September 2014    

Former Assistant County
Counsel Robert N. Kwong
Joins A to Z Law Firm


Robert Kwong Robert N. Kwong, who served as assistant county counsel for Ventura County since 2003, has joined the Oxnard law firm of Arnold LaRochelle Mathews VanConas & Zirbel, LLP,specializing in land use and environmental law.


Kwong, of Newbury Park, joined to A to Z Law in August, bringing over 25 years of experience primarily in land use and environmental law. For the County of Ventura, Kwong provided legal counsel, litigation and transactional representation to the Resource Management Agency's Planning, Environmental Health, Code Compliance and Building & Safety Divisions. He advised the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and was the lead attorney for the Ventura County Planning Commission on many land-use and zoning matters, including the addition of an HOV lane on Highway 101 and the Channel Islands Harbor Boating Instruction and Safety Center development, among others.


Kwong also served as general counsel to the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District and its staff, handling matters related to federal and state Clean Air Act and regulations; air quality grant programs; permitting and enforcement issues.  In this capacity, Kwong was on the forefront of Climate Change laws and regulations involving the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32) and the Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008 (SB 375).  


In addition, Kwong provided legal counsel on numerous contractual and transactional matters to the Ventura County Information Technology Services Department, the Channel Islands Harbor Department, General Services Agency, and the Human Services Agency. 


Established in 1990, Arnold LaRochelle Mathews VanConas & Zirbel, LLP, is one of Ventura County's most distinguished law firms and is a new Whisenhunt Communications client. A to Z Law's experienced attorneys are longtime Ventura County residents with established ties in the region. The firm's eight practice groups provide individuals, businesses and government agencies with superior counsel in a wide range of matters, including business, real estate and personal injury litigation; real estate and business transactions; estate planning, probate and trust administration and litigation; and environmental and land use law. For more information, visit 

Join the Crowd at California

Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 20


Coastal Cleanup day 2014 graphic Be part of the solution to marine pollution by joining about 60,000 others statewide who will join the California Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, Sept. 20. From 9 a.m. to noon, volunteers will remove debris from the coast, creeks, rivers, lakes and shorelines throughout California, protecting wildlife from harm and cleaning up the environment.


In 2013, over 749,000 pounds - that's 375 tons - of trash and recyclables were removed from beaches, lakes and waterways statewide by 58,158 volunteers. In Ventura County alone, 2,920 volunteers picked up 8,340 pounds of trash and salvaged 1,288 pounds of recyclable material. 


Coastal Cleanup Day is a great way for families, students, service groups and neighbors to join together. Coastal Cleanup Day shows community support for natural resources and teaches people about the harmful impacts of marine debris on the marine environment. 


To keep from generating even more trash, bring your own reusable container or bag for trash collection, gloves and water. There are close to 20 cleanup sites in Ventura County. For all participating beaches and waterways, visit Among the local companies helping to promote this event is Whisenhunt Communications client Harrison Industries

Business Newspaper Honors Myra Harrison with Latino Business Award


The Harrison's accepted the Pacific Business Times' Latino Business Award honoring their mother, Myra Ralph, Jim and Myron Harrison accepted the Pacific Business Times' Latino Business Award honoring their mother, Myra. Myra, who co-founded Harrison Industries with her husband E.J. in 1932, passed away at age 99 in May. Harrison Industries is a longtime client of Whisenhunt Communications.


The Harrisons accepted the award at an event held July 17 at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel that honored Latinos from finance, agriculture, economic development and other fields in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.


Myra was born in Ventura, one of 12 children of Francisca Moraga Velarde and Elias Velarde. Myra was proud of her Spanish heritage and her family and she was a direct descendent of Lt. Jose Joaquin Moraga, a member of the DeAnza party, which founded the San Buenaventura Mission.  

15-year awardees at CMHS Awards Banquet.
15-year awardees at CMHS Awards Banquet.

Community Memorial Health System Honors Longtime Employees

Community Memorial Health System honored 264 employees at its annual Employee Recognition Dinner, including five employees with 40 years of service, three with 35 years and nine others who celebrated their 30th anniversary with CMHS


CMHS recognized employees who together have cared for patients and supported healthcare in a variety of jobs at Community Memorial Hospital and Ojai Valley Community Hospital, as well as throughout CMHS's 12 Centers for Family Health offices in Ventura County. This year's awards banquet was held in July at the Ventura Beach Marriott.


Guillermo "Memo" Berber, CMH Food Services Central; Priscilla Brennan, OVCH Surgery; Portia Carter, CMH Surgery; Mary Richey, CMH Same Day Surgery; and Paula Roberts in CMH Food Services Central, were honored for 40 years of service, while Terri Anderson, CMH 5th Floor; Jan Bale, CMH Physiology; and Denise Salinas, CMH Health Information, were honored for 35 years.


Kim Baird, CMH Pharmacy; Sharon Cummings, CMH Surgery; Cliff Griffiths, CMH Engineering; Terry Koller, CMH Pathology; Joanie Kruse, CMH Surgery; Janet Moore, CMH Same Day Surgery; Venita Perkins, CMH Ob/Gyn Postpartum; Beverly Rodrigues, CMH Pathology; and Debbie Yanez in CMH Physical Therapy, were honored for 30 years.

Fall Water Wise Classes
Announced - Mark Your Calendar


Water Wise graphic Sign-ups are now open for the next series of the free, Saturday morning Water Wise classes. Help Ventura become the most water-efficient community in California by learning more about these drought-busting topics:


September 20, 2014: Rainwater Harvesting & Laundry-to-Landscape Graywater - City Sanjon Maintenance Yard 

Install a rain barrel, redirect your downspout into your new rain garden, install a laundry-to-landscape system and maintain them all properly.


October 18, 2014: Composting and Urban Soils - Cornucopia Gardens (Telephone Road & Ramelli Avenue) 

Create healthy backyard mulch, compost and worm castings from your food and yard waste to conserve water, reduce pesticides and revive urban soil.


November 15, 2014: Turf Replacement with Water Wise Plants - City Sanjon Maintenance Yard

Remove turf naturally, replace it with native or climate-appropriate plants, convert pop-up spray irrigation to drip irrigation, and re-wild your garden habitats to bring back birds, bees and butterflies. 

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email etiquette   

Emailing Effectively


Manners are not only important offline, but online as well. In today's web and social media-driven world, etiquette now includes "netiquette." Email communications are a major netiquette factor and email still rules when it comes to business communication. 


Communicating effectively via email is important in today's business and marketing worlds. You won't be taken seriously if you don't communicate seriously, so don't rush when it comes to writing. Here are some strategies for effective emailing, courtesy of Web Marketing Therapy

  • Cut the clutter. People have the attention span of a goldfish online. Get to the point. An effective email should be succinct and clear. 
  • Use an effective subject line. This isn't just for marketing emails, but ones for peers too. It explains what the email will be about. Key phrases help the email stay organized and accessible. Many people get dozens or 100s of emails each day. We search our emails for documents or old messages. If your subject line is vague, consider it lost. Words in an email subject line matter for attention and accessibility.
  • Read it out loud before sending. Once you write the whole email, read it to yourself out loud before clicking the send button. And, always, use spell check.
  • Follow up. Email is a passive communication medium. Don't assume that once you hit send, your message will be read. If you don't hear back, follow up. If you attached files, make sure you re-attach the documents that were in the original document. If someone is still not replying, re-write the message in a more succinct manner, or call the person if needed.
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