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Dear Friends,

Gratz College is one of over 200 colleges and universities that have vehemently condemned the American Studies Association's (ASA) boycott of Israeli academic institutions as a blatantly political violation of academic freedom. Similarly, the College strongly opposes the resolution passed by the Modern Language Association's (MLA) Delegate Assembly, which is based on the erroneous claim that Israel arbitrarily denies American academics freedom of movement into the West Bank. 
We are deeply troubled by these actions and stand strong in our support of Israel.
On a much different academic front, we recognize in this issue the remarkable achievement of Gratz alumnus Professor Shamma Friedman in being selected for the coveted Israel Prize for his work in Talmudic research. In addition, we formally introduce our accomplished and dedicated new chairman of the Gratz Board of Governors, David Weinstein. We also mourn the loss of Arnold Tuzman, a beloved philanthropist, who created an endowment fund to support our Holocaust teach-in.
Finally, we remind you - while you're enjoying the book review, recipe and other goodies in this issue - to mark your calendar for the Jeffrey B. Plevan Memorial Event on May 1st. A major Gratz happening, this event will feature Randy Cohen, a writer and ethicist, with a body of work spanning from "Late Night with David Letterman" to The New York Times Magazine. 
But for now, at the end of this cold, snowy week, I wish you a warm Shabbat shalom. 
Joy's signature
Joy W. Goldstein                                  
From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: David Weinstein Brings His Passion for Jewish
ation to Gratz College
David H. Weinstein, the new chairman of the Gratz Board of Governors, is deeply committed to Jewish education. His commitment has been shaped and reaffirmed by a series of life events, including two compelling visits to the former Soviet Union. A successful attorney with a career of over 40 years in complex commercial litigation, Weinstein is also one of the court-appointed lawyers in an ongoing Holocaust-related case against the Hungarian government and its national railroad. For a glimpse into the fascinating life of our new board chairman, read more.

Benjamin Greenberg and the Moral of the Mural

A visit to Woods Services, an educational and residential facility for individuals with disabilities, necessitates a stop in the Woodlands Education Center, where a vibrant, whimsical and mesmerizing mural virtually leaps off the wall. Even more striking than the bold strokes and fanciful design is the story behind the mural's creation. It's the brainchild of Benjamin Greenberg, a Pennsbury High School student from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, whose inspiration for this this project blossomed out of a Gratz Jewish Community High School (JCHS) service learning class. For Ben's story, read more.

From a Spring Stroll to a Win-Win at the Gratz College Tuttleman Library

On a warm spring evening in 2006, Nancy Nitzberg was out for a leisurely walk when she noticed that the Gratz College Tuttleman Library was still open. A bibliophile and professional book conservator, Nitzberg couldn't resist the temptation to stop in. Thrilled with its extensive collection, she began visiting the library for her own research, and even worked there for a two-year stint. Now, years later, Nitzberg is back at Gratz - this time as interim librarian, bringing new energy to the library and extending its reach into some unexpected places. Read more.

One Book, One Jewish Community:
Michael Lavigne's The Wanting

If you're looking for a compelling read, then become part of One Book One, Jewish Community (OBOJC) as it kicks off its seventh year in Philadelphia this Sunday, January 26th, with a visit by award-winning author Michael Lavigne. This year's book selection is Lavigne'sThe Wanting, which seamlessly weaves topics as diverse as Jewish life in the Soviet Union and radicalization in the Middle East into a gripping story. For a review of The Wanting by Jodi Benjamin, writer for The Gratz College Insider, and for information about Sunday's author event, read more.

The Gratz Gourmet

This month, our featured recipe comes from the kitchen of Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, a Gratz adjunct instructor and the author of an award-winning cookbook. Kaplan-Mayer's culinary experience spans generations, from preparing traditional family recipes with her grandmother to using cooking as a learning tool for children of all ages and abilities. Most importantly, cooking has been instrumental to Kaplan-Mayer's son, George, in facing the challenges of autism. In fact, it was through cooking with George that Kaplan-Mayer created the healthy and delicious recipes in her cookbook, like the mouth-watering one featured here for almond butter muffins.

In memoriam: Arnold Tuzman
Gratz College mourns the passing of Arnold Tuzman, whose courage, philanthropy and devotion to family inspired many. Described by his daughter Ani as determined and unstoppable, Arnold was a Holocaust survivor, who with his wife, Esther, built a successful life and loving family in the United States. Deeply committed to tzedakah and to Jewish education, Arnold established the Esther Tuzman Holocaust Education Fund at Gratz College in 2009 in his wife's memory. The fund, recently renamed the Arnold and Esther Tuzman Holocaust Education Fund, supports a biennial program at Gratz to prepare public, private and parochial school educators for teaching the Holocaust. "Gratz College is grateful to the Tuzman Family for this legacy in memory of Arnold and Esther, who exemplified the warm and inspiring characteristics of their generation," says Joy Goldstein. For more on Arnold's incredible life story, read his daughter's tribute on our website.