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 Ralph Cahoon (1910-1982) 

Oil on Masonite, "Family Group at 'Sconset"

signed lower right and titled along the bottom in a black border in gold paint.


This charming painting depicts a mermaid wearing several strands of pearls seated on a small dock, clutching a mermaid child while her husband, seated next to her on shore in a sailor outfit is making eye contact with her.  They are gathered as a family on a sandy spit of land with water on both sides of them.  The older daughter, a mermaid with pearls, is holding a bucket of cranberries in her left hand and with her right hand extended she is dropping them in the water, feeding a family of mallards.  To the left of the mermaid is a beautiful stylized tree with the couple's initials carved into the tree with a heart and arrow.  To the right of the sailor is a red painted sea chest. An American sailing ship lies beyond in the harbor.  The painting has warm rich coloration and is a particularly charming example of the artist's work.  


The painting is in an original 19th C. American frame 

which has ribbon-like molding with a mahoganized painted surface 

and gold leaf liner

Painting 17 1/4 in. x 20 3/4 in. 

Overall 20 1/2 in. x 25 5/8 in.



Antonio Gasparo Jacobsen (1850-1921)
Oil on Board "Portrait of the Steamship Madison"
signed lower right, "A. Jacobsen, 1912"
in gold leaf frame
16 in. x 28 in. 

absentee bids welcome

Antique Walking Stick 

with Carved Ivory Bust of a Sailor Boy Grip

silver band and bamboo shaft

Length 36 in.


Antique Walking Stick 

with Carved Bust of a Parrot Grip

rosewood shaft

Length 37 ½ in.


Antique Walking Stick 

with Carved Ivory Child Wearing a Scarf Grip

rosewood shaft

Length 35 ½ in.




Fine group of 19th C. Scrimshaw and Prisoner-of-War artifacts

Fine Panbone Engraved Plaque, mid 19th C. 

Scrimshaw Whale Teeth, 19th C. 

Ivory and Bone Walking Sticks, 19th C. 

Sailor Made Pie Crimpers, 19th C. 

Child's Ivory Ring Toss Toy

Nantucket engraved Whalebone Busk, 19th C. 

Bone Spinning Jenny

Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War bone ship model



(pictured above and details below)

Rare Early 19th C. Sailor Engraved Whalebone Plaque 

Descended in the Family of Captain Daniel Russell 

of the ships "Essex" and "Aurora"

The plaque depicts a British whale ship in fertile whaling grounds 

with five longboats on a pod of six whales on the open seas

7 in. x 8 ¾ in.


absentee bids welcome

Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock, circa 1920

in a polished brass finish 

A brass presentation plate on reverse inscribed:

 "Samuel Riker Jr. Oct. 8th, 1932 


David Cox

Wm Sciffen Davis

W.S. Hammersly

Edgar W. Heller

Jr., John Kellogg

W. Wilson Lloyd

Jr., Wendell Lain

Henry B. Potts

John L. Ricker

William C. Riker

Samuel S. Walker"

Height 14 in.


John Austin (1918-2001)
Tempera on Board, "Nantucket Yacht Club Tennis Courts"
signed lower right, "Austin"
9 in. x 17 ½ in.    

  artist bio

John Austin (1918-2001)
Tempera on Board, "The Steamship"
11 ½ in. x 18 ½ in. 


Italian 18k Yellow Gold and Micro Mosaic Pendant/Pin
with a View of the Roman Ruins  


absentee bids welcome



2.4mm - 5.4mm Graduated Cultured Pearl Three-Strand Necklace 

with 37 diamond clasp

Provenance:  A La Vieille Russie

781 Fifth Avenue, New York to the Present Owner


18th Century Chinese Export Fruit Bowl
Height 3 ¾ in. Diameter 9 in. 

19th C. Sailor's Valentine

Diameter 13 ½ in.


Clinton "Mitchy" Ray (1870-1956)
Oval Open Swing Handle Basket, fine patina
Height 6 in. Length 12 in. Width 9 ½ in.

Fine 14.1mm x 17.1mm South Sea White Graduated Pearl Necklace

14k yellow gold clasp

Length 17 in.




Fine 12.1mm - 15.6mm South Sea Graduated Pearl Necklace
in a Natural Champagne Hue
14k yellow gold clasp
Length 17 ½ in. 


absentee bids welcome

12mm - 16mm South Sea Multi-Color Graduated Pearl Necklace

in shades of white, grey, black, gold and champagne

14k yellow gold clasp

Length 17 in.



Stephen Gibbs (1896-1974)
Nantucket Friendship Basket
oval ivory top
with a carved Aletha Macy ivory seagull, closure and knobs
branded upon the base, "S. Gibbs Maker, Nantucket, Mass."
Height 8 ¼ in. Length 10 ½ in. Width 7 ½ in.

José Formoso Reyes (1908-1980)
Round Friendship Basket with Aletha Macy  carved ivory seagull on lid
wood peg, signed upon the base, "Made in Nantucket, José Formoso Reyes"
Height 7 in. Diameter 8 ½ in.

José Formoso Reyes (1908-1980)
Oval Friendship Basket with Aletha Macy carved ivory seagull on lid
wood peg, signed upon the base, "Made in Nantucket, José Formoso Reyes"
Height 8 in. Length 7 ½ in. 

Paul Willer
Nantucket Tall Oval Double Swing Handle Basket
signed upon the interior, "Willer '75"
Height 9 ¼ in. Width 8 ¼ in.

146 Piece Sterling Silver Flatware Service by "R.D." Patent, 1929
comprising 12 dinner knives, 12 luncheon knives, 12 seafood knives,
11 desert knives, 12 dinner forks, 12 luncheon forks, 12 seafood forks,
7 salad forks, 11 cocktail forks, 13 soup spoons, 8 teaspoons,
10 crème soup spoons, 8 demi-tasse spoons, 5 tablespoons, spatula  


absentee bids welcome




Some offerings are just too special 

not to indulge your inner self!

(or your progeny...)




 Illya Kagan 

Oil on Canvas "Denver Street Scene"

signed lower right, "Kagan" and dated lower left, "'92"

29 in. x 40 in. 



absentee bids welcome





Orrin Augustine White (California 1883-1969) 

Oil on Canvas, "California Eucalyptus Trees"

signed lower left, "Orrin A. White"

19 in. x 23 ½ in.


White, a landscape painter of national note was born in Hanover, Illinois.

In 1902 he received his Bachelor of Arts from Notre Dame University, then continued his studies at the Philadelphia School of Applied Art 

focusing on textile design. He was an assistant professor of chemistry at Portland University and moved to Los Angeles in 1912.  He eventually settled in Pasadena, California and devoted his time to painting full-time. 

White exhibited widely throughout his career and won a silver medal at the Panama California Exhibition in San Diego in 1915.





Raoul Henri Pène Du Bois (1912-1985) 

Watercolor on Paper, "Street Scene with Motor Car"

signed lower left, "Raoul Rene Dubois"

14 in. x 10 ½ in. 


Born Nov. 22, 1912, Dubois was a studio artist, costume designer

and art director for motion pictures in Hollywood during the 1930's.




Jan L. Munro (21st Century Folk Artist) 

Mixed Media on Board, "Saltwater Farm"

depicting a panoramic landscape of a New England farm 

and surrounding community

signed lower right, "J.L. Munro, 1995"

 24 in. x 48 in.


Munro is a contemporary self-taught artist who in more than 40 years of work has achieved a great amount of recognition; Her paintings are in many important public and private collections including the Smithsonian, the American Folk Art Museum,  The John and Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation, Los Angeles County Museum, Piece-Hall Gallery London, Cahoon Museum of American Art, Nantucket Historical Association, Smuckers Inc., Tropicana Inc. Hilary Clinton, Levar Burton, Whoopi Goldberg, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Isaac Stern, and others.


absentee bids welcome 





F. E. Foster 

Two Oils on Canvas, each Laid on Panels, "Poinsettia"  & "Celosa"

original artist's note on reverse of poinsettia, 

"Painted in Hong Kong, Dec. 1885, 

just on the eve of our departure from China for U.S.A., 

a poinsettia from our garden at Barnside"

Poinsettia 44 in. x 23 in.

Celosa 43 in. x 21 in. 






James Hathaway (active on Nantucket 1839-1852) 

Pair of Ancestral Portraits, circa 1842

Finely executed  oils on canvas of man and woman

signed on the reverse of canvases, "J. Hathaway, 1842"

 in period gilt frames

each 30 in. x 25 in. 


An Itinerant American Artist, James S. Hathaway flourished from 1830-1852; the latter decade found great success in Nantucket, the then Whaling Capitol of the world.  As Nantucket's Quaker strictures against the vanity of self-imagery waned, James S. Hathaway was the most active of two significant painters of portraiture on the island throughout most of the 1840's.  It was the height of whaling on the island, "The wealthiest town in America," when Hathaway accepted numerous commissions from Nantucket's pre-eminent families. 

As was often the arrangement of artists and their  patrons, Hathaway's intended study in Italy was underwritten by Henry Coffin; the debt to Coffin repaid in portraits. It is believed that Hathaway left Nantucket shortly after the Great Fire of 1846.  Little is known of the artist's early life or of his later years.


Stylistic hallmarks are stiff, doll-like limbs and hands, softly rounded chins, and the studied gaze of the sitters. 


(Portrait by J. S. Hathaway, detail) 



 (signature and date en verso)



(Portrait by J. S. Hathaway, detail) 





Victorian Oil on Canvas 

"Portrait of Two Young Ladies and a Young Man in a Garden Setting" 

in period hand carved gilt frame

The painting was discovered in an attic on Union Street, Nantucket 

a number of years ago and is painted in the school or style of 

George Gardner Fish (Nantucket 1822-1906)


14 in. x 18 in.






Rare Cartoon Applique Summer Weight Coverlet

with characters appliqued  in black floss, featuring

Tinkerbell, Stromboli, Peter Pan, Santa Claus, Rudolph,

J. Worthington Foul Fellow, Clara Bell, Heidi, Captain Hook,

Goofy, Peter Pan, Gepetto, Pappy Yokum, Wood Woodpecker, 

Manny Yokum, Patch Pants, Mickey Mouse, Lil Henry 

and Johnny Appleseed. 



(quilt detail)



absentee bids welcome





Hand Woven Heriz Carpet, circa 1940's

9 ft. x 11 ft. 7 in.





English Profusely Multi-Wood Inlaid Tilt Top Center Table, circa 1830

Height 28 in. Diameter 53 ½ in. 






Philadelphia Westminster Chiming Carved Oak Tall Case Clock 

by H. Muhr's & Sons

Height 97 ½ in. 







 Tony Sarg 

Signed Lithograph Poster, "Farewell from the Widow's Walk"

 38 in. x 27 ½ in.


(artist bio)





Early 19th Century Oak Slant Front Desk

the slant lid reveals eight pigeon holes, four drawers and compartment

on bracket feet, brass hardware

Height 41 in. Width 36 in. Depth 18 in. 



absentee bids welcome




Set of Six 19th C. American Fancy Painted Dining Chairs

in original finish, caned seats





  Vintage Carved and Hand Decorated Carousel Horse

with original glass eyes

Height 47 in. Length 39 in.






Robert (Mouseman) Thompson (1876 - 1955) 
A British furniture maker, Robert (Mouseman) Thompson  flourished in Kilburn, North Yorshire, where he produced bench-made oak furniture. 
His signature featured a carved mouse on almost every piece made. 
According to popular legend, the mouse motif came about accidentally in 1919, following a conversation with one of his colleagues, during the carving of a cornice for a screen...  The chance remark, "...as poor as a church mouse"  led to Thompson's carving a mouse on the cornice; a signature which remained part of his work from that point onward. 
Thompson was part of the 1920's revival of craftsmanship inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, led by William Morris, John Ruskin and Thomas Carlyle. The "Mouseman's" workshop, now being run by descendants, includes a showroom and visitors' centre, and is located beside the Parish Church, which contains "Mouseman" pews, fittings and other furniture. 
The company is now known as 
"Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd - The Mouseman of Kilburn."

Robert (Mouseman) Thompson (Kilburn 1876-1955) 
Hand Carved Oak Trestle Dining Table
hand hewn top; featuring a carved mouse on the legs, circa 1950's
Width 33 in. Length 72 in. 

Robert (Mouseman) of Kilburn (1876-1955) 
Set of Six Oak Dining Chairs
featuring a carved mouse on the chair legs, circa 1950's

Robert (Mouseman) of Kilburn (1876-1955) 
Petite Carved Oak Blanket Chest 
featuring a carved mouse on the corner, circa 1950's 
Height 18 in. Length 41 in. Depth 15 in. 


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