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Issue 6February 2012
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Kia ora and welcome to the latest newsletter from the NZFVC.  A monthly update of resources, news and events for those working to prevent family violence in Aotearoa New Zealand. 


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Tēnā tātou katoa

In February we welcomed our new Manager / Community Lead. Nicola Paton. You will see Nicola out and about at various gatherings. Please introduce yourself and let her know how the Clearinghouse can help you do your work more effectively. Nicola's contact details are on the website.


This month we have focused on adding recent New Zealand research, published in journal articles, to the database. Although you may not be able to read the full article, the links will take you to an informative abstract. Please use the inter-library loan system available from your local library to obtain articles you would like to read.  New reports have been added too.  


Please remember to let us know if you have published anything that we could include in the collection.



The NZFVC team

@ Tāmaki Innovation Campus
 The University of Auckland

New resources


Books, reports and other items


Here are just some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the "read more" links to go to NZFVC Library to read the full summary and request or download the item. Please contact us if any links are broken.  



An evaluation of the "We can keep safe" personal safety programme
by Woodley, Alex ; Metzger, Nadine.
Auckland, N.Z.:  Pointresearch, 2012.

Summary: The "We Can Keep Safe" programme is an early childhood personal safety programme designed and delivered by Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP Foundation. .. Read more



Family violence and Commonwealth laws: improving legal frameworks. Final report
ALRC report 117
Canberra, ACT:   Australian Law Reform Commission, 2011 .
Summary: The report contains 102 recommendations for reform of the legal framework to improve the safety of victims of family violence, including child support and...

Read more 



Family violence risk assessment: review of international research
by Brown, Melanie .
Wellington, N.Z.:   New Zealand Police, 2011 .
Summary: This literature review presents an overview of the international research and best practice literature on family violence risk assessment from over the last ...

Read more 


An interagency guide: working together to keep children and young people safe = Me mutu tā tātou tukino tamariki
by New Zealand Child, Youth and Family
Wellington, N.Z.: Child, Youth and Family, 2011 .
Summary: This guide is a great resource for teachers, health professionals, social service providers, or anyone working with families and children. It helps people recognise when...  

Read more  



Victim compensation and domesic violence: a national overview

by Meyering, Isobelle Barrett.
Stakeholder paper, 8, January 2010, 1-14
Sydney, NSW:   Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2010
.Summary: * The provision of compensation is now seen to represent good practice as part of a broader legal response to domestic violence. Compensation can ...



Journal articles 


Use the links to read the article abstract or the full article if available. These articles are not held in the NZFVC Library collection, but may be obtained through your local library. 


Adverse childhood experiences and adult risk factors for age-related disease: depression, inflammation, and clustering of metabolic risk markers (electronic resource)
by Danese, Andrea ; Moffitt, Terrie E ; Harrington, H ; Milne, B.J ; Polanczyk, G ; Pariante, Carmine M ;

Poulton, Richie ; Caspi, Avshalom.
In: Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 2009, 163(12): 1135-1143

Access abstract online 



Analysis of legal cases for prevention of elder abuse: decisions from New Zealand.
by Diesfeld, K .
In: Journal of Law and Medicine,

2011, 18(4):737-48.  Access abstract online 



Assessment of dynamic risk factors: an independent validation study of the Violence Risk Scale: Sexual Offender Version    

by Beggs, S.M ; Grace, Randolph C .
In: Sexual Abuse, 2010, 22(2):234-51.

Access abstract online



The challenge of providing child health care in the indigenous population of New Zealand
by Buchanan, Leo ; Malcolm, John .
In: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health,

2010, 46(9):471-4.  Access abstract online


Corporal punishment and child maltreatment in New Zealand

by Kelly, Patrick
In: Acta Paediatrica, 2011, 100(1):14-20.



Family violence intervention within an emergency department: achieving change requires multifaceted processes to maximize safety
by Ritchie, Miranda Sally ; Nelson, Katherine ;

Wills, Russell.

In: Journal of Emergency Nursing,

2009, 35(2): 97-104.  Access abstract online



Growing up at Centrepoint: retrospective accounts of childhood spent at an intentional community
by Gibson, Kerry ; Morgan, Mandy ; Woolley, Cheryl ; Powis, Tracey .
In: Journal of Child Sexual Abuse,

2011, 20(4): 413-434.  Access abstract online



A hospital-based child protection programme evaluation instrument: a modified Delphi study
by Wilson, Denise Lucy ; Koziol-McLain, Jane ; Garrett, Nick ; Sharma, Pritika.
In: International Journal for Quality Health Care, 2010, 22(4):283-93.  Access abstract online 


The impact of childhood sexual abuse on psychological distress among women in New Zealand
by Flett, Ross A ; Kazantzis, Nikolaos ; Long, Nigel R ; MacDonald, Carol ; Millar, Michelle ; Clark, Bronwyn ; Edwards, Howard ; Petrik, Alexandra M .
In: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing, 2012, 25(1): 25-32.  Access abstract online



Impact of current and past intimate partner violence on maternal mental health and behaviour at 2 years after childbirth: evidence from the Pacific Islands Families Study

by Gao, Wanzhen ; Paterson, Janis ; Abbott, Max ;

Carter, Sarnia ; Iusitini, Leon ; McDonald-Sundborn, G.

In: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 2010, 44(2):174-82. 

Access absract online  



Injuries and injury prevention among indigenous children and young people
by Berger, Lawrence R ; Wallace, L.J. David ;

Bill, Nancy M .
In: Pediatric Clinics of North America,

2009, 56(6): 1519-37.  Access abstract online  


Legally protecting and compelling veterinarians in issues of animal abuse and domestic violence
by Robertson, I.A.
 In: New Zealand Vetinary Journal,

2010, 58(3):114-20.

Access abstract online  



MAOA, abuse exposure and antisocial behaviour: 30-year longitudinal study
by Fergusson, D.M. (David Murray) ; Boden, Joseph M ; Horwood, Leonard John ; Miller, A.L ; Kennedy, M.A .
In: British Journal of Psychiatry,

2011, 198(6):457-63.  Access abstract online 



Ngā tukitanga mai koka ki tona ira: Māori mothers and child to mother violence
by Ryan, Ripekapaia G ; Wilson, Denise Lucy .
In: Nursing Praxis in New Zealand,

2010, 26(3):25.-35.  Access abstract online 



Physical injuries resulting from intimate partner violence and disclosure to healthcare providers: results from a New Zealand population-based study
by Fanslow, Janet L ; Robinson, Elizabeth.
In: Injury Prevention, 2011, 17(1):37-42.

Access abstract online  



Prospectively ascertained child maltreatment and its association with DSM-IV mental disorders in young adults
by Scott, K.M ; Smith, D.R ; Ellis, P.M .
In: Archives of General Psychiatry,

2010, 67(7):712-9.  Access abstract online 



Protecting victims of domestic violence: [letter]
by Robertson, I.A .
In: New Zealand Medical Journal, 2009, 122(1307.

Access online 



Risk factors for conduct disorder and oppositional/defiant disorder: evidence from a New Zealand birth cohort
by Boden, Joseph M ; Fergusson, D.M. (David Murray) ; Horwood, Leonard John .
In: Journal of the American Acadmy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 2010, 49(11):1125-33.

Access abstract online



"Trauma of rape" discourse: a double-edged template for everyday understandings of the impact of rape?
by Gavey, Nicola ; Schmidt, Johanna .
In: Violence against women, 2011, 17(4):433-56.

Access asbract online



Working sensitively with child sexual abuse survivors: what female child sexual abuse survivors want from health professionals
by McGregor, Kim ; Glover, Marewa ; Gautam, Jeny ; Julich, Shirley Jean .
In: Women & Health, 2010, 50(8):737-55.

Access abstract online

In the news


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New database to record family violence deaths - 23 Feb, 2012 - 16 Feb, 2012

The Family Violence Death Review Committee will set up three panels this year,...

Law Commission considers Alternative Trial ProcessesThe Law Commission is seeking New Zealanders' views on how criminal trials are...  

Australian Law Reform Commission recommends reform to improve the safety for victims of family violence - 13 Feb, 2012
The Australian Government has released the Australian Law Reform Commission's...
Privacy (Information Sharing) Bill referred to select committee - 13 Feb, 2012
The Privacy (Information Sharing) Bill passed its first reading in Parliament...
Police to use new family violence risk assessment tools - 13 Feb, 2012
New Zealand Police has announced that the Ontario Domestic Assault Risk...
Welcome to our new Manager / Community Lead - 9 Feb, 2012
Our new Manager/Community Lead, Nicola Paton, started at the Clearinghouse this...
Cost of child abuse and neglect rival other major public health problems in the US - 2 Feb, 2012
A recent CDC study found the total lifetime estimated financial costs...
Otago Daily Times takes a closer look at Women's Refuge services - 2 Feb, 2012
The Otago Daily Times has published two articles regarding the services...



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