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AnnouncementApril 30, 2014


The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is pleased to announce final guidance for products in the "Made with Organic ***" labeling category, an upcoming contract opportunity, and a new USDA certification program for small-scale beef farmers.

Final Guidance: "Made With Organic ***" 

This final guidance describes the requirements for products in the "Made with Organic (specified ingredients or food group(s))" labeling category. Specifically, it clarifies the following aspects of products in this category:

  • Composition.
  • Compliant organic labeling claims.
  • Organic and non-organic forms of the same ingredient.
  • Percentage of organic ingredients statements.
  • Ingredients or food groups in the "made with organic ***" claim.

This guidance implements National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) recommendations, answers certifier questions on this topic, and aligns "Made with Organic ***" products with consumer expectations. 


NOP 5032: Products in the "Made with Organic ***" Labeling Category  


Response to Comments 


"Made with Organic ***" Labeling Examples  


Upcoming Contract Opportunity!

AMS and the NOP have set aside funds this year to support projects that develop sound and sensible organic certification models, training, and outreach. These projects will support consumer confidence that organic products meet defined standards from farm to market, while also making sure that certification is accessible, attainable, and affordable, particularly for small and beginning farmers. 


An announcement about this opportunity is online at the link below. We encourage certifiers and other organizations to form teams to respond to the final solicitation once it is posted. To find other potential project team members, sign up as an "Interested Vendor" at the link below. 


View Draft Performance Work Statement

New USDA Program for Small-Scale Beef Producers

AMS is pleased to announce a new verification program tailored to meet the needs of small-scale livestock producers and the growing grass-fed beef industry. It allows small and very small-scale producers to certify that their animals meet the requirements of the grass-fed marketing claim standard. Read more in this blog post by Craig Morris, the Deputy Administrator for the AMS Livestock, Poultry, and Seed Program.  


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USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) facilitates the competitive and efficient marketing of agricultural products. Through its National Organic Program, AMS facilitates trade and ensures the integrity of organic agricultural products by consistently implementing organic standards and enforcing compliance with the regulations throughout the world. Learn more.

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