SP) 6.

Herbal treatment: Marshmallow Root and Leaves. This western herb cools and hydrates the mucosa, as well as stimulating immune response.


Dosage: as tincture mix 20 drops to 1 once of water.

  • Cat/small dogs: 1 dropperful, three times daily
  • Medium dogs: 2 dropperful, three times daily
  • Large dogs: 3 dropperful, three times daily

Chinese patent herb: Pill curing. This patent herb is useful in food poisoning, pain, vomiting and diarrhea. The pathogen is cold or hot. It includes herbs to regulate the stomach and relieve dampness in the spleen/pancreas (an excellent herb I tried it in people already, I highly recommend it when traveling to foreign countries as well).



  • Cats/small dogs 1/3 vial, twice daily
  • Medium dogs: vial, twice daily
  • Large dogs: vial, twice daily

Slightly warming thermal nature; bitter and mildly pungent flavor. Contains the diuretic asparagine, which explains its capacity to eliminate water through the kidneys. Treats many types of kidney problems but should not be used when there is inflammation. Helps to cleanse the arteries of cholesterol and is useful in vascular problems such as hypertension and arteriosclerosis. Caution: Too much asparagus can irritate the kidneys.  


The underground tubers of asparagus used in Chinese herbology tonify the yin fluids of the kidneys and moisten the lungs; it is a cooling remedy used to treat lung congestion, spitting up blood, coughing up blood, tinged sputum, chronic bronchitis, and the wasting stage of diseases, such as diabetes and tuberculosis. It also improves the feminine principle, especially in the aggressive person, and is used to ease menstrual difficulties, promotes fertility, and increases one's receptive and compassionate nature. The root of the common asparagus can be substituted. Caution: Avoid in cold type diarrhea (water stools) and in lung congestion when chills predominate.
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