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AnnouncementJune 9, 2014


The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is pleased to share two National Organic Program (NOP) policy memos, and an opportunity to participate in a soil testing project.


Synthetic Algicides, Disinfectants, and Sanitizers


This NOP Policy Memo serves as clarification to all certifying agents and material evaluation programs about the status of algicides, sanitizers, and disinfectants allowed in organic crop production.   During the next review and approval cycle, certifiers must ensure that all crop input products used by organic crop producers comply with the memorandum.


NOP PM 13-3 Synthetic Algicides, Disinfectants, and Sanitizers Allowed in Organic Crop Production


Electrolyzed Water


This NOP Policy Memo clarifies whether electrolyzed water is allowed as a sanitizer and antimicrobial agent for the production and handling of organic products. An active ingredient in electrolyzed water is a synthetic substance that is not included on the National List. Certifiers and materials evaluation programs may need to take steps to ensure that electrolyzed water is not used in organic production or processing.


NOP PM 14-3 Electrolyzed Water


National Soil Project


Healthy, productive soils are a treasured resource. The National Soil Project (NSP) at Northeastern University is collaborating with The Organic Center to examine some of the benefits organic agriculture may have on soil health. If you own an organic farm in the United States, please consider sending a soil sample to the NSP. All it takes is a two-ounce, air dried sample of top soil, and postage can be reimbursed!


Results will be published and shared with soil donors on request.


Learn more at the Northeastern University National Soil Project website


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