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Why block HART protocol when you can pass it? 

Moore Industries' SIX and ECT isolators are preferred products that help solve ground loop and signal conversion challenges. However, because these isolators are set to block the HART Protocol, there is the potential for complications. But that doesn't need to be the case.... 


There is a perfect alternative!


If you are using the Hart communications from your device, Moore Industries has the solution, their HIX and SSX isolators are designed to pass along the Hart Protocol.  



Please click on this image to see the Application Brief, which explains the differences of these various isolators. 




Moore Industries - Serving the Process Industries 

They are there with the interface solutions that help make production possible.

Brock Easley 
is a manufacturers' representative with its roots beginning over 50 years ago. The Beabout Company and Brock Easley, LLC is a transformation that brings together best in class products and services. Our collective solutions and industry experience provides added value to our customers. We will continue to provide top of the line support and knowledge for your application along the Rocky Mountain Region.

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