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AnnouncementOctober 28, 2015

The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has posted a National Organic Program (NOP) Compliance & Enforcement/ Appeals Summary report to its website. We also highlight a new Sound & Sensible Initiative blog post.
AMS Releases Report on FY15 NOP Compliance & Enforcement Actions
AMS has posted a new NOP Compliance & Enforcement/ Appeals Summary report to its website. The new report outlines NOP's compliance, enforcement and appeals activities for FY2015. The data highlights the number of incoming and completed complaints; the initial actions taken; and case dispositions, including settlements made and penalties levied. The report also summarizes select administrative proceedings. Future NOP Compliance & Enforcement/Appeals Reports will be published quarterly.
In addition, NOP updated its fact sheet about the complaint process this week, to describe how NOP reviews and investigates complaints. The fact sheet is available online at: How to File a Complaint.
AMS-NOP Streamlines Organic Certification
The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has set strategic goals to increase the number of certified organic operations. We do this by collaborating with many partners across the country and around the globe to make organic certification more accessible, attainable, and affordable. In 2014, the AMS National Organic Program (NOP) launched the Sound & Sensible initiative. As part of this initiative, AMS-NOP and its partner organizations have developed an array of tools and resources to help simplify and streamline organic certification and compliance for farmers and businesses.
Read more about the projects, the resulting resources, and what you can expect to see from AMS-NOP in the coming months: Sound and Sensible Initiative Projects Simplify Organic Certification.
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