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What do you do when you need a wheelchair and don't have one?  You take a plastic chair, two bicycle wheels and some type of frame.  You then figure out some way to assemble them......Voila!!

You use what you have.  The Sisters of Notre Dame, in collaboration with IMEC, have a plan...
More to come.

"Happy BIRTHday"
Happy BIRTHday!  This one phrase gives you one memory in this child's life.  This child's parent has a possibility of a life time of memories because he has a BIRTHday.  

The Sisters of Notre Dame are grateful to you for his BIRTHday . 
With your support, and our partnering with IMEC (International Medical Equipment Collaborative), we are able to provide a happy BIRTHday for mothers and babies in Notre Dame clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Peru with Safe Start Birthing Kits.  
No one can take your joy from you 
John 16;23
Thank you

Did you ever think that a fetal monitor and stethoscope would make such a difference in a life?  It does. With your generosity and matching gifts, you have made it possible for Mom and baby to experience the joy promised in new life (John 16; 20-23).  These are two of the items included in the Safe Start Birthing Kits that make a happy BIRTHday possible.  


With a grateful heart,

Sister Leonore Coan 
Director of Mission Support