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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC, a monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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 You can now register for Children, child maltreatment and intimate partner violence: research, policy and practice, this year's one day conference (Wellington, 5 June) co-hosted by the Families Commission and the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse. Click here for more information 

There will also be a seminar in Auckland on 4 June. 
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News, views, and happenings in brief: 

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New resources


Books, reports and other items 


Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" link to the NZFVC Library online to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.   

New Zealand
Working with perpetrators : a selected bibliography 
Auckland : New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2013
NZFVC selected bibliography, March 2013
Selected bibliography - electronic document (11 p.);
PDF file: 147.37 KB); Word DOC file: 184 KB);
HTML available
Summary: This selected bibliography provides a guide to research literature on working with perpetrators...
Read more

 Community-based domestic violence interventions : a literature review
by Marilize Slabber. Wellington : Psychological Services, Department of Corrections, 2012.
Literature review  - electronic document (26 p.);
PDF file: 458.14 KB
Summary: This literature and research review looked at the status of domestic violence interventions in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United States and New Zealand... Read more

A Comparison of Pacific Island violent youth offenders with Māori and Pālagi violent youth offenders  
by  Apaula Julia Ioane.
Thesis - DClinPsy,  The University of Auckland, 2011.
Summary: Violent offending is disproportionately represented amongst Pacific Island youth offenders. While previous research on Pacific Island youth has focused on gangs and communities, contemporary understanding of this group is limited. The purpose of the study was to explore whether any prevalent risk factors existed among Pacific Island youth offenders who violently offend...
Read more
This thesis is only available from The University of Auckland Library

Courage to help
, March 2013, 22: 2-5
Newsletter article - electronic document; HTML file
Summary: It's Not OK campaigner, Jude Simpson tells how she has turned her experience of abuse into a life mission to prevent others from walking the path she did..
Read more

 A Critical look at intimate partner typologies
by Nayana Islam.
Dissertation - BHSc (Hons.), The University of Auckland, 2012. - vii, 81 p.
Summary:  The aim of this research is to a) review the current research on intimate partner violence typologies and b) to use the Framework for Classification Research to assess this research, to determine to what extent existing literature meets the criteria for good typologies...
Read more

Dancing around the families : a grounded theory of the role of neonatal nurses in child protection
by Tina A. Saltmarsh.
Thesis - MPhil. (Nursing), Albany, Massey University. 2011.
Electronic document (122 p.); PDF file: 782.00 KB
Summary: The Ministry of Health objectives aim to protect the health and safety of children by reducing death rates, injury and disability from abuse. Family Violence is a significant health issue that impacts on children. Health professionals are key in the screening for family violence and assessment for child abuse... Read more 

Difficult conversations : the dynamics surrounding New Zealand women's disclosure of intimate partner violence to family and friends
by Jared Reid Walton.
Thesis - MA (Criminology), Victoria University of Wellington, 2012.
Electronic document (119 p.); PDF file; 765.75 KB
Summary: One in three New Zealand women has experienced Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) at some stage in their lives, with the vast majority of these women disclosing to a family member or friend at some stage during or after the relationship. Therefore, it is important to understand the dynamics... Read more

Men's violence against their wives and partners : the state and women's experience, 1960 - 1984
by  Jacqueline O'Neill.
Thesis - PhD (History), Palmerston North, Massey University, 2012.
Electronic document (415 p.); PDF file: 1.76 MB
Summary: While men's violence against wives and partners is universal and transhistorical, the various terms used to describe it have been, and remain mutable, constructed and contested. This thesis traces how men's violence against wives or partners was once constructed as a private or domestic matter and how and why these constructions have changed over time... Read more 

Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into police conduct : third monitoring report
Wellington :  Office of the Auditor-General, 2010.
Report - electronic document (72 p.); PDF file: 530.19 KB
Summary: In 2007, the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct (the Commission) criticised the historical conduct, including sexual conduct, of some police officers and their associates. The Commission made multiple recommendations for change within the New Zealand Police (the Police)... Read more

Wellbeing@school : building a safe and caring school climate that deters bullying
by Sally Boyd. Wellington : New Zealand Council for Educational Research, 2011.
Overview paper  - electronic document (123 p.);
PDF file: 903.18 KB
Summary: This paper has two main purposes. The first is to provide an overview of the literature to anchor the development of the Wellbeing@School website and tools in up-to-date evidence and practice. The second purpose is to act as a reference document from which content for the website can be developed... Read more






Addressing the gendered dimensions of harassment and bullying: what domestic and sexual violence advocates need to know
by  Nan D. Stein and Kelly A. Mennemeier. Harrisburg, Pa.  National Resource Center on Domestic Violence; Enola, Pa. : National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 2011.
Critical Issue Brief, October 2011
Short paper - electronic document (17 p.);
PDF file: 439.94 KB 
 Summary: This paper first introduces and discusses a recent policy memo from the U.S. Department of Education that clarifies the distinctions between bullying and harassment and the priorities and responsibilities of school districts, and then outlines the differences between sexual harassment and bullying, explores the unintended consequences of ignoring the gendered dimensions of bullying... Read more

Defining the data challenge for family, domestic and sexual violence, Australia 2013 : A conceptual data framework
Canberra, ACT : Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013.
Report  - electronic document (79 p.); 3.16 MB
Summary: It is expected that this publication will contribute to policy development and service delivery planning in Australia by facilitating a common language that accurately and reliably measures statistics in this field... Read more

Risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect
complied by Alister Lamont and Rhys Price-Robertson. Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2013.
CFCA paper, March 2013 
Short paper - electronic document: HTML file
Summary:This paper provides an overview of tehe risk and protective factors for child abuse and neglect... Read more 

The following papers are from the
Domestic Violence Evidence Project series.

Advocacy services for women with abusive partners : a review of the empirical evidence
by Cris M. Sullivan. Harrisburg, Pa. : National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 2012.
Research summary - electronic document (10 p.);
PDF file: 416.89 KB; HTML file available
Summary: Advocacy interventions have received scant evaluation, and the belief in their effectiveness has largely been predicated on anecdotal evidence. The purpose of this review was to systematically locate and review the empirical evidence behind providing advocacy services to survivors of intimate partner violence... Read more

Domestic violence shelter services : a review of the empirical evidence
by Cris M. Sullivan. Harrisburg, Pa. : National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 2012.
Research summary  - electronic document (10 p.);
PDF file: 389.79 KB; HTML file available
Summary: This paper examines the empirical studies of shelter effectiveness in the lives of abused women. This review includes studies of "shelter" in general, and does not address the specific programs offered within shelter (e.g., support groups, children's programs), which are the subject of separate research summaries... Read more

Examining the work of domestic violence programs within a "social and emotional well-being promotion" conceptual framework
by Cris M. Sullivan. Harrisburg, Pa. : National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 2012.
Research summary - electronic document (34 p.);
PDF file: 595.93 KB; HTML file available
Summary: This paper first elucidates how domestic violence negatively impacts survivors' and their children's well-being, and which factors have been shown to restore this well-being over time. It then describes the Theory of Change that is at the foundation of domestic violence programs' work, and details how domestic violence programs creatively engage with survivors and their children to influence the factors known to promote their well-being. It concludes with a review of the empirical evidence examining the extent to which domestic violence programs have been effective in achieving their desired outcomes... Read more

Support groups for women : a review of the empirical evidence
by Cris M. Sullivan. Harrisburg, Pa. : National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, 2012.
Research summary - electronic document (11 p.);
PDF file: 473.90 KB; HTML file available
Summary: While rigorous evaluations of domestic violence support groups have been quite limited, the broader literature on support group efficacy is informative. Taken together, there is a significant body of evidence indicating that peer support groups can alleviate depression and stress, and increase self-esteem, self-efficacy, and psychological well-being...Read more

Journal articles

Links to read the article abstract are provided, as are links to the full article, where possible. Please note that not all full text articles are accessible through the NZFVC library, due to copyright restrictions.


 New Zealand


Community responsibility for freedom from abuse (2006) : the view from 2011  

by Jennifer Hand and Betsan Martin.

Women's Studies Journal, 2011, 22(2): 11-13  

Journal article - electronic document (3 p.);  

PDF file: 208.67 KB 

Summary: The argument of this paper was that responsibility for freeing women, men and society from
abuse, rests primarily with communities supported by institutional and state resources and policies.
We called for a re-balancing of responsibility away from individual women and men... Read more  





The Rate of cyber dating abuse among teens and how it relates to other forms of teen dating violence
by Janine M. Zweig, Meredith Dank, Jennifer Yahner and Pamela Lachman.
Journal of Youth and Adolescence, published online 15 February 2013 
Journal article - abstract available online
Summary: This study examined the extent of cyber dating abuse-abuse via technology and new media-in youth relationships and how it relates to other forms of teen dating violence in the US... Read abstract
Contact your local library for full text access to this article


In the news


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Update on the implementation of the Children's Action Plan 

 - 26 Mar, 2013

The National Children's Director has provided an update on the implementation...

Results from NZFVC user survey - 22 Mar, 2013
Thank you to all who responded to the Clearinghouse User Survey we carried out... 

Changes to the Taskforce for Action on Violence within Families - 22 Mar, 2013
The new Terms of Reference for the Taskforce and its Programme of Action for... 

Children's Commissioner opposes Family Court reforms
- 15 Mar, 2013
Children's Commissioner Russell Wills had added his voice to widespread... 

International Women's Day - calls for action to end violence against women - 7 Mar, 2013
On International Women's Day, the Auckland Coalition for the Safety of Women... 

Select Committee reviews report on policing adult sexual assault - 7 Mar, 2013
Select Committee review has been carried out of Deputy Auditor-General... 

NZ Government commits to action to end violence against women and girls - 7 Mar, 2013
A record 6000 NGO and government delegates are attending the 57th UN Commission... 

Opposition to Family Court reforms at Select Committee hearings - 7 Mar, 2013
Opposition to Family Court reforms has been expressed by judges, family lawyers... 


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Upcoming events 
11 April 2013
Annual Asian Health Forum - Auckland

 11 - 12 April 2013 *UPDATED*

11 - 14 April 2013
NZ Kidpower Instructor Training - Auckland

13 - 14 April 2013 *NEW*
Women Crafting Justice Workshop - Wellsford

15 - 19 April 2013
Child Protection Studies Programme
Training - North Shore, Auckland

22 - 23 April 2013 *NEW*
Introduction to Response Based Practice - Workshop
- Palmerston North

24 April 2013 *NEW* Introduction to Response Based Practice - Workshop - Hastings 

Australasian Youth Justice Conference
Canberra, Australia 

27 - 29 May 2013 
Child Protection Studies Programme
Training - Ellerslie, Auckland 
15 June 2013
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day - International

30 June - 3 July 2013 
He Manawa Whenua - Indigenous Research Conference 2013 -Hamilton

8-9 July 2013 *NEW* Working with Parents' Anger - Training Workshop - Auckland 
17 - 19 July 2013 
Community Work and Family Conference
Sydney, Australia

3 - 4 September 2013
Domestic Violence: Safety First
Training - Auckland

6 - 8 November 2013
National Network of Stopping Violence, Te Kupenga - Annual Hui & AGM - Hamilton - Save the date


19 - 23 October 2014



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