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January 2013

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Creative Collaboration
In the Hands of Children
Making a World of Difference
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Celebrating Creative Collaboration
A Congolese Sister in a sea of students -- all rejoice at the prospect of having clean water to drink.

A vast network of schools and missions in 17 countries on five continents allows the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to build cross-cultural understanding among school children.  Encouraging solidarity, fostering compassion and advancing global connections are hallmarks of schools operated by Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.
"Kindness and compassion are learned responses," says Sr. Leonore Coan, Director of Mission Support. "Our educational mandate is rooted in weaving these two strands of God's love together and working for social justice." 

A 10-cent Miracle...
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One tiny Procter & Gamble water purifier packet holds the gift of life for people without access to clean water. That's why the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur purchase the packets at a discount from P&G and serve as distributors of the product in impoverished regions of Africa.

10 cents buys one packet that purifies 2 1/2 gallons of contaminated water

$1.00 buys ten packets that purifies 25 gallons of contaminated water

Our Sisters are trusted members of impoverished communities across the globe. Who better to teach the people how to use this water purifier product safely? That's why P&G approached the Sisters about a partnership. When good people work together, good things happen.


In the Hands of Children
Summit Country Day School students in Cincinnati, Ohio,  display a jug of water before it has been treated (left) with a P&G water packet and after it has been purified. In 2012, Summit students raised the astonishing sum of $19,800 to purchase water purification packets. 
  Students at Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur schools in the U.S. and other developed nations are learning about the global water crisis. They are saving their dimes, dollars and other coins during Lent to purchase P&G water purification packets. The packets will then be used to purify water in schools operated by the Sisters in developing countries. To begin your own journey of prayer, fasting and alms-giving during Lent, visit the Sisters' unique web page, which presents a contemporary twist to this beautiful ancient tradition.

Making a World of Difference
Students at Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur schools in Africa purify buckets of contaminated water with P&G packets. Drinking purified water protects the children from contracting such deadly diseases as diarrhea and cholera. The purifier packets also save children from having to forage for firewood every morning in order to boil away contaminants from the water they collect at rivers and streams. Less time tending to survival tasks means more time dedicated to studies and brighter futures.