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Shusterman Distinguished 
Scholar Lecture
The Pew Research Center's 
"A Portrait of Jewish Americans"
What does it mean?
What do we do?
Thursday, November 21st 7:00PM 
Free and open to the public 
Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 7:30 PM
$18 with lecture
Sunday, Nov.24th, 2:00 PM
$10 movie only
Tickets available at the door
Contact: Mindy Cohen
215 635-7300 x155
Community Hanukkah Concert 
Dec. 4th, 7:00PM at Gratz College
Featuring the Internationally Famous A Capella Group 

$10 in advance,  $12 at the door
Contact: Dodi Klimoff,
215-635-7300 x133
Checks made payable to 
Keneseth Israel
Jewess Jeans to Juicy JAPS: Clothing and Jewish Stereotypes

Thursday, December 12th 

7:00 pm Contact: Mindy Cohen
215 635-7300 x155
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Dear Friends,


This Insider arrives on the day of an important Gratz College program: Dr. Steven Cohen's presentation on the Pew Report's recent survey, "A Portrait of Jewish Americans," which found that 22% of Jewish Americans consider themselves as having no religious affiliation. The report has triggered much debate and many questions about what the Jewish community should do to address these findings. We organized tonight's program to begin a discussion of the policy implications of the Pew Study in our community.


On a lighter note, Gratz is pulsating with cultural events over the next couple of weeks. This weekend is the long-awaited screening of

Hava Nagila (The Movie), a film receiving rave reviews across the country. Gratz is also a sponsor of an upcoming Hanukkah concert by the hit Jewish a cappella group Six13. In addition, a renowned expert is scheduled to present a fascinating lecture at Gratz on clothing and stereotypes in American Jewish history.  


In this issue of The Insider, we provide a recipe for Moroccan

sufganiot and a Thanksgiving alternative for non-turkey eaters. To mark the simultaneous celebration of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving, we also offer the insightful reflections of Gratz professor Rabbi Marsha Friedman.  


As we usher in these two holidays, which revolve around gratitude, we thank you - our community, students, faculty, staff and Board - for your support of Gratz College. Happy holidays to all!       

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Joy W. Goldstein                                  
From Candles to Carvers: The Synchronous Celebration of 
Hanukkah and Thanksgiving
With the early arrival of Hanukkah this year, American Jews will be carving Thanksgiving turkey and lighting the menorah at the same time. This unusual coupling of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving has received media hype, inspired a comedic rant from Stephen Colbert, and fueled the ingenuity of a nine-year-old, who designed the hot-selling turkey-shaped menorah called the "Menurkey." It has also kindled culinary innovations, like pumpkin-filled sufganiot and cranberry-glazed brisket. But, for longtime Gratz professor Rabbi Marsha Friedman, Hanukkah's timing this year is significant for deeper issues of Jewish identity and the meaning of Hanukkah itself. Read more.

"Jewess Jeans to Jewcy JAPS: Clothing and Jewish Stereotypes"

With its clever title, this upcoming Gratz program is worth attending on name alone - but it offers much more. On Thursday, December 12th, Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz, a respected expert on American Jewish culture, will explore the messages conveyed, the stereotypes created and the societal attitudes reflected through clothing over different periods in American Jewish history. Dr. Schwartz is the Irving Lehrman Research Associate Professor of American Jewish History at The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS), where she is also dean of both the undergraduate and graduate schools. Read more about Dr. Schwartz and the exciting program that she will present at Gratz.

Trailblazing in the Field of Jewish Early Childhood Education
Like a proud father, Dr. Saul Wachs announced with satisfaction that one of his doctoral students, Shelley Alexander, had authored the lead article in the current issue of the Journal of Jewish Education, the leading periodical in the field of Jewish education. Directed by Dr. Wachs and coordinated by Dr. Joshua Gutoff, the Gratz doctoral program in Jewish education (Ed.D.) is one of only six such programs in North America. Over the last year, we have featured some of the students in this program because of their interesting backgrounds or impressive accomplishments. In this issue, we profile Shelley Alexander, a woman with a fascinating family history, who is making significant inroads in the field of Jewish early childhood education. Read more.

Dr. Ruth Sandberg Puts Jewish-Christian Studies into Practice with a Transformative Trip to Saint Joseph's University  
Are there saints in Judaism? Gratz adult education students have explored this question in Dr. Ruth Sandberg's class "Sages, Saints and Sinners." These students have also compared and contrasted Jewish and Christian concepts of sainthood - but not in a vacuum. They discussed these issues - and more - with honors students from Saint Joseph's University during an interfaith study session, which was a first for Gratz. To learn what transpired when Jewish adult education students traveled to Saint Joseph's University for a class with Catholic college students, read more. 
Menemsha Films, Inc.

Dr. Michael Steinlauf Discusses the Powerful Polish Film Aftermath at the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival

Last year, the film Aftermath (Poklosie), made by celebrated Polish director Wladyslaw Pasikowski, opened in Poland, dividing public opinion across the country. This month, the same film was screened during the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival before a riveted audience in a packed theater. The chilling and suspenseful film explores the perpetration of atrocities on Jews by some of their Polish neighbors during the Holocaust. The screening in Philadelphia was followed by a discussion led by a panel of experts, including Gratz College professor Dr. Michael Steinlauf. For an overview of this powerful film, read more.

The Gratz Gourmet

In this issue, we feature recipe selections from Yaffa Howard, whose cooking expertise makes her worthy of the title "Gratz Gourmet." In addition to serving as payroll and benefits supervisor at Gratz, Yaffa runs a catering business, designs wedding cakes, makes latkes for Gratz Hanukkah parties and teaches a Jewish Community High School cooking class. Her culinary proficiency is unsurprising given her upbringing in Israel, where her Moroccan-born mother cooked everything from scratch. With Hanukkah approaching, Yaffa provides her mother's recipe for mouth-watering Moroccan sufganiot. Given the unique convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving this year, Yaffa also offers up her preferred dish for the non-turkey eaters at her Thanksgiving table. Click here for the recipes.