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Brooks Beaupain
Spring cleaning season is a great time to get rid of your unused items.  Rather than head to the landfill, check out these easy-to-use resources that help you recycle your old belongings, often for the good of some charitable organization.

(There's a lot here, so you might want to save this list for future reference.)


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Recycling that's Easy and Helps Non-Profits Too



Recycling efforts can start out small but bring about big results, such as the $5 million raised for charitable organizations by TerraCycle, or the 2 million pounds of potentially hazardous batteries kept out of landfills by Call2Recycle so far this year.


Here's a handy guide to some of the best recycling resources, including many that also help worthy non-profits. 



All-Star Recycling Sites:  3 Great Links  



This amazing program lets you sign up for recycling options most people don't even know exist. Did you know that you can recycle...
Bag of chips.
- Energy bar wrappers.
- Old chip bags.
- Lunchable« containers.
- Pens and magic markers.
- Scotch Tape« containers.

And much, much more?  TerraCycle pays the shipping costs for most items, and the proceeds benefit charitable organizations or the non-profit of your choice.

Need to dispose of old paint? Used electrical cables? Bicycle tires? Use the Earth 911 search tool to find the right recycle facility closest to you for virtually any item.



This fun and beautiful Pinterest page is more playground than work station.  Check out the amazing photographs of "re-purposed" items turned into household decor to get inspiration for your own home.



Where to Recycle the Basics     


Many of these organizations offer shipping options in addition to drop-off locations.  



- Batteries

Call2Recycle - Rechargeable batteries and cell phone batteries.

Battery Solutions - Many kinds of batteries, lamps, and e-gadgets.

Earth911's "The Ultimate Battery Guide" explains the differences between battery types.

- Cell Phones, Laptops, and Other Electronics

Phone Fund - Raise funds for the cause of your choice.

Recycling For Charities - Donations support your favorite charity.

Easy Recycle Store - Has a pick-up service even for large electronics.

- Ink Cartridges

Cartridges for Kids - Pays money to schools and non-profits.

- Donate Used Computers and Electronics

The Cristina Foundation - See if any non-profits near you need what you have.

- Light Bulbs


Recycle A Bulb - Recycles your mercury-containing CFL bulbs. 


All Lamp Recycling - Takes many kind of lamps, ballast, and more.  




11 Offbeat, Surprisingly Easy-to-Recycle Items  


It seems like there's someone out there recycling nearly everything. Are you surprised by any items on this list?



1. Shoes


Row of shoes.


Soles4Shoes takes any kind of gently used or new shoes, even half pairs and high heels.  They distribute them for crisis relief in the U.S. and abroad, and to micro-enterprise programs in developing countries. 



2. Crayons

CrazyCrayons keeps petroleum-based crayons out of landfills by recycling them into unusual new shapes. 

Recycle program: 

New crayon samples:  



3. Bras

The Bra Recyclers accept all kinds of bras in good or new condition.  They go to women in developing countries and those in transition in the U.S., including homeless veterans. 



4. Fishing Line

The Berkley Conservation Institute turns a threat to wildlife into new habitat by using old fishing line to build "Fish-Habs."  (Over 9 million miles of line recycled so far!)

Click here for donation information



5. Tennis Balls

Who knew? :)  ReBounces will send you a prepaid shipping label to send in your tennis balls for recycling.   



6. Propane Tanks  

Ship anything from a disposable 1-pound camp stove cylinder to a refillable 500-pound tank for safe, eco-friendly recycling.   



7. Eyeglasses

Lions Club International sends your used prescription and reading glasses to developing countries throughout the world. They especially need children's glasses. 

Click here for donation information

Wine corks.



8. Wine Corks 

ReCork will pay the shipping cost for 15 pounds of cork (around 1,650 wine corks).  The cork is recycled and used for SOLE footwear products.   



9. Cigarette Butts

Yes, even old cigarette butts can escape the landfill. TerraCycle partners with Santa Fe Natural Tobacco company to recycle them into industrial products. 



10. Yoga Mats

Send your old rubber yoga mat to RecycleYourMat and receive a 20% coupon on a yoga mat purchase at 



11. Trophies and Medals

Lamb Awards will take your old trophies, medals, and plaques, and either donate them to charity or use them for parts. 



Do you have something to recycle that you didn't see listed here?  Check the 1800Recycling search engine to find out where to dispose of it.




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Links that Make Life Easier 

Sometimes real estate-related, sometimes not... these are assorted links that come in handy:

A very usable to-do (teux-deux) list application for web and smartphones with daily and "someday" list categories that keep things from getting overwhelming.  Not free, but just $2 a month on the yearly plan.
Helpful hints from a long-time architect on how to renovate sanely and successfully.
LastPass is a free service that lets you use one highly encrypted password to access all of your online accounts.
Ask and answer questions on topics ranging from bicycle repair to computer programming.

The mTrip application turns your smartphone into a travel guide, with city views and directions, expert ratings, and content available offline as well.

The Lighter Side


In the "funny and harmless" department, this UK commercial from Somersby Cider cleverly spoofs a technology store product launch. Or, as they put it, "Less apps, more apples!" :) 


Apple and laptop - link to the video.

Click here or on the image above to watch the video on the family-friendly Flixxy website.



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