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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC, a monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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Happy New Year. This first Pānui of the year is packed with links to reports, journal articles and other resources which have been added to the Clearinghouse library in the last month.  


Family Violence Indicators report : Can national administrative data sets be used to measure trends in family violence in New Zealand?, the culmination of a project involving extensive consultation with a number of key government agencies has been published. This report was written by Dr Pauline Gulliver and Associate Professor Janet Fanslow from the Clearinghouse and published by SuPERU, a division of the Families Commission. The key conclusion is that: "This project has shown that although there are some useful administrative data sets in New Zealand, none could currently be considered a reliable source of data for monitoring trends in family violence in the community over time" (p. 78). This report will be available online shortly. The Clearinghouse has a limited number of printed copies. Please request a copy while stocks last.   


In this Pānui, a number of the international journal articles focus on intimate partner violence (IPV) in the context of pregnancy. Some of these articles are published in the open access PLoS journals. Other topics include bullying, child custody, perpetrator risk assessment, recidivism and reintegration of child sex offenders and empowerment of IPV survivors.     

Other news, views, and happenings in brief:  

Read on for more resources, news and events.    


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Tip of the month

Reading journal articles
included in the Clearinghouse library

Original research is usually published first in academic peer-reviewed journals. Most journal publishers now make information about these articles, including the abstract, freely available online. However the full text of articles may only be available to subscribers or by making a one off payment. 

In the Clearinghouse library record for a journal article, use the Access the abstract link - this is usually the permanent DOI link - to find the article citation and abstract online. If your organisation has a subscription, you may be able to download the full article.

Some articles are offered as free downloads while they are at the preprint stage - look for epub or online first.

Some authors pay to have their articles open access, and some journals such as PLoS publish all their articles as open access. If we are sure you will have free access this is indicated in the article link.

If you cannot find full text online, contact your local public library and ask about their inter-library loan service. If you work for a government agency or DHB, please contact your library for help. If you are affiliated with a tertiary institution, that organisation's library will be able to assist you to obtain articles.

The Clearinghouse is working to make as many items as possible freely available, within the constraints of copyright and licensing agreements.
New resources


Books, reports and other items 


Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" link to the NZFVC Library online to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.      

New Zealand

Family violence indicators : can administrative data sets be used to measure trends in family violence in New Zealand?  

Pauline Gulliver and Janet Fanslow, New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. Wellington, N.Z. : SuPERU, a division of the Families Commission, 2013
Research report, no. 3/13, December 2013

Report - 96 p.
Summary: This report is concerned with assessing the suitability of national administrative data sets to provide outcome indicators to measure trends in the frequency of family violence events in the community... Read more    



Evaluating problem-solving courts in New Zealand : a synopsis report  

prepared by Alice Mills, Katey Thorn, Claire Meehan and Marilyn Chetty. Auckland, N.Z. : Centre for Mental Health Research, University of Auckland, 2013

Report - (39 p.); PDF
Summary: Court innovations, such as problem-solving courts, have been developed to assist in addressing the psychosocial causes of offending. These courts seek to improve the psychosocial wellbeing of those whose maladaptive behaviour brings them to court in the first place... Read more  



Family violence courts : a review of the literature 

prepared by Alice Mills, Katey Thorn, Claire Meehan and Marilyn Chetty. Auckland, N.Z. : Centre for Mental Health Research, University of Auckland, 2013
Report - (33 p.); PDF
Summary: This review focuses on the existing evaluation research on specialist family courts that has taken place primarily in Commonwealth jurisdictions and, to a lesser extent, the United States. The review begins with a brief overview of the development of family violence courts... Read more   



Putting people first : a review of Disability Support Services performance and quality management processes for purchased provider services
written and compiled by Karen Van Eden. Prepared for Hon. Minister Ryall, Minister of Health. Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Health, 2013
Report - (44 p.); PDF, Word DOC available
Summary: This independent review looks at the effectiveness of the current disability support services performance and quality management processes for residential disability providers...Read more  

Women and alcohol in Aotearoa/New Zealand | Te waipiro me ngā wāhine i Aotearoa : report
Jenny Rankine with Amanda Gregory, Anna Tonks and Te Pora Thompson-Evans. Auckland, N.Z. : Alcohol Healthwatch and Women's Health Action, 2013
Report - (200 p.); PDF
Summary: This is the full report of the Women and alcohol/Te waipiro me ngā wāhine project. The shorter Policy Briefing Paper is also available... Read more   



Journal articles


Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.  


Child protection and out of home care : policy, practice, and research connections Australia and New Zealand
Elizabeth Fernandez and Nicola Atwool.  Elsevier, 2013
Psychosocial Intervention, 2013, 22 (3):175-184 

Summary: This article provides an outline of the early development of care and protection in Australia and New Zealand as a backdrop to an overview of child protection systems and policies and the current child protection profile in both countries... Read more



Empowerment and advocacy for domestic violence victims
Mandy Morgan and Leigh Coombes. Wiley, 2013
Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 2013, 7(8): 526-536
Summary: In this paper, the authors consider a proposed theory of empowerment and recommendations of advocacy practices by Kasturirangan (2008) to consider how her conceptualisation of empowerment processes has influenced the field... Read more     



'I could only work every second Sunday' : the role of separated fathers in the labour market participation of separated mothers when they're in dispute over care and contact arrangements  

Vivienne Elizabeth, Julia Tolmie, Nicola Gavey.
Women's Studies Association of New Zealand, 2013
Women's Studies Journal, 2013, 27(2): 2-13
Summary: Drawing on international literature on the division of caring labour, and a small-scale qualitative study with separated mothers from New Zealand in dispute over care and contact arrangements, this paper investigates the claims... Read more  



Recognition of burns as a marker of child abuse in the paediatric emergency department [Letter]
Aisling R. Geoghegan. NZMA, 2013
New Zealand Medical Journal, 2013, 125(1382): 129-131
Summary: This letter reports the results of a retrospective audit performed in the Emergency Department of Waikato Hospital. This audit led to the introduction of a scald assessment triage tool and increased education sessions... Read more 



Community reintegration of sex offenders of children in New Zealand
Gemma Russell, Fred Seymour, Ian Lambie. Sage, 2013
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2013, 57(1): 55-70
Summary: This study explored child sex offenders' expectations for and experiences of reintegration into the community... Read more   



Community solutions for the community's problem : an evaluation of three New Zealand community-based treatment progams for child sexual offenders
Ian Lambie and Malcolm W. Stewart. Sage, 2012
International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2012, 56(7): 1022-1036
Summary: The recidivism rate of 203 offenders who attended community-based child sexual abuse treatment programmes was assessed and compared with a probation comparison group...Read more 



Narrative research on child sexual abuse : addressing perennial problems in quantitative research
Kerry Gibson and Mandy Morgan. Taylor & Francis, 2013
Qualitative Research in Psychology, 2013, 10(3): 298-317
Summary: This article based on a retrospective, narrative study of 29 adult participants who had spent their childhood in a New Zealand commune in which child sexual abuse was known to have occurred, to explore four key methodological issues in the field of child sexual abuse research...
Read more



Transitioning youth with sexually harmful behaviour back into the community
Ian Lambie and Mnthali Price. Routledge 2013
Journal of Sexual Aggression, 2013, online first
Summary: The current study aimed to examine the transitioning experiences of adolescents with sexually harmful behaviour following treatment and to explore whether additional services are needed to facilitate their successful transition into the community...Read more   





Bullying surveillance among youths : uniform definitions for public health and recommended data elements. Version 1.0
compiled by R. Matthew Gladden, Alana M. Vivolo-Kantor, Merle E. Hamburger, Corey D. Lumpkin. Atlanta, GA. :
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Washington, DC : Department of Education, 2014
Report - (116 p.); PDF
Summary: This publication is designed as a tool to help organisations, researchers, evaluators, community groups, educators, and public health officials define and gather systematic data on bullying to better inform research and prevention efforts... Read more  



Domestic violence and abuse : summary and recommendations
This report was written for the Early Intervention Foundation by Jonathon Guy, with editing by Leon Feinstein and Ann Griffiths. London : Early Intervention Foundation, 2014
Report - (17 p.); PDF
Summary: This report assesses the effectiveness of existing services aimed at prevention of domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) and considers whether the broader suite of Early Intervention services can be effective in addressing DV&A... Read more  



Misperceptions about child sex offenders
Kelly Richards. Canberra, ACT : Australian Institute of Criminology, 2011
Short paper - (8 p.); PDF; HTML available
Summary: This paper addresses five common misperceptions about the perpetrators of sexual offences against children. Specifically, the issues addressed include whether all child sex offenders are 'paedophiles', who sexually abuse children... Read more  



Profiling parental child sex abuse
Jane Goodman-Delahunty. Canberra, ACT : Australian Institute of Criminology, 2014
Short paper - (8 p.); PDF; HTML available
Summary: Public policy initiatives to redress parental child sexual offenders have been hindered by the absence of an offending profile that characterises this core group of intrafamilial offenders... Read more 



Reporting violence to the police : a survey of victims attending domestic violence services
Emma Birdsey, Lucy Snowball. Sydney : NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, 2013
Short paper - (9 p.); PDF
Crime and Justice Statistics Bureau Brief, no.91, October 2013
Summary: The aim of the study was to investigate what proportion of domestic violence (DV) victims who seek help from DV services choose not to report the violence to police and to investigate factors and reasons associated with non-reporting... Read more  



Service responses to survivors of sexual violence : perspectives of National Health Service and voluntary sector professionals on inter-agency working with survivors  

Sarah M. Bishop.
Thesis submitted for the Degree of PhD at the University of Warwick, 2013
PhD Thesis (150 p.); PDF
Summary: The first chapter of this thesis critically reviews the existing literature on Restorative Justice (RJ) for crimes of sexual violence. It considers whether RJ has a contribution to make to the psychological wellbeing of survivors... Read more  



Journal articles


Contact your local library for full text access to articles which are not freely available online.  


Associations between intimate partner violence and termination of pregnancy : a systematic review and meta-analysis
Megan Hall, Lucy C. Chappell, Bethany L. Parnell, Paul T. Seed and Susan Bewley. PLOS Medicine, 2014
PLoS Medicine, 2014, 11(1): e1001581
Summary: The authors of this systematic review and meta-analysis conclude that intimate partner violence is associated with termination of pregnancy... Read more  

The effects of intimate partner violence before, during, and after pregnancy in nurse visited first time mothers
Philip V. Scribano, Jack Stevens, Elly Kaizar. Springer, 2013
Maternal and Child Health Journal, 2013, 17(2): 307-318
Summary: The authors aimed to determine the prevalence of intimate partner violence before, during and after pregnancy in a national (US) sample of women enrolled in the Nurse Family Partnership (NFP); and, to determine correlates of IPV exposure....Read more
Read an AVA Review of this article below


Illuminating findings on the impact of adequate social support on IPV and pregnancy outcomes
Pauline Gulliver. Academy on Violence & Abuse, 2014
Short paper - (3 p.); PDF
AVA Research Review, Volume IV, February 2014
This is a review the article previous article... Read more



Intimate partner violence and pregnancy : a systematic review of interventions
An-Sofie Van Parys, Annelien Verhamme, Marleen Temmerman and Hans Verstraelen. PLOS, 2014
PLOS One, 2014, online
Summary: The objective of this systematic review is to provide a clear overview of the existing evidence on effectiveness of interventions for IPV around the time of pregnancy... Read more 



Australian domestic violence protection order legislation : a comparative quantitative content analysis of victim safety provisions
Samantha Jeffries, Christine E.W. Bond, Rachael Field. Informit, 2013
Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 2013, 25(2): 627-643
Summary: This paper assesses the victim safety focus of domestic violence protection order legislation in each Australian state and territory. The analysis shows that the Northern Territory, South Australia and Victoria 'stand out' from the other jurisdictions... Read more  



Bullying perpetration and subsequent sexual violence perpetration among middle school students
Dorothy L. Espelage, Kathleen C. Basile, Merle E. Hamburger. Elsevier, 2012
Journal of Adolescent Health, 2012, 50(1): 60-65
Summary: This study published by the University of Illinois and CDC, attempted to examine the link between bullying and sexual violence acts among middle school students aged between 10 and 15... Read more   



A comparison of empirically based and structured professional judgment estimation of risk using the structured assessment of violence risk in youth
Kristina Childs, Paul J. Frick, John S. Ryals, Annika Lingonblad, Matthew J. Villio. Sage, 2014
Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice, 2014, 12(1): 40-57
Summary: This study builds on a long-standing debate focusing on whether structured professional judgment (SPJ) or empirically based methods of risk estimation are more valid and reliable measures of future behavior by comparing three different measures of risk... Read more  



Conducting child custody evaluations in the context of family violence allegations : practical techniques and suggestions for ethical practice
Robert Geffner, Lisa Conradi, Kari Geis, M. Brenda Aranda. Taylor & Francis, 2009
Journal of Child Custody, 2009, 6(3-4): 189-218
Summary: A review of the literature...and the daily practice of conducting child custody evaluations has revealed that there is an inadequacy assessing and incorporating family violence issues,.. Published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Child Custody: Domestic violence in Child Custody...
Read more     



Rethinking child custody evaluation in cases of domestic violence
Evan Stark. Taylor & Francis, 2009
Journal of Child Custody, 2009, 6(3-4): 287-321
Summary: This article was prompted by the publication of "Assessing Allegations of Domestic Violence," by Gould, Martindale and Eidman (2007). It critically reviews the [US] family court response to domestic violence cases... Published in a Special Issue of the Journal of Child Custody: Domestic violence in Child Custody... Read more



The Danger Assessment : validation of a lethality assessment instrument for intimate partner femicide
Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Daniel W. Webster, Nancy Glass.  Sage 2008

Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2008, 24(4): 653-674
Summary: This article describes the development, psychometric validation, and suggestions for use of the Danger Assessment (DA) instrument. There are a number of other articles on risk assessment in this issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence... Read more     



Predicting potentially life-threatening partner violence by women toward men : a preliminary analysis
Denise A. Hines and Emily M. Douglas. Springer, 2013
Victims and Violence, 2013, 28(5): 751-771
Summary: The US-based authors investigated predictors of potentially life-threatening partner violence by women toward men in a sample of 302 men who sustained partner violence and sought help... Read more 



Domestic/family violence death reviews : an international comparison
Lyndal Bugeja, Myrna Dawson, Sara-Jane McIntyre, Carolyn Walsh. Sage, 2013
Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 2014, epub
Summary: The review identified 71 jurisdictions where  D/FVDRs had been established in the past two decades, 25 of which met the inclusion criteria for this study... Read more  



Economic empowerment of impoverished IPV survivors : a review of best practice literature and implications for policy
Sur Ah Hahn and Judy L. Postmus. Sage, 2013
Violence, Trauma and Abuse, 2013, online first
This article outlines the best practices literature that addresses IPV in the lives of impoverished women, as well as the literature that specifically examines the interventions to economically empower IPV survivors-whether impoverished or not... Read more  



Fatherhood and intimate partner violence : bringing the parenting role into intervention strategies
Carla Smith Stover and Dorothy Morgos. American Psychological Association, 2013
Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 2013, 44(4): 247-256
Summary: This article provides (a) a rationale for considering father-child intervention in the context of IPV, (b) specific strategies for assessment, (c) guidelines for determining if a father is appropriate for such intervention... Read more  



'Fighting' for survival : a systematic review of physically violent behavior perpetrated and experienced by homeless young people
Jessica A. Heerde, Sheryl A. Hemphill, Kirsty A. Scholes-Balog. Elsevier, 2014  

Aggression and Violent Behavior, 2014, 19(1): 50 - 66 
Summary: A systematic review of youth homelessness and physically violent behaviors... Read more



How to form alliances with families and communities : the provision of informal supports to families keeps kids safe
Jill D. McLeigh. Elsevier, 2013
Child Abuse & Neglect, 2013, 37(suppl.): 17 - 28
Summary: This article focuses on the use of informal support as an integral part of the work of all professionals who seek to prevent harm to children and to remediate its effects when it occurs. This article provides examples...
This article is published in a special supplement of Child Abuse & Neglect, titled "Beyond Formal Systems of Care: Broadening the Resources for Child Protection"...
Read more 




Listen to the children : kids' impressions of Who Do You Tell (TM)
Leslie M. Tutty. Routledge, 2014
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 2014, 23:17-37
Summary: This article presents the results of qualitative research with 116 students (51 boys and 65 girls) ranging from age 6 to 12 who had participated in the Who Do You Tell child sexual abuse education programme... Read more  



Motivational and cognitive predictors of the propensity to intervene against intimate partner violence
Helen Alfredsson. Sage, 2013
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2013, epub
Summary: This article reports the findings of a community-based survey conducted in Sweden... Read more   



Neighborhood environment and intimate partner violence : a systematic review
Kirsten Beyer, Anne Baber Wallis, L. Kevin Hamburger. Sage, 2013
Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 2013, epub
Summary: The authors undertook a comprehensive, systematic review of the literature to date on the relationship between neighborhood environment and intimate partner violence (IPV), asking, "what is the status of scholarship related to the association between neighborhood environment and IPV occurrence?... Read more  



Outcomes of short course interprofessional training in domestic violence and child protection
Eszter Szilassy, John Carpenter, Demi Patsios, Simon Hackett. Sage, 2014
Violence Against Women, 2014, epub
Summary: This study evaluates the outcomes of short interagency and interprofessional training in domestic abuse. Participants' attitudes and knowledge were assessed... Read more 



Pain and somatic symptoms are sequelae of sexual assault : results of a prospective longitudinal study
J.C. Ulirsch, et al. Wiley, 2013
European Journal of Pain, 2013, online first
Summary: According to the authors,
this is the first prospective longitudinal study focusing on pain in sexual assault survivors.... Read more  



Partner violence and substance abuse are intertwined : women's perceptions of violence-substance connections
Rebecca J. Macy, Connie Renz and Emily Pelino. Sage, 2013
Violence Against Women, 2013, 19(7): 881-902
Summary: This exploratory, qualitative study investigates these two issues among a sample of 15 women in substance abuse treatment who experienced partner violence...
Read more  


The RESTORE program of restorative justice for sex crimes : vision, process and outcomes

Mary P. Koss. Sage, 2014
Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 2014, epub
Summary: The article reports an evaluation of RESTORE, a restorative justice conferencing programme offered in Arizona, adapted to prosecutor-referred adult misdemeanor and felony sexual assaults... Read more 



Rural masculinities and the internalisation of violence in agricultural communities
Kerry Carrington, Alison McIntosh, Russell Hogg, John Scott. Ohio State University, 2013
International Journal of Rural Criminology, 2013, 2(1): 3-24
Summary: This article is based on research the authors conducted in two agricultural communities as part of a broader study that included mining communities in rural Australia... Read more   



Social work and adverse childhood experiences research : implications for practice and health policy
Heather Larkin, Vincent J. Felitti & Robert F. Anda. Informa, 2014
Social Work in Public Health, 2014, 29(1): 1-16
Summary: This article applies a biopsychosocial perspective, with an emphasis on mind-body coping processes to demonstrate that social work responses to adverse childhood experiences may contribute to improvement in overall health.... Read more

In the news


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UN concerned about violence against women and children in New Zealand - 30 Jan, 2014
New Zealand's second National Report to the United Nations (UN) Human...   


It's Time to Talk Day encourages conversations about healthy relationships - 28 Jan, 2014
The United States campaign Love is Not Abuse is holding the annual NO MORE...  

Kuaka migration to inspire positive whānau journeys
- 23 Jan, 2014
The kuaka, bar-tailed godwit, undertakes an 11,000 km non-stop migration from...  

Resource on measuring outcomes in collaboration and community change - 21 Jan, 2014
A reference report by Vibrant Communities Canada provides a resource for...  

Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga research symposium presentations available online - 21 Jan, 2014
The fifth annual Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga research symposium was hosted in...  

Legislation to expand Extended Supervision Orders for sexual and violent offenders - 21 Jan, 2014
Proposed amendments to the Parole Act 2002 would enable the extension of...  

Dunedin child killings highlight partner violence and filicide links - 17 Jan, 2014
Grief and support are being expressed following the alleged murder of two...  

Centre for Mental Health Research releases reports on specialist New Zealand courts - 16 Jan, 2014
The Centre for Mental Health Research at the University of Auckland has...  

IPCA finds Police response to Northland protection order breaches "grossly inadequate" - 14 Jan, 2014
The Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) has found that the Police...  

Third round of Capability Investment Resource fund open
- 14 Jan, 2014
Applications for the third distribution of the Ministry of Social Development's...  

It's Not OK and Crimestoppers resources to help keep holidays violence free - 20 Dec, 2013
The It's Not OK campaign has produced resources to encourage everyone to look...  

Deaths and assaults highlight specific family violence support needs in ethnic communities - 20 Dec, 2013
The deaths of two women in Wellington, and a man being charged for serious...  

Conversations count - preventing sexual violence against young people - 19 Dec, 2013
Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP, with the support of Tu Wahine, has developed a new...  

Evaluation and future implementation of Loves Me Not programme - 19 Dec, 2013
A summary of the evaluation of Loves Me Not, the healthy relationships / dating...  

New research finds Fiji's rates of violence against women and girls among the highest in the world
- 13 Dec, 2013
The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre (FWCC) has published the findings from a...  

Review of residential care services for disabled people released - 12 Dec, 2013
A review of disability support services has recommended changes into...  

Police release fifth phase review of Commission of Inquiry into police conduct - 12 Dec, 2013
The fifth phase review into New Zealand Police's progress in response to the...  

Briefing paper finds violence a major alcohol-related harm experienced by women - 10 Dec, 2013
Alcohol Healthwatch and Women's Health Action have released a policy briefing... 


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14 February 2014 *NEW*
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18 February 2014, 11:00 am  *NEW*
"Collective Impact - Getting to shared measurement"™ Community Research Webinar
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18 February 2014, 5:30-6:30pm *NEW*
Elder abuse, social ageism and human rights - Public lecture

21 February 2014 *NEW*
Working with Historical Trauma - One Day Workshop

10 - 11 March 2014
Working with Parents' Anger - Workshop

10 - 14 March 2014
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course

24 - 28 March 2014
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course

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Developing Policies and Procedures: Child Abuse
Palmerston North

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No2Bullying Conference
Surfers Paradise, Qld, Australia

7 - 11 April 2014 *NEW*
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course - Christchurch

7 - 11 April 2014 *NEW*

Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course - Wellington

14 - 17 September 2014

20th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect
Nagoya, Japan