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* Education (schools, 
  community education)

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* Care of the Environment

* Exploitation of
  marginalized especially
  women and children

* Immigration

Sisters Elect New Leadership

Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 17 countries across five continents recently elected new leadership. Sister Teresita Weind from USA was elected for a second term, as was Sister Liliane Sweko from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are joined by Sisters Patricia O'Brien from Britain, Masheti Wangoyi from Kenya and Maureen White from USA.

For the next six years these Sisters will encourage, animate and foster the mission of the entire Congregation "to stand with people made poor in a world marked by increasing divisions and inequalities." (17th General Chapter)

Emerging priorities for our life in mission include collaboration, internationality, care of creation, sharing of resources, vocation development, role of women in Church and society, spirituality and theological renewal.

Shaping Future Directions

Sisters from all over returned to their respective homes profoundly affected by the experience of this meeting. Energized to implement actions for justice, the Sisters share with others the hopes, the dreams, the realities and expectations of our shared vision. We pray with one another that we continue to make real in our day, as St. Julie Billiart did in hers, that God is indeed good.

Your support of our endeavors is essential. We value your presence. 


With a grateful heart,
Sister Leonore Coan 
Director of Mission Support