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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC, a monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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The Clearinghouse launched Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women, our fifth issues paper, on White Ribbon Day. Author Garth Baker's seminars on the paper have included practical ways of translating theory into practice with examples from projects in New Zealand and around the world. A number of reports and journal articles included in this newsletter highlight the current focus on the primary prevention of family and sexual violence throughout the world.


This month we have updated our information page on Family Violence Networks in New Zealand. This page is found under the Resources tab. It includes a link to contact details for Family Violence Networks around the country.   


The Responses to the 'Roast busters' news item continues to be updated as advocates call for increased efforts to prevent sexual violence and to better support survivors.   

Other news, views, and happenings in brief:  

Read on for more resources, news and events.    


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New resources


Books, reports and other items 


Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" link to the NZFVC Library online to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.      

New Zealand
New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse,  Issues Paper 5

Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women
by Garth Baker. Auckland, N.Z. : New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, University of Auckland, 2013
Issues Paper 5 - PDF & Word DOC (37 p.)
:  This Issues Paper looks at: reasons, theories and approaches for involving men, strategies for working effectively with men, engaging men, what men can do, and some of the challenges and risks of involving men in preventing violence against women... Read more


Breaking the silence but keeping secrets : what young people want to address sexual violence

prepared by Alex Woodley, Rebecca Davis and Nadine Metzger.  Auckland, N.Z. : Tu Wahine Trust; HELP (Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation), 2013
Report - PDF (61 p.)

Summary: This report, which is part of an overall research project which aims to identify the needs of young people affected by sexual abuse or assault, aims to investigate the psycho-social service needs of young people who have experienced sexual abuse in order to support improvements to services for sexual abuse victims/survivors...Read more

Current thinking on primary prevention of violence against women
Wellington, N.Z. : Ministry of Women's Affairs, 2013
Report - PDF (27 p.)
Summary: The purpose of this paper is to generate discussion about primary prevention of violence and how these approaches can be effectively implemented in New Zealand. Internationally there have been shifts in understandings about violence prevention and a substantial increase in reports, frameworks and activities focused on primary prevention of violence...
Read more

Effectiveness of relationship education programmes in schools for years 7-13 : a rapid literature review
prepared by Judith Ball, Quigley and Watts Ltd. Wellington, N.Z. : Families Commission, 2013
Literature review - PDF (80 p.)
Summary: International evidence reviews have indicated that school-based relationship violence prevention programmes are one of the few strategies with proven evidence for preventing intimate partner violence... Read more

Inquiry into improving child health outcomes and preventing child abuse, with a focus on preconception until three years of age : Volumes 1 & 2
Report of the Health Committee (Dr Paul Hutchison, Chairperson). Wellington, N.Z. : NZ House of Representatives, 2013
Report - PDF (Vol.1 - 126p. Vol.2 - 44 p.)
Summary: The major recommendations of this inquiry ask the Government to put more focus on and investment into the pre-conception period to three years of age, and take a proactive, health-promotion, disease-prevention approach to improving children's outcomes and diminishing child abuse... Read more

Violence Prevention Project for young women clients of Women's Refuge : evaluation report
prepared by Elaine Mossman and Jan Jordan.  [Wellington, N.Z.] : Women's Self Defence Network - Wāhine Toa; National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges, 2013
Report -  PDF (24 p.)
Summary: This report summarises key findings from an independent evaluation of the Violence Prevention Project. This project was a new initiative developed and run by the Women's Self Defence Network - Wāhine Toa  in collaboration with Women's Refuge... Read more

Women and alcohol in Aotearoa/New Zealand | Te waipiro me ngā wāhine i Aotearoa : policy briefing paper
prepared by Alcohol Healthwatch and Women's Health Action. Auckland, N.Z. : Alcohol Healthwatch; Women's Health Action, 2013
Report - PDF (28 p.)
Summary: This research was conducted with the aim of addressing the knowledge gap on women and alcohol and to better inform policy and programme development...
Read more



Engaging men in sexual assault prevention
by Mary Stathopoulos. Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault, Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2013
ACSSA Wrap, no.14  - PDF &  HTML (20 p.)
Summary: The next step in sexual assault prevention is to engage men - both as facilitators and as participants in prevention.  If men are to be engaged in the prevention of sexual assault, there must be a shared understanding of the fact that men have a positive role to play... Read more

A guide for family, friends and care providers of sexual violence survivors who have disabilities
adapted from Pennsylvania Coaltion Against Rape (PCAR). Ms. Foundation Project Team, Nancy Nowell [team leader].[Enola, PA.] : Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR), [2001?]
Resource - PDF (28 p.)
Summary: This guide contains a general overview of sexual violence information, with special information pertaining to victims with disabilities. An excellent resource for significant others of victims and anyone new to the field... Read more

Perpetrator accountability in child protection practice : a resource for child protection workers about engaging and responding to perpetrators of family and domestic violence
developed for the Department for Child Protection by No To Violence Male Family Violence Prevention Association and Red Tree Consulting. Perth, W.A. : Department for Child Protection, 2013
Resource - PDF (93 p.)
Summary: The seriousness and prevalence of family and domestic violence means that child protection workers need safe, ethical ways to minimise risk to children and adult victims exposed to family and domestic violence, as well as to support their wellbeing and long-term recovery. This practice resource provides a range of ideas, information and practice tips to ensure that... Read more

Gender, Equity and Development - World Bank papers prepared for a major report to be published in 2014

Engaging men and boys in advancing women's agency : where we stand and new directions.
by Paul J. Fleming, Gary Barker, Jennifer McCleary-Sills and Matthew Morton. World Bank, 2013
Women's Voice, Agency, & Participation Research Series, 2013, no.1 - PDF (79 p.)
Summary: Despite advances in gender equality, women and girls still face disadvantages and limits on their agency. Men and women are both subject to gender norms that influence their behaviours and these norms can constrain women's agency and can encourage men to adopt behaviours, including sometimes violent behaviours, which further constrain women's agency...  Read more

Intimate partner violence : economic costs and implications for growth and development
by Nata Duvvury, Aoife Callan, Patricia Carney and Srinivas Raghavendra. World Bank, 2013
Women's Voice, Agency, & Participation Research Series, 2013, no.3 -  PDF (96 p.)
Summary: This paper makes a major contribution to the discussion of economic implications of intimate partner violence through its conceptual mapping of the links between IPV and economic growth based on a review of literature on their complex dynamics. It reviews costing methodologies and identifies types of costs... Read more

Journal articles

Family violence and the need for prevention research in First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities
by Neil Andersson and Amy Nahwegahbow. Native Counselling Services of Alberta, 2010
Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health, 2010, 8(2): 9-33
Summary: Considering the need for family violence  prevention research in Canada's indigenous communities, this article outlines five planks in a prevention research platform... Read more

Intimate partner violence victimization and alcohol consumption in women : a systematic review and meta-analysis
by Karen M Devries, Jennifer C Child, Loraine J Bacchus, Joelle Mak, Gail Falder, Kathryn Graham, Charlotte Watts, Lori Heise. Wiley, 2013
Addiction, 2013, online first
Summary: The authors conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies to mid 2013. Studies providing an estimate of association between violence and alcohol consumption or alcohol use disorders were included... Read more
Contact your local library for full text access to this article

The central place of women's support and partner contact in men's behaviour change programs
by Joanne Smith, Cathy Humphreys and Chris Laming.  No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 7-28
Summary: This paper reports on a study of four men's behaviour change programmes (MBCPs) in rural Victoria and the support experienced by the female partners of male participants... Read more

by Rosemary O'Malley. No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 51-71
Summary: There are many examples around Australia of excellent collaborative practice, interagency networks and integrated response. However for those agencies experiencing roadblocks on their path to establishing communication with government or non-government agencies, how to start having conversations that will lead to improved process and outcomes can seem overwhelming... Read more

Desistance processes and practices with formerly abusive men
by David Morran. No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 72-88
Summary: This article focuses on men's long-term journeying towards non-violence through exploring the concept of secondary desistance. The author, from Scotland, draws on his qualitative research... Read more

Men's intervention programmes
by Mike Cagney and Ken McMaster. Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria, 2013
DVRCV Advocate, 2013 Autumn / Winter, Edition 1: 13-17
Summary: After examining the trends in men's behaviour change approaches in New Zealand, the authors argue that integrating education and therapy models is the way to go in practice... Read more

The next step : a resolution approach to dealing with intimate partner violence
by Mike Cagney and Ken McMaster. No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 29-50
Summary: This paper describes the changing nature of interventions with men who use abusive practices within their families, with reference to providing greater voice within the work itself for those who are victimised... Read more

Reduction of family violence in Aboriginal communities : a systematic review of interventions and approaches
by Beverley Shea, Amy Nahwegahbow and Neil Andersson. Native Counselling Services of Alberta, 2010
Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health, 2010, 8(2): 35-60
Summary: The authors conducted a systematic review of interventions intended to prevent family violence in Aboriginal communities... Read more

Shame and denial : engaging mandated men
by Mark Kulkens and Elizabeth Wheeler.  No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 89-108
Summary: The authors describe the concept and practice of working constructively with men's shame and denial in bahaviour change programmes, in ways that might promote change rather than strengthen resistance... Read more

Superman? Really?
by Rodney Vlais. No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 145-154
Summary: The author explores superhero cape analogies to invite aspiring male allies in the struggle to end men's
violence against women, at either the mens' behaviour change programme/response or prevention end... Read more

Vanquishing the violator : men, caring and lessons from ecology
by Paul M. Pulé. No To Violence, 2013
Ending Men's Violence Against Women and Children: The No To Violence Journal, 2013 Spring: 109-125
summary: The author introduces a new vision for ways men might reduce or eliminate their violation of others. The author examines ecology as a science of relationships and gender socialisations... Read more

Sex, health and society : ensuring an integrated response
Editorial - Elsevier, 2013
The Lancet, 2013, 382(9907), online
Summary: This editorial provides an introduction to the publication in this issue of The Lancet of six papers reporting findings from the third UK National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3). These papers aim to provide a platform of evidence for a better informed public debate about sexual health in Britain today... Read more

Lifetime prevalence, associated factors, and circumstances of non-volitional sex in women and men in Britain : findings from the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3)
by Wendy Macdowall et al. Elsevier, 2013
The Lancet, 2013, 382(9907), online
Summary: Sexual violence is increasingly recognised as a public health issue. Information about prevalence,
associated factors, and consequences for health in the population of Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) is
scarce. The third National Survey of Sexual Health Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) is the first of the Natsal surveys to include questions about sexual violence and the first population-based survey in Britain to explore the issue outside the context of crime... Read more

Unearthing new concepts of justice : women sexual violence survivors seeking healing and justice
by Suet-Lin Hung and David Denborough. Dulwich Centre, 2013
International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, 2013, 3: 18-27
Summary: Justice and healing are closely linked. A strong sense of injustice can hinder healing. Where the legal system is seen as the only means for achieving justice, and legal/criminal justice is upheld as the only concept of justice, many survivors of sexual violence are left with few options for healing redress... Read more
Contact your local library for full text access to this article

Unearthed concepts of justice for women who have experienced sexual violence : possibilities for healing and enhancing criminal justice
by Haley Clark. Dulwich Centre, 2013
International Journal of Narrative Therapy & Community Work, 2013, 3: 28-32
Summary: A New Zealand based social worker responds to the issues raised in the article above... Read more
Contact your local library for full text access to this article

In the news


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PSA negotiates special clauses to support workers experiencing family violence - 9 Dec, 2013
The Public Service Association (PSA) is working to include special family...  

Pasefika Proud's The Project showcased on Tangata Pasifika - 9 Dec, 2013
The Ministry of Social Development's Pasefika Proud campaign, which aims to..


Fijian Indian family violence prevention campaign launched in Waitakere - 9 Dec, 2013
A Fijian Indian family violence prevention campaign was launched in Waitakere,...    


Judith Collins announces some changes on giving evidence in sexual offence cases - 9 Dec, 2013
Justice Minister Judith Collins has announced some changes around the giving of...   


Review looks at 'what works' in schools-based relationship education - 4 Dec, 2013
A report released by the Families Commission has reviewed research on schools-...  

Online toolkit shares lessons on teen dating violence prevention - 4 Dec, 2013
Futures without Violence (US) has launched a new online toolkit to assist those...  

Voices against Violence launched by UN Women and Girl Guides - 4 Dec, 2013
Voices against Violence, a non-formal education curriculum on ending violence...  

Select Committee hears submissions on Vulnerable Children Bill - 3 Dec, 2013
Parliament's Social Services Select Committee has begun hearing oral...

Research aims to improve services for young people affected by sexual violence - 28 Nov, 2013
Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation in partnership with Tu Wahine Trust have...  

TV series Womenpower covers domestic violence and the Family Court - 28 Nov, 2013
TV series 'Womenpower' episodes covering domestic violence, and women's...  


Initiatives seek to reduce the online sexual exploitation of children - 26 Nov, 2013
Work and new initiatives to help stop the online sexual exploitation of...   


Imkaan and The Project mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women - 25 Nov, 2013
The Pacific Islands Safety and Prevention Project and Imkaan, a UK-based,...  

New NZFVC Issues Paper: Effectively involving men in preventing violence against women - 25 Nov, 2013
The Clearinghouse has today released Issues Paper 5, Effectively involving men...  

Updated resources for immigrant victims of domestic and sexual violence - 21 Nov, 2013
The US National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women (VAWnet) has...  

White Ribbon Day 2013 - 21 Nov, 2013
White Ribbon Day, the international day when men wear a white ribbon to show...  

Self protection programme helps to "dissipate the fear" - 19 Nov, 2013
A programme providing self defence/protection courses for young women who have...  

Health Committee releases report on improving child health outcomes - 19 Nov, 2013
Parliament's Health Committee has reported on its inquiry into practical health...  

1074 'buddies' seek to generate conversations about protecting children - 12 Nov, 2013
Members of parliament and celebrities are to partner with a mini cardboard...    


Responses to the 'Roast Busters' - 4 Nov, 2013  

Updated to 8 Dec, 2013 

Media reporting on a group of Auckland young men calling themselves the 'Roast...   


Calls for an Aged Care Commissioner to investigate financial elder abuse - 22 Oct, 2013
The New Zealand Aged Care Association and Grey Power are calling for the...    


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Working with Parents' Anger - Workshop

10 - 14 March 2014 *NEW*
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course

24 - 28 March 2014 *NEW*
Child Protection Studies Programme - 5 day course

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No2Bullying Conference
Surfers Paradise, Qld, Australia

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20th International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect
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