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AnnouncementAugust 24, 2016

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP) has published an update to the NOP Handbook. We are also pleased to highlight recent market trends for organic grains and to announce expanded organic reporting from AMS Market News.
NOP Handbook Update: Revised Instruction on Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp
The National Organic Program (NOP) has published an update to an NOP Handbook Instruction document.  
NOP 2040: Organic Certification of Industrial Hemp Production. This instruction applies to all NOP-accredited certifying agents, and replaces the version of NOP 2040 issued in February 2016. The document clarifies U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) policy regarding the organic certification of industrial hemp production by USDA-accredited certifying agents.

View all NOP guidance, instructions and policies:  
NOP Handbook
AMS Highlights Market Trends in
Organic Grains
The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) Livestock, Poultry, and Grain (LPG) Market News recently published the National Organic Grain and Feedstuffs report. Published bi-weekly, this report provides organic price information at the farm gate and on a delivered elevator basis. The report also highlights the market's spot trade and forward contract activity.
For more information on market trends for organic grains, view the National Organic Grain and Feedstuffs Bi-weekly report.
Market News and You!
USDA Market News is expanding its organic reporting and would like to work with certified organic livestock, poultry, egg, dairy, cotton, grain, and corresponding handling operations to develop new organic reports.
Every day, our reporters contact industry stakeholders at all levels of the supply chain to collect market information. We examine and interpret the data, then report prices, volumes, and market trends on hundreds of agricultural commodities. USDA Market News provides unbiased market information to the industry gathered from individuals, like you.
Over the next year, we will be reaching out to ask you to participate by sharing information about your business. We assure you that we respect your confidentiality. We welcome your assistance and ask that you join us in bringing valuable market information pertinent to your business back home to you.
If you are interested in becoming a confidential Market News contact, please call Randy Hammerstrom at (970) 353-9750 or email
About the Agricultural Marketing Service
USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) facilitates the competitive and efficient marketing of agricultural products. Through its National Organic Program, AMS facilitates trade and ensures the integrity of organic agricultural products by consistently implementing organic standards and enforcing compliance with the regulations throughout the world.
To learn more, view Frequently Accessed Information at:
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