The application deadline for the Office if Family Assistance (OFA) Fiscal Year 2015 Healthy Marriage and Responsible Fatherhood funding opportunities is fast approaching. Applications are due July 7, 2015. Visit to learn more.

Is your organization or program planning to apply? 


The Center for Urban Families' (CFUF) Practitioners Leadership Institute (PLI) can help you design and implement a performance based Responsible Fatherhood or Healthy Marriage program - in line with the federal grant guidlines. 


Are you looking for a Responsible Fatherhood or Healthy Marriage curriculum?  

With over 15 years of in-the-field experience, CFUF has a reputation for developing quality customized training to meet the needs of individual organizations and programs working with Boys and Men of Color. 


The D.A.D. M.A.P.: Developing All Dads for Manhood And Parenting

This 16-week curriculum is designed to deliver services through a comprehensive four part cohort model, that covers topics such as Parenting, Domestic violence/conflict resolution, Child Support 101, employment readiness, and finance management.  The curriculum includes activites, materials, objectives, and suggested scripts for each session making it an easy adopt for any program. 

The DAD MAP was created and evaluated in partnership with Columbia University's School of Social Work, Responsible Fatherhood field-experts, and the Center for Urban Families.  Learn more here.

The Blueprint

This 12-week curriculum is designed to provide relationship education to low-income, never-married, minority parents. The curriculum walks the facilitator through teaching skills such as communication, finance management, and navigating a co-parenting relationship.

Currently in use by two OFA grantees, The Blueprint provides a model of success for any new healthy relationship program. Learn more here.

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For more information on our D.A.D. M.A.P. or Blueprint curricula, please contact:

   Gerald T. Ford 

   Business Development and Training Manager
   Practitioners Leadership Institute
   Center for Urban Families