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With its roots beginning over 50 years ago, Beabout 

Brock Easley LLC, a manufacturers' representative headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, has served as a specialty distributor of flow and pressure management products in the Rocky Mountain region, serving primarily the industrial process and energy markets.


Beabout Brock Easley, LLC is pleased to announce that Flowserve's ValveSight FDT/DTM technology for Logix 3200MD digital positioner is now available.

ValveSight Diagnostic Solution for Logix 3200MD Digital Positioner

ValveSight is a diagnostic solution for all brands of control valves that can be seamlessly integrated into a host control and/or plant asset management system. The Logix 3200MD digital positioner uses HARTŪ communication protocol; when coupled with the ValveSight diagnostic solution allows end users to monitor the "health" of their valve/actuator/positioner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ValveSight provides preventative diagnostics that recommend early actions to take that can prevent failures and may keep a customer's process running longer.

*Note: Through Beabout Brock Easley's service company, VRC Protx, we can supply brackets, linkage kits and installation assistance, contact us to find out more.

Powerful, but Easy to Use
ValveSight was designed with operators in mind. The graphical user interface offers these features:
  • An intuitive navigation between functions
  • Easily understandable names for views and parameters
  • Online self-contained help functions and manuals to speed up the maintenance and repair process
  • A common look and feel between different types of control valves and systems

Click Here to Go To ValveSight


Thanks to ValveSight's color-coded health status, you can check the four key health parameters in one easy glance at the main dashboard: Green = healthy; Yellow = warning; Red = alarm. Plus, on the yellow bar, you'll find several stages, or degrees, upon which the warning and alarm reports are based.

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