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AnnouncementSeptember 26, 2016

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), National Organic Program (NOP), is pleased to announce the posting of an updated agenda and other related meeting materials for the fall 2016 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting to be held in St. Louis, Missouri, November 16 - 18, 2016. The public is invited to provide comments that address specific topics noted on the meeting agenda.

 Meeting Proposals & Discussion Documents
An updated agenda and other materials related to the fall 2016 NOSB meeting, specifically proposals and discussion documents, have been posted on the Fall 2016 NOSB Meeting Webpage.
The NOSB is an advisory committee established by the Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 and administered through AMS. The NOSB recommends whether substances should be allowed or prohibited in organic production, handling, and processing, and advises the Secretary of Agriculture on other aspects of the organic regulations.

Twice a year, the NOSB convenes to discuss specific items pertaining to organic agriculture, and vote on recommendations for the USDA's consideration. The NOSB meetings also provide a public forum for the organic community to comment on issues concerning organic production, handling and processing. The public is invited to provide verbal comments during either the meeting or a webinar held prior to the meeting. Following the publication of the Federal Register Notice that announced the meeting, written comments that address specific topics noted on the meeting agenda are also accepted in advance of the meeting.
The fall 2016 NOSB meeting will be held November 16 - 18, 2016 in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to receiving public comment at the face-to-face meeting, the NOSB will listen to oral public comments via a webinar on November 3, 2016. The Fall 2016 NOSB Meeting Webpage contains information about how to provide written and oral comments.

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