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Brooks Beaupain
This year is expected to be a huge one for the remodeling industry.  Do you know which interior design trends will be the most popular?  Here are a few that might surprise you.


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5 Surprising Remodel Trends for 2013




1. Porcelain Floor Tiles that Look Like Wood


With natural colors and elements all the rage, it's no surprise that wood floors are more popular than ever.  However, many homeowners who love the style are understandably reluctant to install them in areas likely to be exposed to moisture or high foot traffic, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Enter the porcelain "faux wood" tile, extremely durable and looking so much like real wood that you might be amazed.



Porcelain floor tiles that look like wood.

Inkjet technology can make porcelain simulate many different styles and colors, even cross-grain wood cuts.  While the material is relatively new, reviews from homeowners sound generally positive so far.



2. The Farmhouse (Apron Front) Sink


At some point people finally realized that it's impossible to fit very large cooking vessels into one side of a typical double kitchen sink.  The solution?  A shift back to the traditionally wide and deep farmhouse-style sink, also called the apron front sink, in materials ranging from porcelain to stainless steel, copper, and natural stone.


Farmhouse style kitchen sink.      


If you decide this style is for you, install a faucet with a detachable spray nozzle so that you can reach all areas of the sink, and choose a basin style with an offset drain position.  



3. Glass Tile, and Even More Glass Tile 


Tile is in, and glass tile is really in, according to designers across the country.  Its many sizes, shapes, and colors make it versatile enough to be used for walls, counters, backsplashes, table tops, and even flooring.


Glass and stainless steel tiles in a kitchen.  


Many versions come from recycled jars and bottles, which means glass can be an eco-friendly option as well.



4. Trading the Soaking Tub for the Luxury Shower


After years of hearing that a large soaking tub is the key to a spa-like bathroom experience, you might be surprised to hear that more and more homeowners are opting to put money and remodeling effort into luxurious showers with multiple showerheads instead. 


Here are a couple of tips for long-term value:


- Do consider incorporating universal design features that make the shower easy to use for someone with impaired mobility.


- Do not eliminate the tub if it is the only one on the floor where infants or toddlers would be bathed (even if you don't have any), or if it means the only remaining tub would be in the master bathroom.  Your resale target market is likely to include people with small children, and they typically prefer to bathe them in a tub, not a shower (and not in the master bathroom, if there is another option). 



5. The Backsplash As a Work of Art


Backsplashes are increasingly becoming an artistic focal point in kitchens and baths.  Glass tile, natural stone, copper, and stainless steel are all popular options, with a mixture of materials and textures often used to give rooms more character. 


Photo of decorative backsplash.  

The same inkjet technology that is used to make porcelain tiles look like wood can also transfer elaborate designs and artwork onto porcelain, meaning that for decorative backsplashes using tile, the sky's the limit.




A Nod to the Fiscal Cliff Resolution


Yes, we're all tired of hearing about it! :)  However, there were some important housing-related issues that came out of the agreement.


With us for at least another year are:


- The Mortgage Interest Deduction


Did any politician want to be the one who eliminated one of America's most beloved tax breaks? Homeowners can still deduct interest paid on mortgage amounts of up to $1 million on a first or second home, and interest on home equity loan amounts of up to $100,000.


- The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act


Homeowners doing a short sale in 2013 will continue to not have to pay tax on any mortgage debt up to $2 million that is forgiven by the bank.


(Expect both of these items to be revisited by lawmakers in a year.)




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Links that Make Life Easier 

Sometimes real estate-related, sometimes not... these are assorted links that come in handy:

Find out approximately how much it is likely to cost for virtually any home-related project.
Check out these photos of farmhouse (apron front) sinks to get an idea of what styles are available. dishes up a really nice series of photos showing different backsplash designs.

Before you splurge on a new mattress (or anything else sleep-related), visit the review sections on the Sleep Like the Dead website.  The amount of information on here is pretty amazing.

You'll find some really gorgeous photos of bathrooms decorated with glass tiles here.

The Lighter Side


Have you ever just had one of those days?  If so, maybe you'll relate to this snoozing student who wakes up from a nightmare during a college lecture.  (He's sitting in the front row, so the entire things gets picked up by the professor's microphone.) 


Link to the video clip.

The video quality is a bit rough, but it's quite funny.  Click here or on the photo above to watch the video on the family-friendly website.

Wishing you and yours the very best in 2013!



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