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AnnouncementDecember 16, 2014



 The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is pleased to announce the release of the proposed rule to extend the organic assessments exemption, a new crop protection program, and a webinar of interest to the organic community. 

AMS Organic Assessment Exemption Proposed Rule

Today, AMS published a proposed rule to extend the exemption from assessments for commodity promotion activities to producers, handlers, marketers, or importers of certified "organic" and "100 percent organic" products. The exemption would also be extended to entities regardless of whether they also deal with non-organic products. Currently, the exemption only applies to entities that solely produce, handle, market or import products that are certified "100 percent organic". 

New Risk Management Tools

On December 12, 2014, Secretary Vilsack announced new risk management tools from the Non-insured Crops Disaster Assistance Program. The new tools provide protections for crops traditionally ineligible for federal crop insurance, such as fruit, vegetable and other specialty crops. Producers will have until January 14, 2015 to choose expanded coverage through the Non-insured Crops Disaster Assistance Program.  Visit the link below to find out more about the program. Suggestions and recommendations on the program can be submitted until February 13, 2015 at the link below.   


Learn More: NAP Assistance or Submit Public Comments 


Reminder: December 18 AMS Webinar:
Using Fruit and Vegetable Market News

Join the AMS Fruit and Vegetable program for a series of free, interactive webinars that provide practical information about how to buy, receive, and handle bulk fresh and fresh cut produce safely and efficiently. On December 18, 2014, AMS will present the webinar How to Use Fruit and Vegetable Market News. Registration is required and space is limited.


Register: How to Use Fruit and Vegetable Market News  


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USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) facilitates the competitive and efficient marketing of agricultural products. Through its National Organic Program, AMS facilitates trade and ensures the integrity of organic agricultural products by consistently implementing organic standards and enforcing compliance with the regulations throughout the world. Learn more.

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