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AnnouncementMay 28, 2013

The National Organic Program (NOP) is pleased to announce changes to the crops and processing sections of the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances.

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Changes: Allowed + Prohibited Substances

After reviewing public comments, the NOP has implemented changes to the following substances:

  • Potassium hydroxide
    Allowed for peeling any processed peaches, rather than limited to peaches that are Individually Quick Frozen. Effective 5/29/2013
  • Silicon dioxide
    Prohibited except (1) if used as a defoamer or (2) if organic rice hulls are not commercially available in the appropriate form, quality or quantity to replace its use. Effective 11/3/2013, with all products in compliance by 11/3/2014
  • Beta-carotene extract color
    Allowed from algae sources if organic beta-carotene is not commercially available.
    Effective 5/29/2013
  • Annatto extract color
    Allowed from organic annatto sources only.
    Effective 11/3/2013, with all products in compliance by 11/3/2014
  • Peracetic acid
    Continues current allowance. In addition, hydrogen peroxide products that contain small amounts of peracetic acid will continue to be allowed when products are relabeled to comply with new EPA requirements.
    Effective 5/29/2013

These changes implement recommendations from the National Organic Standards Board, a citizen advisory board appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture.

View Final Rule

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