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An Extraordinary Day 
Jewish Storytelling
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Sunday, October 13th   
1:30-4:30 pm 
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Liberty, Food & 
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A Hazon Food Festival
Sunday, October 20th
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Rodeph Shalom
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Theater Trip
Folksbiene National 
Yiddish Theater
Lies My Father 
Told Me
Yiddiish Theater Trip Nov2013
Sunday, November 17th

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Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz 
Jewess Jeans to Juicy JAPS: Clothing and Jewish Stereotypes

An exploration of women's clothing and its relationship to religion and culture

Thursday, December 12th
7:00 pm
Contact: Mindy Cohen
215 635-7300 x155
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New Initiatives!
Dear Friends,

As an agricultural festival, Sukkot was a time to celebrate both the recent harvest, as well as the ensuing rains that would kick-start the next planting season. In other words, the holiday combined grateful reflection with the anticipation of new beginnings.


Similarly, in this Insider, we not only reflect on a summer of adventure and accomplishment, but also look forward to a new crop of exciting programs and initiatives. Moving backwards, readers learn about the award-winning achievement of one of our students, as well as the thrilling summer travels of our faculty and staff, from Mississippi and Massachusetts to Israel and Uganda.  


Moving forward, readers get a taste of upcoming programs, like the fascinating lecture on the Jewish experience in film, the spellbinding day of Jewish storytelling, the showing of the hip new film Hava Nagila (The Movie) and the exciting new initiatives being launched by our Jewish Community High School. So in the spirit of Sukkot, we welcome you to a fertile year of enriching programming at Gratz.


 Shana tovah,     

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Joy W. Goldstein                                  
Eric Goldman

The Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture: The American Jewish Story through Cinema

Why was the first American film on anti-Semitism released by Twentieth Century Fox, the only major studio in Hollywood at the time without Jewish leadership? This question, among others, will be answered by Dr. Eric Goldman when he presents the Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture at Gratz on October 17th. From Yiddish and Israeli films to American classics, like The Jazz Singer,The Way We Were and Avalon, Dr. Goldman is an expert on the depiction of Jewish life in film. To learn how he developed this niche and where it has taken him, read more.


R.S.V.P. for the Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture

Thursday, October 17th, 7:30pm

Free and open to the public
R.S.V.P. to: Mindy Cohen
215 635-7300 x155


null JCHS: Connecting Kids to Jewish Education through Synagogue Partnerships  

In the world of Jewish education, we face an interesting conundrum: how do we make Judaism resonate with the young people on whom we depend to embrace and perpetuate our four-thousand-year-old religion? Keenly aware of this challenge are the teachers and administrators of the Gratz Jewish Community High School (JCHS), who regularly create new educational models and provide innovative learning opportunities for their students. In fact, Gratz is now launching an exciting initiative with a local synagogue, which just may become the new model for future educational partnerships. Read more.

Alexandra Fertig

The Penn-Gratz Partnership: Positioning Graduates for Success

Alexandra Fertig spent countless hours drafting a 20-page case study. After entering it in a competition open to all students graduating with a master's in social work in Pennsylvania, she waited. Three-and-a-half months later, the news finally came: she had won the first-place Award for Clinical Excellence from the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work. It was an impressive achievement - with a Gratz connection: Fertig was a student in a joint program between Gratz College and the University of Pennsylvania. To learn about her story and the special program that contributed to her success, read more.

Saul Wachs

A Letter from Israel by Professor Saul Wachs

For years, Dr. Saul Wachs has been spending his summers in Israel, returning with warm stories about his children and grandchildren who live there, as well as thoughtful insights on Israeli politics and current events. Last year, Dr. Wachs began a tradition of sharing his reflections from his trip with Inisder readers. To experience Israel once again through Dr. Wachs' personal and thought-provoking lens, read his letter on this summer's sojourn.

Gratz Professor Miriam Feinberg Takes Her Love of Teaching to Uganda

Dr. Miriam Feinberg is an adjunct faculty member at Gratz, known for her work in early childhood education and deeply committed to the professional development of teachers. Therefore, it is not surprising that she devoted part of her summer to advising educators on curriculum development at Hadassah Primary School. What is surprising, however, is that this school is located in a rural village of Uganda, with a small but dedicated community of African "Jews by choice." For a glimpse into Feinberg's experience in Uganda, read more and view her photos.

From Mississippi to Massachusetts, Spreading the Word about Gratz

Gratz College administrator Dodi Klimoff also took to the skies this summer. First stop: a conference organized by the Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL) in Jackson, MS, where Gratz is both well-known and well-loved. Dodi met many people there hungering for Jewish education, including a Texas rabbi and a Florida educator, who both ended up enrolling in our master's programs as Gratz College Mid-Career Fellows. Later, Dodi headed north to Dudley, MA, for a conference held by the New Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (NewCAJE). She made numerous contacts at this innovative event, which drew people from across the country and across the spectrum of Jewish education, from large synagogues to one-room Jewish schoolhouses. Despite the distinctly different places to which Dodi's travels have taken her, there has been a connecting thread: the repeated reminder of the real need out there for the kind of programs Gratz provides.   


The Gratz Gourmet

The scrumptious recipes in this issue come to us from the kitchen of Mindy Blechman, assistant director of Enrollment Management at Gratz. For almost 14 years, Mindy has been ubiquitous around the Gratz College campus, moving at only one speed: a sprint, at least until a broken leg slackened her pace. With boundless energy, she has juggled the Tuzman Teach-In, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, continuing legal education, community events and adult education - and, in the midst of it all, managed to earn a master's in Jewish Studies. In her current position, she focuses her energy on recruitment, as well as maintains her responsibilities for both Holocaust and Genocide Studies and the teach-in. Despite her busy schedule, however, Mindy still makes time to dabble in the kitchen. For crowd-pleasing recipes for her chocolate-chip banana bread and blintz soufflé, read more.

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 Friday, December 13, 2013
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