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AnnouncementJanuary 7, 2016

Happy New Year!!

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP) is proud of the accomplishments made on behalf of the organic community last year, and we are excited to look ahead toward the work we will achieve in 2016 to protect the integrity of USDA organic products.

We are pleased to share new resources highlighted in two recent blog posts. We also want to announce the National Institute of Food and Agriculture's (NIFA) plans to post the Organic Transitions Request for Applications.
USDA Blog Highlights Release of More Organic Sound & Sensible Resources
Simplifying the process of learning organic regulations, making it easier to transition conventional operations to organic production, and understanding how to complete the application for organic certification are key steps in removing roadblocks to organic certification. In a USDA blog published today, Deputy Administrator Miles McEvoy introduces new information products AMS-NOP is making available through its Sound and Sensible projects to support these efforts.
To learn more, access the blog: Understanding Rules, Certification, and Inspections.
AMS Shares the Top Five Lessons Learned from the USDA Farmers Market at Night
Last month, the USDA Farmers Market Assistant Manager published a blog post on the Top Five Lessons Learned from the first ever USDA Farmers Market at Night. Intended to help farmers market managers across the country create new opportunities for local farmers and food entrepreneurs, the blog post summarizes the top five lessons learned that could be helpful to farmers market managers starting a new market or looking to expand a market.
USDA Blog: Five Lessons Learned from USDA's Farmers Market at Night. 
NIFA Plans to Post FY 2016 Organic Transitions RFA
USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) plans to post the FY 2016 Organic Transitions Request for Applications (RFA) on Thursday, January 7, 2016. The anticipated amount available for grants in FY 2016 is approximately $3,800,000.
For more information, visit:  or
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