Rolling Out the ENERGY STAR® Welcome Mat
Zak Shadid of the national ENERGY STAR Homes program gives a warm welcome to Northwest Raters.
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A Site for Northwest Raters’ Eyes
The new Northwest Resources Web page is your destination for all information related to the ENERGY STAR program in the Northwest.
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Get Oriented This April
EPA is hosting a series of April webinars to orient ENERGY STAR partners in the Northwest with information on national program certification and reporting.
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All the Answers, All in One Place
The updated Rater FAQ document covers a range of new topics, making it the go-to resource for Raters participating in the national ENERGY STAR program.
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STAR Comparison: Northwest vs. National
The EPA released a memo explaining how the Northwest and national ENERGY STAR labels compare, and what working with ENERGY STAR means for different people.
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Keep Your HVAC on the Certified Track
If you missed the final reminder email to sign up with a national H-QUITO, make sure to enroll now so your homes are still eligible for certification.
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The Business End of Rating
Take advantage of no-cost marketing resources and sales training for full-on Rater success.
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…So Many People to Thank
The Efficient Homes program received a prestigious award for their high-performing consumer awareness campaign and video created in collaboration with Puget Sound Energy.
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One Report to Rule Them All
Results from NEEA’s Pilot Rating Project are shaping the future of home energy modeling and quality assurance.
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27,775 program certified homes to date

2,608 program certified multifamily homes to date

187 active builders


Net An Efficient Today for a Valuable Tomorrow
High-performance homes show strong resale value in Washington, D.C.
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The Best Plans Are Power Plans
The Northwest Power Plan committee approved its Seventh Power Plan to help the Northwest maintain a reliable and economical power supply well into the future.
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Sun, Sand and Sustainability
Element Builders and Owens Corning worked together to construct a home that is comfortable and efficient year-round in a harsh desert setting.
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HVAC Installs So Bad, They’re Good
HVAC Hacks posts pictures of poorly installed HVAC units for your entertainment, and to show HVAC technicians how not to do it.
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Zero-Energy Homes with Zero Doubt
DOE Zero Energy Ready Home provides everything you need to successfully build and sell zero-energy homes in today’s market.
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