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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC.  A monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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This month we welcome another new member of the team. Pauline Gulliver is our Research Fellow and will be working on issues papers, fact sheets and other research projects. Pauline's contact details are on the website.


Building collaborations to eliminate family violence written by Clare Murphy and Janet Fanslow is our very first Issues Paper. The Paper explores the current state of collaborative work on family violence in New Zealand. It identifies best practice principles and challenges relating to coordinated collaborative initiatives generally and as they relate to family violence specifically. Key messages include that coordinated and collaborative responses result in better outcomes for victims and perpetrators, enhanced processes in and between agencies, improved service delivery and provision and reduce violence.


 The Clearinghouse will publish at least two Issues Papers each year. 


Use the link below to download the Issues Paper or find it on the Resources page on the Clearinghouse website. With their funding uncertain after June 2012, there is also a link to more information about Family Violence Networks in New Zealand on the Resources page. 


Please remember to let us know if you

have published anything that we could include in the collection.



The NZFVC team

@ Tāmaki Innovation Campus
 The University of Auckland



New resources


Books, reports and other items


Here are just some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" links to go to the NZFVC Library to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.  


 Building collaborations to eliminate family violence: facilitators, barriers and good practice
by Murphy, Clare ; Fanslow, Janet L .
Issues Paper 1
Auckland, N.Z.:  New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2012.
Summary: This paper provides a broad perspective on best-practice principles and challenges relating to coordinated collaborative initiatives generally and as they relate to family violence...

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Domestic violence perpetrator programmes: what counts as success
by Westmarland, Nicole.
London:   Respect, 2010.
Summary: This briefing note sets out the key findings from research into what success looks like for key stakeholders in programmes working with perpetrators...
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The enemy within: 4 million reasons to tackle family conflict and family violence
by 4Children. London: 4Children, 2012.
Summary: This research from the UK charity 4Children, reveals the extent of conflict and violence in Britain's families. A survey of parents with children ...

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Evaluation of a community based programme for perpetrators of intimate partner violence
by Hetherington, Sally.
A thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Arts in Psychology at Massey University Albany, 2009.
Summary: Treatment for perpetrators of Intimate partner violence (IPV) is most often provided by community based IPV perpetrator...

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Groupwork with men who batter : what the research literature indicates
by Jeffrey L. Edleson. Harrisburg, Va.: VAWnet, 2012.
Summary: This Applied Research paper provides a brief overview of the history and current practice of groupwork with men who batter...

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Mātiro whakamua: looking over the horizon : interviews with 10 Māori leaders
by Tuuta, Colleen ; Irwin, Kathie ; McLean, Sarah Research report, 11/2
Wellington, N.Z. :   Families Commission, 2011.
Summary:  In this report Colleen Tuuta wrote a chapter based on interviews with a stunning group of Māori leaders. The chapter identified themes...

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New to New Zealand: ethnic communities in Aotearoa : a handbook

5th ed. Hamilton, N.Z.:   Ethnic New Zealand Trust, 2011.
Summary: "This easy-to-use handbook includes information about people who have come from 44 different countries...

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Pets as pawns: the co-existence of animal cruelty and family violence
by Roguski, Michael.
Wellington, N.Z.:   RNZSPCA & NCIWR, 2012.
Summary: This research was commissioned by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in partnership with Women's Refuge. It underlines the strong link between animal cruelty and domestic and family violence in New Zealand ...

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Report of the Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry
by Cummins, Philip ; Scott, Dorothy ; Scales, Bill.
Melbourne, Vic.:  Victoria, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 2012.
Summary: The Government of Victoria (Australia) announced the Protecting Victoria's Vulnerable Children Inquiry on 31 January 2011. The Inquiry was tasked ...

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Special report: the involvement of alcohol consumption in the deaths of children and young people in New Zealand during the years 2005-2007
by New Zealand Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee.; Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand.
Wellington: N.Z.:   Child and Youth Mortality Review Committee, 2011.  

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Te pümautanga o te whānau : Tühoe and South Auckland whānau
by Baker, Kahukore ; Williams, Haromi ; Tuuta, Colleen.
Research report, 4/12
Wellington: N.Z.:   Families Commission, 2012.
Summary: This report draws on the voices of Tühoe and South Auckland whānau, and the hapü, iwi, Māori and community organisations working with whānau, to better understand whānau resilience and strength...

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Violence prevention: the evidence
Geneva, Switz.: World Health Organization, 2009.
Other Title: Series of briefings on violence prevention ; [All-in-one document].
Summary: "This series of seven briefings summarizes the evidence for the effectiveness of the following seven main strategies for preventing interpersonal and ... 

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Whānau taketake Māori: recessions and Māori resilience 
by Baker, Kahukore . Research report, 2/10
Wellington, N.Z.:  Families Commission, 2010 .
Summary: This report promotes an understanding of the impact that recessions have on Māori that can only be understood in the full context of history, cultural values and practices. The report uses examples of resilience...

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Whānau yesterday, today, tomorrow
by Irwin, Kathie ; Davies, Lisa ; Werata, Whetu ; Tuuta, Colleen ; Rokx-Potae, Huhana ; Potae, Sandra ; McCausland, Punohu ; Bassett, Dave.
Research report, 11/1
Wellington, N.Z.:   Families Commission, 2011 .
Summary: This report draws on Māori knowledge, cultural practices and methods to research stories of whānau success. Informed by the integrated nature...



Young people and desistance from crime: perspectives from New Zealand
by Carpenter, Craig.
A thesis submitted to Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master
Summary: This thesis examines the process by which young people stop, or 'desist' from, criminal offending in New Zealand. It does so by presenting insights on ...
* Note on macrons. The software used in this newsletter does not accept macrons for all letters. As an alternative "ü" has been used to indicate the correct Māori spelling. 



Journal articles 


Use the links to read the article abstract or the full article if available. These articles are not held in the NZFVC Library collection, but may be obtained through your local library. 



New Zealand youth that sexually offend: Improving outcomes for Māori rangatahi and their whānau
by Lim, Stacey ; Lambie, Ian ; Cooper, Erana.

Sexual Abuse, 2012, 1-20.

Access abstract online  



Strategies used by rural women to stop, avoid, or excape from intimate partner violence

by Riddell, Thelma ; Ford-Gilboe, Marilyn ; Leipert, Bevery.

 Health Care for Women International, 2009, 30: 134-159. 

Access abstract online



The traitor and the hedonist: the mythology of motherhood in two New Zealand child abuse cases
by Kenix, Linda Jean.
Media International Australia, May 2011, 139: 42-52
Summary: Two recent child abuse cases in New Zealand flooded the local media spotlight and captured the public's attention. In both cases, the mothers were not charged ...

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In the news


Check for latest news


Postpartum depression and domestic violence linked - 30 Mar, 2012

Mothers with postpartum depression are more likely to be in a violent...
Update: Health Select Committee Inquiry. Submissions now close 4 May 2012 - 29 Mar, 2012
Public submissions are now being invited on the Inquiry into preventing child...
Research underlines strong link between animal cruelty and family violence in New Zealand - 28 Mar, 2012
One in three women surveyed in a recent groundbreaking New Zealand study...
"It's not OK" in Hawera - 23 Mar, 2012
Hawera Rape Crisis and the Hawera Rotary Club are running a month-long campaign...
Under development - a primary prevention toolkit for rural communities - 22 Mar, 2012
In Australia the National Rural Women's Coalition (NRWC) is leading the...
Crimes Act strengthened to better protect children, now in force - 20 Mar, 2012
The Crimes Amendment Act (No 3) 2011, which strengthens provisions in the...
Reducing the number of assaults on children among 10 challenges for public service - 19 Mar, 2012
Reducing the number of assaults on children and reducing the rates of total...
Court of Appeal ruling finds woman was sexually violated - 19 Mar, 2012
A recent Court of Appeal decision sets a  precedent for people who...
ACC privacy breach - 13 Mar, 2012
In what may be one of New Zealand's most serious privacy breaches, the ACC sent...
First Issues Paper focuses on building collaborations to eliminate family violence - 12 Mar, 2012
The first Issues Paper published by the New Zealand Family Violence...
'Collins cool on sex crime court reform' - 8 Mar, 2012
Justice Minister Judith Collins is 'cool' on idea of adapting elements of an...
The Age series on domestic violence - 8 Mar, 2012
Victoria's The Age is running a series of articles on domestic violence. Topics...



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