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 Million Tree Project

The Million Tree Project is a partner proposal in the struggle to defend the actual forest and the life that it protects.  This project is a positive partner activity in which all can participate.  Simple calculations have suggested 300,000 trees have been planted and the people continue to be energized to plant more.  More than 2,000,000 cacao plants seeded over these last 6 years are today producing quality cacao and creating more forest in Anapu. Men, women and children locally, nationally and internationally participate in this effort and struggle.  
Thank you for your interest, presence and support in our lives.

Sr. Jane and Sr. Katia

The Spirit Blows Again

"In Laudato si'", Pope Francis calls our attention to the commitment to the care of the earth, the poor and the outcast.  In reference to St. Francis, "He shows us just how inseparable the bond is between concern for nature, justice for the poor, and commitment to society and interior peace."  How can we not think of Sr. Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN and her life commitment to the people and needs in Anapu Brazil and the world.

Each year on February 12, we remember Sr. Dorothy Stang, not for the day that she died, but for the life she lived -  a life that gave grace, hope and a future to all of us.  For the farmers in Anapu Brazil, Sr. Dorothy Stang gave truth, presence, and encouragement in their quest to embrace the earth for fruitfulness and life for families and community.  

She learned and they learned that this reality was and is difficult even unto death.  Today Sr. Dorothy lives among us as Saint and Sister.  St. Francis, we know as the Saint of the environment.  Named the Angel of the Amazon, Sr. Dorothy lived in Anapu and ministered for the livelihood of the farmers and the life of the forest.  Each year, the people recall Sr. Dorothy's life in the Romaria (Pilgrimage).


In Anapu, Para, Brazil, on July 25, community members will assemble. They will come from villages around Anapu.  Farmers, friends and collaborators of the Land Pastoral from all over Brazil will gather and prepare for Romaria (pilgrimage).  The pilgrimage of 34 miles is from Anapu to Esperanca (Hope) to the Project of Sustainable Development (PDS).  This is a collective way for small farmers to use the land and the forest without destroying it.

During these three days of pilgrimage, 50-250 pilgrims pray, celebrate, learn and commit to sustainability in the name of Sr. Dorothy Stang, SNDdeN.  Together we can pray with and support the farmers and community members and our sisters in this sustainability effort.


With a grateful heart,

Sister Leonore Coan 
Director of Mission Suppor