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Kia ora and welcome to newsletter No. 3 from the NZFVC.  The links in this newsletter will take you to the NZFVC website.


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Tēnā tatou katoa

November saw the re-launch of the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse and our new website in Auckland. It was good to see many of you there. Further change is afoot as we are sorry to say farewell to Clearinghouse Manager Jessica Trask, who is moving on. Recruitment for a new Manager is already in progress. 



The NZFVC team

@ Tāmaki Innovation Campus
 The University of Auckland

New resources
Here are just some of the books, reports, and other resources added to the NZFVC library this month. Use the More information links to read more about an item, and to get it from the library or online. Please contact us if any links are broken.  


 All babies count: prevention and protection for vulnerable babies
by Cuthbert, Chris ; Rayns, Gwynne ; Stanley, Kate. [London]: NSPCC [2011].
Summary: This report shows that over 198,000 babies in the United Kingdom (one in four) are at high risk because they are born into homes with domestic violence, mental health problems, or drink and drug dependency... More information


Briefing paper: the community sexual violence sector in the Auckland region
[Auckland: Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP, and others], 2011.
Summary: This paper provides a summary of information about sexual violence in Aotearoa New Zealand and Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland),including patterns of victimisation and perpetration, the common impacts of sexual violence, its costs and its potential prevention. [Pgs 1-10]... More information


The damage done
by MacCormick, Graeme. North & South, December 2011,c 86-92.
Summary: Former Family Court judge and human rights commissioner, Graeme MacCormick puts the case for universal monitoring of every baby born in New Zealand and for intervening where necessary before a child turns three... More information


Different types of intimate partner violence: an exploration of the literature

by Wangmann, Jane. Sydney, NSW: Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearinghouse.
Issues paper, 22, October 2011, 1-26.
This Issues Paper examines the growing body of research on typologies of intimate partner violence, their potential for informing about perpetrators and abuse, and differences between key theorists...
More information

 Family Court review: a selected bibliography
Auckland, N.Z.: New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, 2011.
Summary: The New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has compiled this selected bibliography to assist those wishing to make submissions on the Family Court Review. Submissions close 29 February 2012... More information


Family violence best practice principles [developed by the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia]

Family Court of Australia, July 2011.
Summary: The Family Violence Best Practice Principles were originally developed to provide judicial officers hearing parenting disputes in the Family Court, with practical guidance in dealing with matters where family violence was alleged... More information


Financial abuse of older people in New Zealand: a working paper
by Davey, Judith A ; McKendry, Jayne .
November 2011.
Summary: This working paper undertaken by Age Concern and the Victoria University's Policy Studies Institute reviews financial abuse of older people in New Zealand. More information


Five years on: a global update on violence against children

NGO Advisory Council for Follow-up to the UN Study on Violence against Children, October 2011.

Summary: This report summarizes the state of violence against children in the five years since the release of the UN Secretary-General's Study on Violence Against Children... More information


Hospital responsiveness to family violence : 84 month follow-up evaluation

by Koziol-McLain, Jane ; Garrett, Nick ; Gear, Claire. Auckland, N.Z.: Interdisciplinary Trauma Research Unit, Auckland University of Technology, 2011.
Summary: Key Findings of the 84 month evaluation are: *89% of Hospitals have achieved their target score (>70) in both child abuse and neglect and partner abuse programs... More information


Innovation in the public service social marketing can foster better parenting skills and address family violence

by Surgenor, Gael. Auckland, N.Z.: New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship 2011.
In: How communities heal / by Vivian Hutchinson and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, 2011, Chapter 8
Summary: How communities heal tells the unique stories of a group of New Zealand social entrepreneurs, and their work to create systemic and sustainable solutions to New Zealand's social challenges...
More information


Interagency collaboration: Part A: What is it, what does it look like, when is it needed and what supports it?

by McDonald, Myfanwy ; Rosier, Kate.
Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2011.
In: Australian Family Relationships Briefing, no.21 A - 2011
This is Part A of a two-part briefing paper on interagency collaboration released by the Australian Family Relationships Clearinghouse. Part A looks at what collaboration is...More information


Interagency collaboration: Part B: Does collaboration benefit children and families? Exploring the evidence

by McDonald, Myfanwy ; Rosier, Kate .
Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Institute of Family Studies, 2011.  
In: Australian Family Relationships Briefing, no.21 B - 2011

Summary: Part B investigates the evidence regarding the relationship between collaboration and improved outcomes for children and families...More information


National plan to reduce violence against women and their children: including the first three-year Action Plan

[Australia, February 2011].
Other title: National plan to reduce violence against women and their children 2010-2022.

Summary: The Australian Minister for the Status of Women, the Hon Kate Ellis MP, and the Attorney-General, the Hon Robert McClelland MP, announced the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010-2022 on 15 February 2011... More information


New Zealand Human Rights Commission's report to the Committee on the Elimination ofDiscrimination Against Women (CEDAW): pre-session for the 52nd session, 24 October 2011

by McGregor, Judy.; New Zealand Human Rights Commission. Wellington, N.Z.: New Zealand Human Rights Commission, 2011.
Summary: New Zealand has made consistent progress in eliminating discrimination against women and in progressing equality across a broad range of civil, political, economic, social and cultural indicators...
More information


On her way: primary prevention of violence against immigrant and refugee women in Australia

by Poljski, Carolyn ; Murdolo, Adele. Collingwood, Vic.: Multicultural Centre for Women's Health, September 2011.
Summary: This report provides an overview of the various groups of immigrant and refugee women in Australia that should be considered in violence prevention efforts, the nature of violence perpetrated against these women... More information


Police statistics on homicide victims in New Zealand for the period 2007 to 2008: a summary of statistics about victims of murder, manslaughter, and infanticide

by New Zealand Police. [Wellington, N.Z.: Police National Headquarters, April 2011.
Summary: This report is released coincident with calendar year Official Statistics for recorded crime in New Zealand. Official Statistics for recorded crime count the number of recorded and resolved offences as well as the number of apprehensions of offenders for the resolved offences... More information


Responding to women's experiences of sexual assault in institutional and care settings

by Clark, Haley. In: ACSSA Wrap, 2011, 10: 1-19
Summary: This article published by ACSSA (Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault) outlines key issues in institutional and care settings with identifying and responding to women's recent and past experiences of sexual assault... More information


Review of the Te Rito Phase II Collaborative Community Family Violence Prevention Fund
Version 2. [Wellington;, N.Z.] : Family and Community Services, April 2009.
Summary: The Ministry of Social Development has released the 2009 review of the Te Rito Collaborative Fund, which funds local networks to organise family violence work in communities around Aotearoa New Zealand... More information

Safeguarding and child protection for nurses, midwives and health visitors: a practical guide

by Powell, Catherine. Maidenhead: Open University Press, 2011.
Summary: This book covers the broad topic of safeguarding children: from prevention and early help through to statutory intervention and serious case review... More information


Where men stand : men's roles in ending violence against women 
by Flood, Michael. Sydney, NSW: White Ribbon Foundation, 2010.
Summary: This report describes how many men use violence against women, what men think about violence against women, and what role men can and do play in reducing and preventing this violence...
More information

Journal articles 

 Use the links to read the article summary. These articles are not held in the NZFVC Library collection, but may be obtained through your local library. 



 II. Building men's commitment to preventing sexual violence against women
by Flood,  Michael.
In: Feminism & Psychology, 2011, 21(2): 262-267
Access abstract online




 Campaigns targeting perpetrators of intimate partner violence
by Cismaru, Magdalena ; Lavack, Anne M.
In: Trauma, Violence and Abuse (October 2011), 12(4):183-197
Access abstract online




 If the noise coming from next door were loud music, you'd do something about it: using mass media campaigns encouraging bystander intervention to stop partner violence
by Cismaru, Magdalena ; Jensen, Gitte ;
Lavack, Anne M .
In: Journal of Advertising (2010, Special Issue), 39(4): 69-82
Access abstract online



Involving men in efforts to end violence against women
by Flood, Michael .
In: Men and Masculinities, 2011, 14(3): 358-377
Access abstract online



Sticks, stones, or words? Counting the prevalence of different types of intimate partner violence reported by New Zealand women 
by Fanslow, Janet L ; Robinson, Elizabeth .
In: Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma, 2011, 20(7): 741-759
Access abstract online




A whole of government strategy for family violence reform
by Ross, Stuart ; Frere, Marion ; Healey, Lucy ; Humphreys, Cathy.
In: Australian Journal of Public Administration (2011), 70(2): 131 - 142
Access abstract online


In the news


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Documentary: Private Violence: Anything but Private - 25 Nov, 2011

'Private Violence:  Anything but Private' is a free feature-length...
Michael Flood and Celia Lashlie: Boys to Men - 25 Nov, 2011
Dr Michael Flood of Woolongong University and Celia Lashlie have been...


NZFVC in East Bays Courier - 25 Nov, 2011
Dr Janet Fanslow, Co Director of the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse...


White Ribbon Policy Research Series - 25 Nov, 2011
The Australian White Ribbon Campaign has produced a Policy Research Series,...


Gender Debate Surrounds White Ribbon Day - 25 Nov, 2011
Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First wrote a opinion piece in the...


Time to Work Together to Stop Child Abuse: Children's Commissioner - 23 Nov, 2011
Dr Russell Wills, current Children's Commissioner has appeared on TV One's...


Amnesty to Launch 16 Days of Activism With Soloman Islands Focus - 22 Nov, 2011
Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the Solomon Islands and a human...
Violence Against Children Key Issue for Paediatric Society of New Zealand - 22 Nov, 2011
Violence against children is a key issue at the AGM of the Paediatric Society...
Awhi Whānau Launches in West Auckland - 22 Nov, 2011
New initiatives aimed at preventing family violence amongst Māori whānau were...
Child Youth and Family and Police Co-locate in Whakatane - 21 Nov, 2011
The co-location of Child Youth and Family and the Eastern Bay of Plenty Police...
Courts Don't See Less Family Violence: Principal Family Court Judge - 18 Nov, 2011
Principal Family Violence Court Judge has challenged Police statistics showing...
Tauawhi Men's Centre hosts Family Violence Accreditation Training - 18 Nov, 2011
Over two dozen of Tairawhiti's qualified support staff attended recent...
Women's Refuge Summit: Summary - 8 Nov, 2011
On the 28th of September 2011, Women's Refuge held a State of the Nation...



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