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Rare Species Fund
The Rare Species Fund
compliments the educational messages and field research of T.I.G.E.R.S.
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Considered to be "the greatest hands-on animal experience in the world", the Preserve transports you out of coastal South Carolina and straight to the savannas of Africa and the jungles of South America!
The VIP Wild Encounter Tour always contains a wide variety of exotic animal ambassadors that you will get to see and interact with. Cubs of various sizes, young apes, ligers and a whole assortment of others will be on display while visiting our Preserve located only minutes from Myrtle Beach.

Run WILD at the
Myrtle Beach Marathon!
For the second year in a row, the Rare Species Fund has partnered with  the Myrtle Beach Marathon. This partnership allows runners to experience a starting line with a 9,000 pound elephant and a finish line filled with tiger cubs and orangutans!  
Taking place on Valentine's Day weekend, these few days every year transform the streets of Myrtle Beach into a jungle scene that provides the backdrop to an unforgettable experience. February 13 - 15, 2014 will be a weekend filled with wild animal encounters and opportunities to connect with rare species up-close and eye-to-eye. Marathon runners are a perfect group to support this cause due to their love of the outdoors and desire to help the endangered and rare species throughout the world.
For more information about the partnership between the RSF and the Marathon, visit here.

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If you have your photo taken at Preservation Station during the 2014 season you will receive a $40 discount on your T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve tour!  Preservation Station is located at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. 
Offer Expires: 12/31/2014
The Rare Species Fund Goes To Washington...
The Rare Species Fund traveled to Washington D.C. recently to talk to politicians about wildlife conservation and the importance of wildlife ambassadors in educating the public. The congressional briefing was held in the hearing room of the Committee on Natural Resources within the U.S. Capitol complex. Proving to be one of the most successful meetings to date,  several hundred federal employees joined the Rare Species Fund for this event.



Pictured above, Dr. Bhagavan Antle and Moksha Bybee of the Rare Species Fund talk to politicians in the U.S. Capitol building's sub-committee room on Natural Resources. "Doc" Antle spoke about the plight of endangered species.


Below, Dr. Antle discusses wildlife conservation and the importance of wildlife ambassadors with Congressman Don Young and Congresswoman Dina Titus. Doc is photographed here holding a tiger cub during the specially convened congressional briefing.



The Rare Species Fund (RSF) also participated in the annual International Conservation Caucus Foundation Gala on the National Mall. The animal ambassadors of RSF met with political ambassadors from around the world. The event was attended by many high-ranking government officials, including the President of Tanzania. Robert Johnson is pictured below with members of the Tanzanian parliament at the Gala. 

Robert Johnson brought Ahren, an African fish eagle, with him as a wildlife ambassador for the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF) Gala in Washington D.C. The ICCF is perhaps the world's most influential conservation organization with membership comprised of Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers and policy makers from around the world.


The topic of discussion at the ICCF Gala was the need for further steps in African wildlife conservation. For example, the poaching of rhinos has escalated to historic proportions. This influential conservation organization is reaching out to industry leaders, various non-governmental organizations, and other conservation groups to assist in saving wildlife throughout Africa. The ICCF has the distinction of being the only organization that includes nearly one third of all Congressmen and Congresswomen as members.     



In the early 1900's, over 500,000 rhinos lived across the continents of Africa and Asia. Today, this number has fallen to just 29,000 rhinos living in the wild. Despite these heartbreaking statistics and the continuing threat of poaching, rhinoceros population numbers are slowly increasing due to the high-level discussions and increased conservation efforts by organizations like the International Conservation Caucus Foundation.


Learn more about conservation efforts for chimpanzees, lynx, elephants, tigers, ligers, orangutans, gibbons, apes and more through the Rare Species Fund. To see these amazing species up close and personal, visit to get started on your own interactive tour!  


You can learn more about the many programs supported by the Rare Species Fund while experiencing your own interactive and educational tour. We are NOW taking reservations for 2014, opening day is MARCH 15th!! As you can imagine,  our Myrtle Beach Safari tours are filling up FAST. Book your family's tour today for an unforgettable hands-on experience.
T.I.G.E.R.S. Preserve and T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation  Station were created as a wildlife education organization dedicated to promoting global conservation. With informative, educational and entertaining interactive programs, Dr. Bhagavan Antle has created a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Dr. Antle, Director of T.I.G.E.R.S., works closely with international wildlife conservation projects in North America, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
To make reservations over the phone, please call 843.855.2699 or click here.
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