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June 2016
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Tēnā tātou katoa

The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has just published Issues Paper 10:
Understanding research on risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence, written by Pauline Gulliver and Janet Fanslow.

Seminars on this paper will be held in Wellington hosted by Superu (27 June) and in Auckland hosted by NZFVC (29 June). Please follow the links to register for these events.

News, views and happenings in brief: The Government is consulting on:

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Tip of the month

Update your elder abuse knowledge 
15 June
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
marks the beginning of
Elder Abuse Awareness Week
in Aotearoa New Zealand
15-22 June 2016

Search the topic: Elder abuse for items in the library.

Recent publications include:  
Read Elder abuse and neglect: a selected bibliography (NZFVC, 2012) for an overview of research on the topic.  

Age Concern is the place to find information about Elder Abuse Awareness Week and the ongoing work of Age Concern's Elder Abuse and Neglect Prevention services.
New resources  
Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" link to the NZFVC library online to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.  

New Zealand

Gulliver, P., & Fanslow, J. (2016).
Understanding research on risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence
(Issues paper, 10). Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, University of Auckland.

: Key messages: Conceptual models guide the exploration of risk and protective factors; There are some challenges involved with measuring some risk or protective factors; There is no "one true cause" of intimate partner violence... Read more
Dickson, S. (2016).
Building Rainbow communities free of partner and sexual violence.
Wellington, New Zealand: Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence.
y: This report includes the results of a survey, which was answered by 407 people with diverse ethnicities, gender identities, ages and sexualities. It found concerning levels of both partner and sexual violence, including many forms of psychological abuse and isolation that are specific to people in Rainbow communities. The survey also found that most people in the Rainbow community were not seeking help in relation to partner and sexual violence, and those that who did seek help from specialist agencies often did not experience that help as supportive... Read more

Law Commission. (2016).
Understanding family violence: reforming the criminal law relating to homicide
(NZLC report: no. 139). Wellington, New Zealand: Law Commission.
: In this report the Law Commission makes recommendations for changes to the criminal law to better serve victims of family violence who kill their abusers. The Law Commission has found that fair treatment of these cases requires deeper knowledge of the nature and dynamics of family violence. Otherwise, the circumstances can be misunderstood, or the history of violence minimised, which can lead to unjust legal outcomes for these defendants... Read more

Suicide Mortality Review Committee. (2016).
Ngā Rāhui Hau Kura: Suicide Mortality Review Committee feasibility study 2014-15
. Report to the Ministry of Health, 31 May 2016. Wellington, New Zealand: Health Quality and Safety Commission.
: Suicide is a major cause of death in New Zealand and the most common cause of death for young people. In September 2013, the Ministry of Health contracted the Health Quality & Safety Commission to trial suicide mortality review, an action contained in the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2013-16. This resulted in the establishment of the Suicide Mortality Review Committee within the Commission and the development of the Suicide Mortality Review Feasibility Study... Read more

Templeton, R., Crichton, S., Tumen, S., Rea, D., Ota, R., &
Small, D. (2016).
Research using administrative data to support the work of the Expert Panel on Modernising Child, Youth and Family
. Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Treasury.
: This paper sets out the findings from three studies that were undertaken to support the work and analysis of the Expert Panel on Modernising Child, Youth and Family. The studies provide new insights into both the extent of contact with Child, Youth and Family, outcomes for children and young people who have contact with the agency and some of the associated long-term fiscal costs... Read more

Family Violence: It's not OK. (2016).

Domestic violence, abuse and neglect of disabled people. Wellington, New Zealand: Family Violence: It's not OK.

: This is an update of the booklet on domestic violence experienced by people with disabilities and how to respond first published by the Auckland DVD Working Group in 2011... Read more

Allen, L. (2005).
Sexual subjects: Young people, sexuality and education. Basingstoke, England: Palgrave Macmillan.
Summary: Based on empirical research, this book reshapes thinking around young people's sexualities by exploring the questions: How do young people understand themselves as sexual? What do they conceptualise as sexual knowledge and how do they talk about their sexual practices?... Read more

This book is one of a number of older items we have recently acquired. More of these are included in the International section below.

Journal articles

Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.

Boden, J.M., van Stockum, J.S., Horwood, L.J., & Fergusson, D.M. (2016).
Bullying victimization in adolescence and psychotic symptomatology in adulthood: Evidence from a 35-year study.
Psychological Medicine, 46: 1311-1320
Summary: This study examined the associations between exposure to bullying victimisation and later adult psychotic symptomatology based on data from the Christchurch Health and Development Study... Read more  

Clark, T.C., Robinson, E., Crengle, S., Fleming, T., Ameratunga, S., Denny, S., Bearinger, L.H. Steving, R.E., & Saewyc, E. (2011).
Risk and protective factors for suicide attempt among indigenous Māori youth in New Zealand: The role of family connection.
Journal de la Santé Autochton, March 2011, 18-31.
Summary: The purpose of this study was to (1) describe risk and protective factors associated with a suicide attempt for Māori youth and (2) explore whether family connection moderates the relationship between depressive symptoms and suicide attempts for Māori youth... Read more  

D'Souza, A.J., Wood, B., Signal, L., Elder, D. (2016).
Attitudes to physical punishment of children are changing.
Archives of Disease in Childhood, Advance online publication, 10 May 2016.
Summary: This article provides a brief case study of long-term attitude change relating to physical punishment of children in New Zealand based on findings from public opinion surveys over the last three decades... Read more  

Waldegrave, C., King, P., Maniapoto, M., Tamasese, T.K., Parsons, T.L., & Sullivan, G. (2016).
Relational resilience in Māori, Pacific and European sole parent families: From theory and research to social policy.
Family Process, Advance online publication.
Summary: This study was a component of a larger research program involving research providers in nine Government Ministries and the Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit. It explores the similarities and differences among Māori, Pasifika and European sole parent families identified as resilient. It recommends social policy which would better support sole parent families... Read more 

World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific. (2016).
Regional action plan for violence and injury prevention in the Western Pacific: (2016-2020). Geneva, Switzerland: WHO WPRO.
Summary: This action plan for the Western Pacific recommends immediate and sustainable steps to reduce high national burdens of violence and injuries and highlights the importance of intersectoral partnership. The plan outlines strategic actions and establishes regional targets to be achieved by 2020... Read more

Below are some older books and reports on topical issues

Carmody, M. (2009).
Sex & ethics: Young people and ethical sex. Melbourne, Vic.: Palgrave Macmillan.
Summary: This book draws from interviews and research with people aged 16-25 from rural and urban Australia and argues for a new approach to sexuality and sexual assault prevention education based on developing skills in ethical intimacy... Read more

Alkhateeb, M.B, & Abugideiri, S.E. (Eds.). (2007).
Change from within: Diverse perspectives on domestic violence in Muslim communities. Peaceful Families Project.
Summary: This book is one of the first edited volumes to focus on domestic violence in Muslim families. Bringing the experiences of diverse domestic violence advocates to the table, voices in this text include religious leaders, service providers and researchers from multiple disciplines. Four survivors also share their paths to healing... Read more

Burn, J., Simmons, F., Hollonds, J., Power, K., Stewart, P., & Watson, N. (2012).
Hidden exploitation: Women in forced labour, marriage and migration. Melbourne, Vic.: Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand.
Summary: This report exposes gaps in knowledge and services relating to the labour of women in Australia. Along with an assessment of the needs, it provides suggestions for a way forward in terms of possible partnerships for developing knowledge, services and advocacy... Read more

Dasgupta, S.D. (Ed.). (2007).
Body evidence: Intimate violence against South Asian women in America. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.
Summary: In this book more than twenty scholars and health professionals uncover the unique challenges faced by victims of domestic violence in South Asian American communities... Read more

Korteweg, A.C., & Yurdaku., G. (2010).
Religion, culture and the politicization of honour-related violence: A critical analysis of media and policy debates in Western Europe and North America. Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development,
Summary: Over the past decade, the issue of honour-related violence (including honour killing and forced marriage) has entered media and policy debates in immigrant-receiving countries like the Netherlands, Germany, Britain and Canada. This paper analyses how media, parliaments and other state institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) conceptualise honour killing and honour-related violence in order to uncover how such conceptualisations inform policy responses. Read more
Journal articles

Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.

Choi, Y.J., Elkins, J., & Disney, L. (2016).
A literature review of intimate partner violence among immigrant populations: Engaging the faith community.
Aggression and Violent Behavior, 2016, Accepted manuscript
Summary: This article considers what is known about intimate partner violence among migrants in the United States, focusing on Latinas, Asian women, and women from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The article also explores the role religious leaders in these communities can play in preventing intimate partner violence... Read more 
In the news 
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Check for the latest News

Elder Abuse Week 15-22 June 2016; research and resources on elder abuse - 7 Jun, 2016
World Elder Abuse Day will be marked on 15 June and Elder Abuse Week from 15-22 June...
New NZFVC Issues Paper: Research on risk and protective factors for intimate partner violence - 7 Jun, 2016
The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has published Issues Paper 10, on...

New bill introduces some reforms to Child, Youth and Family - 3 Jun, 2016
The Children, Young Persons and Their Families (Advocacy, Workforce, and Age...

NZ Defence Force progresses Action Plan to address harmful sexual behaviour - 2 Jun, 2016
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has established an expert panel to address...

New grants to support community sector leadership and social enterprise - 2 Jun, 2016
Social enterprise and community sector leadership organisations can now apply...

NetSafe appointed as key agency for online harassment; information and support for victims - 2 Jun, 2016
NetSafe has been appointed as the Approved Agency under the Harmful Digital...

Te Puāwaitanga o te Kākano research: Māori views and understandings of sexual violence - 1 Jun, 2016
In 2009, Te Puni Kōkiri commissioned work to explore Māori views and...
May 2016

2016 Budget: No new family violence money, Family Violence Networks refunded - 30 May, 2016
The 2016 Budget was announced on 26 May, with no new funding for family...

Australian campaign calls for family law reform to prioritise safety - 25 May, 2016
Women's Legal Services Australia is leading a campaign calling on political...

New report on partner and sexual violence in Rainbow communities - 23 May, 2016
A new report on partner and sexual violence in Rainbow communities in Aotearoa...

Lead up to Budget 2016 - Govt announces funding cuts, increases and reprioritising - 23 May, 2016
In the lead up to the 2016 Budget, the Government has announced significant...

Family violence researcher Murray Straus dies - 23 May, 2016
Professor Murray Straus, "founder of the field of family violence research"...

Inquest into youth suicides finds exposure to family violence - 23 May, 2016
Coroner Carla na Nagara has released findings from a joint inquest into the...

Consultation open on first NZ Health Research Strategy - 23 May, 2016
The Ministry of Health, the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) and...

Standards, resources and tools to support evaluation in Aotearoa New Zealand - 16 May, 2016
The Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu) has published a set of...

Law Commission recommends law change for victims who commit homicide - 12 May, 2016
The Law Commission has released its final report on the legal response to...
Upcoming events
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13 June 2016
TOAH-NNEST Regional Hui

15 June 2016
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
United Nations

15-22 June 2016 *NEW*
Elder Abuse Awareness Week
Find events throughout Aotearoa New Zealand

23 June 2016 *NEW*
TOAH-NNEST Regional Hui

27 June 2016, *NEW*
 Intimate partner violence: Understanding research on risk & protective factors - Seminar

28 June 2016
Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop
New Plymouth

29 June 2016 *NEW*
Intimate partner violence: Understanding research on risk & protective factors - Seminar

29 June 2016
TOAH-NNEST Regional Hui

6-8 July 2016
AIFS (Australian Institute of Family Studies) Conference 2016

Melbourne, Australia

18 July 2016 *NEW*
Violence in the media: The stories and the science
One day conference
Sydney, Australia

18-21 July 2016
Next Generation Evaluation: Shaping better futures for Aotearoa New Zealand - ANZEA Conference 2016

27 July 2016 *NEW*
Responding effectively to victims of domestic violence
Shine training

16-17 August 2016
Kaupapa Māori Parenting Conference

30-31 August 2016 *NEW*
Domestic Violence  - Safety First
Shine - Advanced 2 day training

2-3 September 2016
Women's Studies Association / Pae Akoranga Wahine - Conference

14-17 September 2016
3rd Global Indigenous Say No to Family and Domestic Violence Conference
Adelaide, South Australia

18-21 September 2016
Safety 2016 - 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion
Tampere, Finland

19-22 September 2016
Prevalent and Preventable: AWAVA and Our Watch International Conference on Violence Against Women
Adelaide, South Australia
Registration open

26-28 October 2016
The Nursing Network of Violence Against Women International (NNVAWI) 2016 Conference
Melbourne, Australia
Call for abstracts closes 1 April 2016

3-4 November 2016 *NEW*
Crime Prevention and Communities - Conference
Brisbane, Australia

15-18 November 2016
International Indigenous Research Conference 2016