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August 2014
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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC, a monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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The Clearinghouse continues to contribute to understanding the impacts of family violence with the publication of  The influence of ethnicity on the outcomes of violence in pregnancy by Pauline Gulliver and Robyn Dixon in Ethnicity and Health. Pauline Gulliver, PhD is a Research Fellow at the Clearinghouse and a member of the Academy on Violence & Abuse. Pauline recently featured in AVA's Member highlight. Associate Professor Robyn Dixon is a Co-Director of the Clearinghouse. 


Other news, views, and happenings in brief: 
Read on for more new resources, news and events. 

The NZFVC team

@ Tāmaki Innovation Campus
University of Auckland


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Tip of the month 
Our tip this month is: vote on 20 September! Talk about family violence as an election issue with your family, whānau and friends.  

We have compiled each of the political parties' policies on family violence on the Clearinghouse website.

On Friday 5 September, 6-7.30pm, the Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence is hosting a political debate on family violence with representatives of four major political parties. It will be livestreamed on the internet and a recording made available afterwards.

On Monday 15 September, 12 noon, Women's Refuge, Te Ohaakii a Hine - National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together, Shakti, Relationships Aotearoa, The Pacific Islands Safety and Prevention Project, National Network of Stopping Violence Services and the Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Supervised Contact Services have joined together to organise a march on Parliament calling for an end to domestic and sexual violence.

Information about voting is available from the Electoral Commission - Te Kaitiaki Take Kowhiri
New resources


Books, reports and other items 


Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" link to the NZFVC Library online to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.      

New Zealand  

Family violence cross-government package.
Cabinet papers. These papers were considered by Cabinet on 18 June 2014 and have been publicly released:

  • Government response to the Report of the Expert Advisory Group on Family Violence, from the Associate Minister for Social Development... Read more 
  • Family violence: achieving intergenerational change, from the Associate Minister for Social Development... Read more 
  • A stronger response to domestic violence, which proposes action areas to improve justice outcomes for victims, from the Minister of Justice... Read more 
  • Progressing the Sentencing (Electronic Monitoring) Amendment Bill, from the Minister of Corrections... Read more 
Protecting the public - enhancing the profession | E tiaki ana i te Hapoori - E manaaki ana i ngā mahi : edited proceedings from the Social Workers Registration Board Conference 2013.

Jan Duke, Mark Henrickson and Liz Beddoe (editors)
Conference proceedings (146 pages); PDF & epub version available. Most relevant papers:


Beyond violence : signposts for the future / Judy Wivell. (pages 37-46)
Summary: The Domestic Violence Education Project (DOVE Hawkes Bay) provides intervention and education services in the area of stopping violence, with a focus on maximising the safety of women and children. In 2012, a team of EIT researchers evaluated and reported on the effectiveness of DOVE services... Read more 


It takes a village to protect a child / Antonia Hendrick and Sue Young (pages 15-25)
Summary: This article presents a case for taking a concerted community approach to protecting children. It does this through acknowledging that: child protection is indeed 'everyone's business' and extending this into promoting a collective response... Read more   


Themes for family violence intervention practice : manaakitanga, whakawhanaungatanga, professional integrity and authenticity / Gaylene Little, Geoffrey Nauer and Penny Ehrhardt (pages 47-55)
Summary: The authors draw on the findings of a research project in which they were involved to suggest four themes that, together, form a vision of practice for family violence intervention in New Zealand: manaakitanga... Read more 



Journal articles

Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.

Another Pandora's box? Some pros and cons of predictive risk modeling
Irene de Haan and Marie Connolly.
Children and Youth Services Review, online first. Elsevier, 2014
Summary: Early intervention, promoted as being important to the prevention of child maltreatment, is challenged by the difficulty of identifying at risk families before patterns of abuse are established. A way of identifying these families before they reach the radar of statutory systems of child protection is through predictive risk modelling (PRM)...  

Read more 



The ethics of predictive risk modelling in the Aotearoa/New Zealand child welfare context : child abuse prevention or neo-liberal tool?
Emily Keddell. Sage, 2014
Critical Social Policy, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This article explores the ethics of predictive risk modelling in a child welfare context. Tensions exist, including significant ethical problems such as use of information without consent, breaches of privacy and stigmatisation, without clear evidence of the benefits outweighing these costs... Read more 



The influence of ethnicity on the outcomes of violence in pregnancy
Pauline Gulliver and Robyn Dixon.
Ethnicity & Health, online first. Elsevier, 2014
Summary: In this paper, the authors were interested in exploring the influence of ethnicity on immediate and long-term (five years post-partum) foetal, maternal and injury-related outcomes. By limiting their investigation to women aged 25 years or under, they attempted to account for the different age structure between Māori and non-Māori mothers... Read more 



The rights of children and young people in state care
Sarah Ashton.
Educational Philosophy and Theory, 46(9): 1082-1088 . Routledge, 2014
Summary: This article highlights the lack of human rights recognition for arguably one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, children and young people in the care of the state... Read more 



Weighing it up : family maintenance discourses in NGO child protection decision-making in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Emily Keddell.
Child & Family Social Work, online first. Wiley Online, 2014
Summary: This paper examines one of the major discourses used by social workers in decision reasoning in a non-governmental organisation child protection context in Aotearoa/New Zealand: family maintenance... Read more 



"You're in that realm of unpredictability" : mateship, loyalty and men challenging men who use domestic violence against women
Alison J. Towns and Gareth Terry.
Violence Against Women, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This study reports on discourse analysis of transcripts from focus group discussions held with 28 "ordinary" men about domestic violence. Two broad "mateship" themes emerged: "mateship" and "loyalty to mates"... Read more  





Domestic violence perpetrator programmes : an historical overview
Ruth Phillips, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland. London & Durham: London Metropolitan University & Durham University, 2013
Briefing note 2 (16 pages); PDF
Summary: The purpose of this briefing note is to document the development of British domestic violence perpetrator programmes... Read more 



Domestic violence perpetrator programmes and children and young people
Sue Alderson, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland. London & Durham: London Metropolitan University Durham University, 2013
Briefing note 3 (16 pages); PDF
Summary: Despite the aims of most British domestic violence perpetrator programmes (DVPPs) being to increase the safety of women and children, and four measures of DVPP success being linked directly to children, there is a paucity of research available... Read more    



The elder justice roadmap : a stakeholder initiative to respond to an emerging justice, health, financial and social crisis
Marie-Therese Connolly, Bonnie Brandl and Risa Breckman. 2012
Report (40 pages); PDF
Summary: This initiative asked 750 stakeholders in the US to complete, with as many ideas as they wished, the following statement: "To understand, prevent, identify or respond to elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation, we need... Read more 



International approaches to child protection : What can Australia learn?
Rhys Price-Robertson, Leah Bromfield and Alister Lamont. Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2014
CFCA Paper no.23 (12 pages); PDF
Summary: One way in which policy-makers can reflect critically on Australia's and New Zealand's child protection systems is to develop knowledge of the ways in which different jurisdictions around the world structure and conduct child protection services, and consider how this knowledge may be relevant to the local context... Read more 



Voice and agency : empowering women and girls for shared prosperity  

This work is a product of the staff of The World Bank Group with external contributions. Washington, DC: World Bank Group, 2014
Report (226 pages); PDF
Summary: This is a major new report by the World Bank that shines a spotlight on the value of voice and agency, the patterns of constraints that limit their realisation, and the associated costs, not only to individual women but to their families, communities, and societies... Read more 



What works to prevent violence against women and girls? State of the field of violence against women and girls : What do we know and what are the knowledge gaps?
Lori Heise and Emma Fulu. 2014
Short paper (44 pages); PDF
Summary: This paper outlines our current knowledge base regarding VAWG and identifies where the evidence base needs to be expanded in order to deliver the most sophisticated interventions and make a real impact on the prevalence of VAWG globally... Read more



Journal articles


Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.    


Addressing violence against women in the Commonwealth within states' obligations under international law
Christine Chinkin.
Commonwealth Law Bulletin, 40(3): 471-501. Commonwealth Secretariat, 2014
Summary: This article examines international human rights standards with respect to redressing violence against women. It first sets out the international and regional instruments and jurisprudence relevant to determining international standards. It notes that, while there is no single convention explicitly on violence against women, the consistent language is such that these instruments in conjunction with the work of expert bodies provide a blueprint of recommended actions... Read more 



Global and regional standards on violence against women : the evolution and synergy of the CEDAW and Istanbul Conventions
Dubravka Simonovic.
Human Rights Quarterly, 36(3): 590-606 . Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014
Summary: CEDAW does not explicitly prohibit violence against women, it provides a gender specific framework on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women that encompasses violence against women. The new European Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (Istanbul Convention) provides a gendered framework on violence against women and domestic violence... Read more 



Adverse childhood experiences in the lives of male sex offenders : implications for trauma-informed care
Jill S. Levenson, Gwenda M. Willis and David S. Prescott.
Sexual Abuse, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This US-based study explored the prevalence of childhood trauma in a sample of 679 male sexual offenders using the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scale... Read more 



Adult disclosure of child sexual abuse : a literature review
Dafna Tener and Sharon B. Murphy.
Trauma, Violence and Abuse, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This article reviews the literature, published between 1980 and 2013, on survivors' experiences regarding disclosure of child sexual abuse during adulthood...  

Read more 



An exploration of protective factors supporting desistance from sexual offending  

Michiel de Vries Robbé, Ruth E. Mann, Shadd Maruna and David Thornton.
Sexual Abuse, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This article considers factors that support or assist desistance from sexual offending in those who have previously offended. Current risk assessment tools for sexual offending focus almost exclusively on assessing factors that raise the risk for offending. The aim of this study was to review the available literature on protective factors supporting desistance... Read more  



Coordinated community response components for victims of intimate partner violence : a review of the literature
Ryan C. Shorey, Vanessa Tirone & Gregory L. Stuart.
Aggression and Violent Behavior, 19: 363-371. Elsevier, 2014
Summary: This paper reviews the individual components of coordinated community responses (CCRs) for victims of intimate partner violence, and examines the literature on a number of the individual CCR components, and suggests directions for future research on this topic... Read more 



Cost-effectiveness of electronic training in domestic violence risk assessment : ODARA 101
N. Zoe Hilton & Elke Ham.
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: This study investigated the effectiveness of electronic (online) training compared with face to face training for training in the use of the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk Assessment (ODARA) risk assessment tool... Read more 



Ethics in violence and abuse research : a positive empowerment approach
Julia Downes, Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland.
Sociological Research Online, 19(1): 2 (13 pages). 2014
Summary: This article focuses on the tensions that can arise from the research governance of violence and abuse research. The authors argue that increased scrutiny of violence and abuse as a 'sensitive' topic that involves 'vulnerable' groups' has made ethical clearance more challenging, which in turn can lead to a dangerous lack of evidence... Read more 



'I'm working towards getting back together' : client accounts of motivation related to relationship status in men's behaviour change programmes in New South Wales, Australia
Rebecca Gray, Timothy Broady, Irene Gaffney, Pamela Lewis, Tibor Mokany & Brian O'Neill.
Child Abuse Review, online first. Wiley Online, 2014
Summary: A programme evaluation of "Taking Responsibility", an 18-week behaviour change programme offered by Relationships Australia NSW, has revealed that men's change factors are influenced by varying levels of motivation, at intake and throughout... Read more 



Mothering in the wake of childhood violence experiences: reweaving a self and a world at the intersection of history and context
Nicole Y. Pitre, Kaysi E. Kushner, Kathy M. Hegadoren & Kim D. Raine.
Health Care for Women International, online first. Routledge, 2014
Summary: The authors examined the stories of 12 women mothering growing children at the intersection of personal history (childhood violence experiences) and symbolic, structural, and ideological forces and conditions... Read more 



School-based childhood sexual abuse prevention programs : an integrative review
C M Fryda & P A Hulme.
Journal of School Nursing, online first. Sage, 2014
Summary: The purpose of this integrative literature review was to determine the state of the science on school-based CSA prevention programs... Read more   

In the news


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the latest news

Applications now open for NGO social work study awards
- 28 Aug, 2014
Applications are now open for the 2015 application round of the NGO social work...
Disability Action Plan 2014-2018 includes actions on violence, abuse and neglect - 27 Aug, 2014
The Disability Action Plan 2014-2018 has been developed collaboratively by...
European Convention on violence against women comes into effect - 26 Aug, 2014
A European Convention obligating countries that ratify it to prevent, protect,...
Information sought from NGOs on cross-border recognition and enforcement of protection orders - 26 Aug, 2014
The Hague Conference on Private International Law is exploring the development...
Government response to UPR recommendations collated; tools to support NGO engagement - 25 Aug, 2014
The New Zealand Government's response to the 155 recommendations made under the...
New sexual violence prevention video developed for teenagers - 21 Aug, 2014
Rape Prevention Education has developed a new video to support teenagers to...
E Tu Whānau launches new Charter of Commitment - 19 Aug, 2014
E Tu Whānau has launched a new Charter of Commitment. It represents a public,...

Proposed family violence cross-agency work plan 2014/15 released by Government - 14 Aug, 2014
The Government has publicly released its proposed 2014/15 cross-agency work...

Government action plan on gangs includes measures to address family violence - 7 Aug, 2014
An action plan on gangs announced by the Government this week includes measures...
Child sex offender register to be established - 4 Aug, 2014
Cabinet has signed off on a decision to establish a child sex offender register...  
Upcoming events 
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5 September 2014 *NEW*
Political Debate on Family Violence
Dunedin and live-streamed on the internet

9 September 2014
Women and Children and the Family Court Forum - Election Forum

12 September 2014 *NEW*
Progressive alternatives: politics, policy and practice - Symposium

12-14 September 2014 *NEW*
A Call to Men! Be the Change Hui 2014

14 - 17 September 2014
20th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect
Nagoya, Japan

 15 September 2014 *NEW*
March to change New Zealand's shame: A united call to action to address domestic violence

22-26 September 2014
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course

17-18 September 2014

29-30 September & 1 December 2014
Working with parents' anger - Training Workshop

19 - 23 October 2014
Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion - 12th World Conference 
Atlanta, GA, USA

29 October 2014  
Protecting children with disabilities - Workshop

30 October 2014
Developing child protection policy and procedures -Workshop

31 October - 2 November 2014
MaleSurvivor: 14th International Conference
Newark, New Jersey, United States

5-6 November 2014 *NEW*
Easy Evaluation - Workshop

6-7 November 2014
In our own backyard - Injury Prevention Aotearoa 2014 conference

10-13 November 2014
2nd MenEngage Global Symposium 2014
New Delhi, India

10-11 November 2014
Easy Evaluation - Workshop

12-13 November 2014 *NEW*
Challenging Responses to Family Violence - Conference  Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

17 November 2014
Developing child protection policies and procedures - Workshop

19-20 November 2014
Easy Evaluation - Workshop

25 November 2014
White Ribbon Day
New Zealand

25 November - 10 December 2014
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

25-28 November 2014
International Indigenous Development Research Conference

26 November 2014
Recognising and responding to child abuse - Workshop

2-3 December 2014  
Easy Evaluation - Workshop

10-12 December 2014 *NEW*
World Indigenouse Domestic Violence Conference
Cairns, QLD, Australia


10-12 February 2015
Call for abstracts closes 12 September 2014 

Inaugural Asia-Pacific Conference on Gendered Violence and Violations
Sydney, Australia

8-11 April 2015 *NEW*
Dignity Conference 2015: Response-Based Practice in Action
Hawke's Bay

9-11 April 2015 *NEW*
Call for abstracts closes 15 September 2014
The Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International - NNVAWI Conference
Atlanta, GA, United States