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Issue 11July 2012
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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC, a monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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This month's newsletter is full of news and new reports and articles.


The Government has announced its planned reforms to the Family Court. Violence against women was a concern for the United Nations when New Zealand presented to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women in July. UNICEF NZ produced a briefing paper summarising the common themes from 80 organisations' submissions to the Government's Green Paper for Vulnerable Children. The WHO published a systematic review identifying the prevalence and risk of violence experienced by children with disabilities.


A number of family violence events are being held around New Zealand in the next three months. These include Kia Rangatira te Mahi - Māori best practice hui in Christchurch (August), the White Ribbon Men's Hui in Tairawhiti (September) and the Women's Refuge conference in Blenheim (October). The World Safety conference in Wellington in early October also includes a session on family violence. All these events are listed in the Upcoming events section, with links to more information.


*NEW* indicates events listed for the first time this month. 


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Read on for more new resources, news and events.


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New resources


Books, reports and other items 


Here are some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" links to go to the NZFVC Library to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.



New Zealand


All children thriving, belonging and achieving: what will it take?
by UNICEF New Zealand.
Wellington, N.Z.: UNICEF NZ, 2012.
Summary: This briefing paper summarises the common themes from 80 organisations' recent submissions to the Government's Green Paper for Vulnerable Children ... Read more 


A comparative qualitative analysis of restorative justice within a family violence context in the the Nelson/Tasman area 2011
by Nelson Restorative Justice Service.
Nelson, N.Z.:  Nelson Restorative Justice Service, 2012.
Summary: Nelson Restorative Justice Service has always accepted family violence cases, particularly in the last six years.Over these years...Read more



Facilitating domestic violence programmes: listening to voices from the field
by Dixon, Glenda .
Relationship Services Whakawhanaungatanga 2010.
Summary: In this project a formative evaluation of adult domestic violence programmes provided by Relationship Services Whakawhanaungatanga under the Domestic Violence Act of 1995 was undertaken ... Read more 



Inquests into the deaths of Christopher Arepa Kahui and Cru Omeka Kahui, infants: reserved findings of the Coroner 
by Evans, G.L .
Auckland, N.Z.  Coroners Court, 2012 .
Summary: The Coroner has released his findings into the deaths of twins, Christopher and Cru Kahui. The twins died in Starship Children's Hospital on 18 June 2006 ... Read more



Monitoring report on the implementation of the recommendations from the Independent Panel's Review of the ACC's Sensitive Claims Clinical Pathway: 18 months follow up by Disley, Barbara.
Wellington, N.Z.:   Accident Compensation Corporation, 2012.
Summary: "In April 2010, The Honourable Dr Nick Smith, Minister for ACC, requested an independent review of the introduction of the new Sensitive Claims Clinical Pathway. The follow up report was developed from a range of information sources including ACC, submissions from organisations and individuals, survivors... Read more    



Sixth annual report of the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee: reporting mortality 2010. Second report to the Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand
by New Zealand Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Revew Committee.
Wellington, N.Z.:  Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand, 2012.
Summary: This report presents perinatal and maternal mortality data in New Zealand for 2010. This docuement also reports on progress for the period 2006 - 2009. Routine screening of pregnant women for family violence is included in the recommendations. .. Read more 






Child sexual abuse and subsequent offending and victimisation: a 45 year follow-up study  by Ogloff, James R.P ; Cutajar, Margaret C ; Mann, Emily ; Mullen, Paul E. 

Trends and issues in crime and criminal justice, no. 440, June 2012   

Canberra, A.C.T.:   Australian Institute of Criminology, 2012 .
 Summary: This Australian Institute of Criminology study investigated whether a disproportionate number of child sexual abuse (CSA) victims subsequently perpetrate offences and experience future victimisation compared with people who have not been sexually abused. The sample comprised 2,759 cases of CSA over a 31 year period (1964-1995) ... Read more



Domestic violence and natural disasters

by Sety, Megan.T

hematic review, February 2012, no.3 

Sydney, N.S.W.  Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012.
 Summary: This paper examines the common themes of studies which address issues relating to domestic violence and natural disasters: measuring domestic violence during and after a disaster; understanding what 'causes' the increase in violence after a disaster ... Read more 



Elephant in the room: responding to alcohol misuse and domestic violence
by Braaf, Rochelle.
Issues paper, July 2012, no.24
Sydney, N.S.W.:   Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012.

Summary: This paper explores the association between alcohol misuse and domestic violence and discusses strategies with potential for reducing alcohol misuse and domestic violence, and improving victim safety ...Read more 



Fathers with a history of child sexual abuse: new findings for policy and practice
by Price-Robertson, Rhys.
CFCA Paper no. 6, 2012
Melbourne, N.S.W.:  Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2012.
Summary: The trauma of child sexual abuse can manifest in many areas of victim/survivors' lives, including their attitudes towards parenting and their relationships with their children....Read more 



Safeguarding children: a comparison of England's data with that of Australia, Norway and the United States
by Munro, Emily R ; Manful, Esmeranda.
Research report, DfE RR-198
[London]:  Department for Education 2012 .
Summary: In recent years increasing attention has been given to the value of cross-national research and analysis to illuminate strengths and weaknesses in child welfare systems. International comparisons ... Read more



Supporting women who remain in violent relationships
by Marcus, Gaby .
Thematic review,July 2012, no.5
Sydney, N.S.W.  Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012 .
Summary: "This Thematic Review focuses on five texts that question the value of advocacy which positions women ending abusive relationships as the only valid outcome for this work. Common themes across these texts concern women's choice and agency, risk ... Read more   



Journal articles

Use the links to read the article abstract or the full article if
available. These articles are not held in the NZFVC Library
collection, but may be obtained through your local library.


 New Zealand  


Child maltreatment trends in developed countries: what are the implicatios for New Zealand
by Gulliver, Pauline.
In: SSPA News, May 2012, 1-2
Summary: In December 2011, an on-line publication for The Lancet described trends in child maltreatment across six developed countries (Sweden, England, New Zealand, Western Australia, Manitoba (Canada) and the United States). The paper was an attempt to answer the question "Are trends in child maltreatment decreasing?...Read more 



The cost of child health inequalities in Aotearoa New Zealand: a preliminary scoping study
by Mills, Clair ; Reid, Paparangi ; Vaithianathan, Rhema .
In: BMC Public Health, 2012, 12: 384

This study aimed to develop a preliminary estimate of the economic cost of health inequities between Māori and non-Māori children in New Zealand ... Read more 



Interventions with men who are violent to their partners: strategies for early engagement
by Adams, Peter J.
In: Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 2012, 38(3): 458-470 Summary: Practitioners who view intimate partner violence as a set of strategies aimed at maintaining positions of power and privilege often face an engagement dilemma when men at their first contact talk of themselves as disempowered by circumstances ... Read more



Primary healthcare response to family violence: a Delphi evaluation tool 

by Gear, Claire ; Koziol-McLain, Jane ; Wilson, Denise Lucy ; Rae, N ; Samuel, H ; Clark, Faye P ; McNeill, E. 

In: Quality in Primary Care, 2012, 20(1): 15-30 

Summary: A modified Delphi method was used to modify an existing United States evaluation tool to guide implementation of family violence intervention programmes within New Zealand... Read more 



Standing up for those who are vulnerable
by Abeygoonesekera, Hiranthi .
In: NZ Lawyer, 9 March 2012, 179
Summary: This article considers the implications of the provisions of the Crimes Amendment Act (No.3) 2011 which came into force on 19 March 2012... Read more  



Prevalence and risk of violence against children with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies
by Jones, Lisa ; Bellis, Mark A ; Wood, Sara ; Hughes, Karen ; McCoy, Ellie ; Eckley, Lindsay ; Bates, Geoff ; Mikton, Christopher ; Shakespeare, Tom ; Officer, Alana.
In: The Lancet, 2012, online
Summary: "Children with disabilities are thought to have a substantially greater risk of being victims of violence than are their non-disabled peers. Establishment of reliable estimates of the scale of the problem ... Read more 



Trends in child maltreatment: authors' reply - correspondence
by Gilbert, Ruth ; Fluke, John ; O'Donnell, Melissa ; Gonzalez-Izquierdo, Arturo ; Brownell, Marni ; Gulliver, Pauline ; Janson, Staffan ; Sidebotham, Peter.
In: The Lancet, 2012 (Jun 2), 379(9831): 2049
Summary: The authors respond to correspondence on an article in The Lancet (25 Feb 2012) which cited New Zealand as one of six countries where there has been no clear evidence of a decrease in child maltreatment ...Read more





Dealing with rape in a new political landscape 
by Stern, Vivien.
In: Medico-Legal Jounal, 2012, 80(2): 60-68
Summary: This article discusses court processes for rape trials in the UK. ... Read more  




In the news


 Family Court reforms announced - 2 Aug, 2012
The Government has announced its planned reforms to the Family Court. These...

CEDAW Committee Concluding Observations on New Zealand now available - 31 Jul, 2012
The CEDAW Committee has published Concluding Observations from its recent... 

Comedian convicted for sexual asault, but concerns remain - 27 Jul, 2012
The comedian who sexually assualted his 4 year old daughter has been convicted... 

CEDAW Committee questions and NZ Government answers now available - 27 Jul, 2012
The (unofficial) record of the NZ Government's recent presentation to the UN... 

Scottish Government allocates £34.5m to ending violence against women - 27 Jul, 2012
The Scottish Government ahas allocated 34.5 million over the three years... 

Resources available in Te Reo Māori for family violence prevention - 26 Jul, 2012 
To celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, we have identified some... 

Tainui and Judge discuss ways to prevent children from going into state care - 26 Jul, 2012
District Court Judge Carolyn Henwood says she has met with Tainui to discuss... 

Coroner implies Chris Kahui responsible for twins' death - 25 Jul, 2012
A coroner has found that the brain injuries which caused the Kahui twins'... 

Concerns at comedian child sexual abuse resentencing - 23 Jul, 2012
Rape Prevention Education Whakatu Mauri and the Auckland Coalition for the... 

Violence against women in NZ of concern to UN - 20 Jul, 2012
"Violence against women was a major concern for the UN Committee reviewing the... 

Auckland Council funding now available: West and Central Local Board areas- 19 Jul, 2012
From Auckland Council: "Funding is now available for not-for-profits working in... 

Owen Glenn pledges $80m to prevent family violence, child abuse - 17 Jul, 2012
Owen Glenn today pledged a total of $80 million towards ending child abuse and... 

Second independent monitoring report on ACC sensitive claims released - 17 Jul, 2012
The second independent monitoring report on ACC's progress in implementing a... 

CEDAW Committee reviews gender equity in New Zealand - 17 Jul, 2012
The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination... 

Trial of 'Clare's Law' begins in UK - 16 Jul, 2012
A trial has begun in selected areas of the UK, allowing people to ask police... 

Children with disabilities almost four times more likely to experience violence - 13 Jul, 2012
Children with disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience... 

Auckland Plan targets reduction in family violence - 12 Jul, 2012
The Auckland Plan sets out the strategic direction for Auckland for the next 30... 

UNICEF releases briefing paper on NZ children - 12 Jul, 2012
Released today, UNICEF NZ's briefing paper 'All children thriving, belonging... 


Assistance for NGO workers to obtain a social work qualification - 10 Jul, 2012
Applications are now open for the 2013 NGO Social Work Study Awards. The awards... 

Emily Longley's parents to set up new foundation - 9 Jul, 2012
Emily Longely's parents are setting up a new foundation to raise awareness of... 

Advocates continue to speak out against new Family Court fees- 9 Jul, 2012
Family violence specialists and other concerned groups continue to speak out... 
NZFVC releases Issues Paper on family violence data - 3 Jul, 2012  

Upcoming events 
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 Working together to keep kids safe - One-Day Workshops - Auckland - 11 Jul - 29 Aug 2012  


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